what is up love its narrows here and I'm back with another video today and by the title you guys can probably already tell that this video is probably a complete shocker and different so then all of my other videos so um I'm pregnant and today I am five months in the week that's how far I am so the journey has been it's been crazy so far and all honestly it hasn't been the smoothest most perfected and journey out of the five months there's been its ups and it's awesome and it's downs but at the end of the day just to share my little personal like intake on everything in my personal opinion on the whole process so far I feel like every child is a blessing and the fact that I'm able to have a child and experience this like journey at all is just truly like it's unbelievable to me it's beautiful at the end of the day and bringing a child into this world it's something that a lot of people want to be able to do but a lot of people honestly can't and so for that reason alone I'm blessed and um the Downs it's something that I'm gonna be sharing with you guys oh yeah with the good so not just I'm about to just put out all the wonderful like parts of everything like there's me there's there's some negativity to it and just like the emotions and the faces the different faces it's all a part of the journey though and I want to share that with you guys I have been recording and documenting a little behind the scenes for you guys so I do have some pre-recorded videos get you guys understand on the lookout for but right now we're about to get into this little video I hope you guys enjoy seeing the process so far and it's been it's been it's been different so I know I have been gone for so long and thank you to everyone who stuck around and who has been waiting for me to upload again because I know I come in it's like dipped on y'all but let me tell you I have been going through it I had to get myself back together but we're back and even during these little five months I have still been recording like I said you guys I have recorded videos that I'm still going to put out okay like we just a few weeks get her arm but it's okay just stay tuned okay I got some funny videos I got some deep videos I got some videos from my appointments so stay tuned you guys make sure you catch up on those videos because they will be up on my channel very soon but until then this is my pregnancy journey so far I hope you guys enjoy it thank you for clicking on this video and let's get into it oh I just got back from my first appointment but the OBGYN oh that lady with the OBGYN everything went good the baby is healthy we got the first little pig but he was excited I was excited everything went smooth I'm nine weeks I think we're still like in shock but still like excited about it so I was gonna vlog like while we were like during the process but they don't allow like recording and stuff like that so I was like okay whatever I guess it's at like sentimental moment anyway so I just couldn't let it be but I'm happy she gave me a lot of good information so I was like my diet and my health and just everything that I really needed to know he asked his questions that or whatever concerns that he had and we didn't really have like a lie wasn't nothing like extreme I'm sure the questions and all that will come like later down the road I'm pretty sure so but yeah as of now first appointment check and I'll see you guys later update you guys as the week's go by my next appointment will be in about 12 weeks yeah good morning you guys saw him on the way to the doctor's appointment it's 8:50 in the morning so excuse the way I look um this appointment isn't really nothing serious I already had our ultrasounds and all my blood working stuff done at my first appointment which was at eight weeks so this is my 12th week appointment and I transferred doctors actually so they're really about to be doing the same exact thing y'all like I must to get another test done cuz you know every doctor has to verify that I am pregnant like yeah I'm not lying like I didn't do this test like so many times but yeah it's a boy mr. got really smooth same ol same ol nothing major but yes this is 12 weeks three months is going hey y'all so I am at a doctor's appointment right now I swear this my little this is my little doctor's bag right here hold on let me show y'all this bag comes with me every visit I don't know why but I just feel like you know everything that's necessary to come with me to my visits keep it in the bag so that's what we're doing but what visit is this okay I'm like three months and put up I have an app ok yes on three months two weeks and four days that's pretty accurate um can y'all tell like my stomach's just now starting the show I look so lopsided like I don't know which ones bigger my butt or my stomach at this point probably my stomach I really don't know how to feel about that but yeah I feel kind of cute like this is the cutest I've been my whole pregnancy because so your girl being lazy I'm Michael I pick up and killing the scarves he grabbed me killing a mini twist with my natural hair and so I needed a break first of all second of all I wanted to feel a little cute I just say you know what I don't even care if my leave out gets damaged at this point cuz I ain't got time I just wanna you know wake up and effortlessly be cute so this is the style my goober pinky yeah I just want to eat right now I understand you like oh this appointment is bad because I'm hungry good morning guys so I'm at my four and a half my visit and it is like 9 o'clock in the morning in June 17 so I'm here waiting this is my first time seeing a midwife actually I told them that that's why I went to see for my visit it's like moving forward so we're gonna see how that goes and my mom is with me this morning I got a midwife thinking it was gonna be you know no I'm trying to get a new doctor he goes to the routine question thanks Hey right they would just just like ruined everything just another person right No you can say your name like I wouldn't let her deliver my baby look at a smile right can we get a sincere how you feeling me right instead of just power you know how I was so it's Friday June 28th ok June 28th I am going to be 5 months pregnant on Sunday I actually could have found out the gender today somebody found out