Finding Out I’m Pregnant and Telling My Boyfriend! *HE CRIES* | Amber Vazquez

oh my god I'm so nervous okay so okay let me get my thoughts together cuz I have so much I want to say but I think I'm pregnant and there's like a million reasons why I think I am I'm just so excited so I'm so weird saying it out loud I think there's a baby inside me and I'm there's just a million signs um the first one is the fact that I'm now like a week late for my period I have a 28-day cycle and I was supposed to get my period last Monday today so April 29th and I should have got my period on the 22nd I have not got my period yet like it so I was like oh let me just wait like till the 24th because that's when I got my period in March is March 24th I was like oh let me just wait couple days then and then I still didn't get it so then I was like oh you a second what's going on up in here so we're a week late so I think it's time to take a test but besides that there's been like a million really different signs like I literally have seen a pregnant woman everywhere there's them babies everywhere like I can spot a pregnant woman from like a mile away and like I swear whenever like I'm pregnant that always happens to me is oh I'll see pregnant women everywhere and I'll see babies everywhere and it's just like crazy so that's been going a lot of felt like the past a week or two weeks and then what else I literally had a dream like three three or four days ago that I didn't I just saw a pregnancy test and it said pregnant like it anyway take the pregnancy test in the dream I just saw test and it says pregnant so oh my god this is so crazy but yeah my my boyfriend's already skeptical like he ready like can feel it he thinks he is already or he thinks I am and just like I can feel I can feel like I'm just like you think that all the time it was like he just wants to have a baby so bad oh excited if I am well it would be a really nervous if I'm really nervous I'm literally I'm still nervous I came to talk right I'm going to be really sad if I'm not pregnant and then this video just gonna be pointless and dumb but yeah I'm just like so scared I haven't I bought pregnancy test yesterday I got the clear blue I got the clear blue pregnancy test the one that says pregnant or not pregnant and yeah usually I do the ones look with like the lines but I got this one to like tell me how pregnant or not pregnant what do you think they're so damn expensive twenty dollars for pregnancy test I just shot myself at school and I literally held my pee in so I could you know take the test correctly cuz I just heard like it's better to take a pregnancy test with the first pee in the morning like the first peak of the day that you do so I've been holding it in and I have to go so bad right now because I've been holding it for awhile because there's people in my house and I've just been waiting for them to leave and my brothers still here so he should be leaving in five minutes but like I literally have to pee so bad that I just have to do this now so yeah okay another reason why I think I'm pregnant as well is because me and my boyfriend we just passed they're like are 11 once are 11 months or anniversary is May 25th and so this past April 25th he got me roses and it's usually white roses on my favorite sometimes he'll do like red or white but this time he hello like look you put some pink in there so I'm thinking like I'm gonna have her I'm thinking you're gonna have a girl I my eyes I like getting water cuz I'm pregnant like I definitely want a girl so I'm like thinking like that's a sign like I'm gonna have a girl if I am pregnant so yeah anyways let me just go take this test and then I will be right back I'm gonna put the timer on for three minutes not look at it and then we'll get it together on camera I just took the test and no I'm going to do a timer for three minutes I have the test face down so I can't see it and we're just gonna wait three minutes I take a back seat I say my dream or like how easy it hasn't just Internet oh okay but like there's nothing until I actually see what this but yeah I can walk more my boobs are so low so I kinda make me think I wasn't working out you like when also my grandson second I'll suffer chemical head which never happens according to mrs. beard um because I blink cramps and then I forgot to make noodles again okay I'm talking public in my theories oh no I can't like my period the wait a second sorry loops and crimes and no period something's not right I don't my god this ten seconds five four three two okay I can't even like literally like I'm so nervous I'm so nervous like I don't often was gonna cry if I'm just gonna like smile and like laugh cuz I'm just like so nervous and then like doing this on camera is like super awkward to have never done this on camera I don't even want to look right now I was asking oh how do I gave us a scare to look at it my eyes are literally watering cuz I'm like nervous I'm not even okay okay I think I took it wrong because it just says look at the book so maybe the instructions oh my god you have a book on yours I don't know that's me I'm so complicated that me it doesn't know what did you all wait why are you peeing on me I think it's confused I have to retake the test thing caught it comes with two because I'm pissed I always spend another twenty dollars so I mean I'm gonna keep the test like this like standing on my dress or something like that but now I have to wait and drink a lot of fluids that way I can pee again so I can take the test correctly so yeah that's I'm gonna do I guess thank you this is not like coming out right so yes I guess I'll just check in with you guys again what I have to pee again this was always the time so I just took some time to do my makeup and get ready for work I do have to pee so badly cuz I've been drinking water and now it is 11:00 12:00 in the morning so I want to go pee now and see what this test I'm like so disappointed and I feel like I'm not even gonna like I don't know I just feel like if it's coming out negative it comes out negative think I'm really gonna be sad and then if it comes up positive I'll be happy but like I don't think I'm gonna be like jumping and screaming and crying like I thought I was because I just had so many emotions flopping that pregnancy test to see if I was pregnant and literally it said like read the direction so that was so now I'm gonna be excited if I'm pregnant but it's just like I in that moment like I can feel myself almost crying and now I like I don't feel it anymore cuz I just I'm so disappointed right now but um yeah I'm gonna go take that test and then let's see what it comes out like and then I will do the timer again it's time for me to check the time please please please be positive good okay hope I did it right oh my god he was three waiting he's so excited oh my god he's gonna freak Isaac any water and I don't want to cry cuz I just might make it wet oh my god like I'm like in shock we're not really cuz I kind of knew what it is just so crazy he's going to die like oh my god he's so excited oh okay I can't believe that I can't believe it I was so happy like I finally know instead of like me thinking I am we're just taking a guess like I actually know because it says it right here gosh it's gonna be a big brother oh my god my boyfriend's gonna be so happy and it's just like I can't wait to see his reaction like he's he's gonna die he's gonna you guys gonna see him cry like he's really gonna cry now I really have to go and get ready for work I will see you guys in a two days when I tell my boyfriend that I okay guys so it is the next day and literally I just have no patience and I want to tell him because he keeps talking about it and he's so excited and he wants to tell his mom that were thinking about taking a test was like no don't do it yet like just wait so I like getting water in my executing water because I'm like so excited I know he's just like gonna die so um I just finished filming and he's on his way he thinks that he's coming over so we can take the pregnancy test together so when he gets here I'm gonna have him talk about sorry I keep because I'm here oh when he gets here he's gonna think that I'm already like started this video and then he's gonna talk about why he thinks I'm pregnant and like the signs that he thinks and like he sees and that he's like observed and then I'm gonna tell him to get the pregnancy test for me and it's in this drawer but actually I'll show you what it says it's over here he's gonna go into this first door sorry could see like my junk back there I just like covered it with a towel because there's so much stuff in here that I just want to clean it out and I just got these decorations at Michaels yesterday when I was on my lunch break at work and I got like these little big stickers and a pregnancy test he's gonna be so excited oh my god I can't wait to see his reaction he's gonna have the best reaction I feel like but yeah let me I'm on my I don't know if I said I'm on my iPhone camera right now because my camera is dead so cuz I just filmed this look but you guys will already see this on my channel we already mmm-hmm I remember pointing I don't get another chair because I don't know what's gonna fit and what I'm gonna be sitting down long anyway did you start talking I started talking already so now I'm at the part where you're gonna talk about like why you think I'm pregnant like what makes you think that looking on this sign I don't like your other you'd only get comfortable what do you think I'm pregnant you are trying to plant this seed for a year I did it Steph Curry with the chef boy oh come on really good side um I don't know I just think you all know I got a feeling I don't get me those stickers that job I put down there with those no no I mean um I just got a good good feeling well like what good stuff that you've been telling me over the weekend besides I was like when I was like oh you you think that everyone you know you get that gut finner like you know something like I just know we want to find out today if I'm wrong I'm really really upset that agree I'm going to share it when we got obviously some point if it's negative got to we could put it in like another video when we actually Arlene that we thought we watched I guess anyways so yeah I'm glad we get to shoot it's not evenly I won't see you for like to find out what I want to go ahead a dream literally I didn't even take a bragging test I just saw a pregnancy test in my room in aside pregnant did you start did you do it do it the only thing no way do people get the pregnancy test I put it in there [Laughter] [Laughter] yesterday I bought things on my lunch break yesterday thank God even face on me you're lying I'm a smothers you love you baby I want to be crying if it was fake no no way I knew it I told you I told you I told you did they see this did you show this of course I did they know everything they've been known in I was gonna I was gonna wait until tomorrow I guess then whatever I was like no I can't oh my god I told you I knew it oh my god how do you feel amazing we're having a baby damn not funny first video David tomorrow we're gonna do pranks they stand it there I look at the first video we get there I'm cuteness forever oh my god no I just defend I got to my body right now just crazy I can't my sister all right let's say buddy okay I gotta eat am I gonna go to work in like an hour and a half yup when they go to work later so thank you guys so much for watching this video make sure you subscribe before you guys head out and we'll see you guys in the next video

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  1. Wait what?! Omg congrats cousin!!! I love you so much many blessings and love your way!!! ❤️

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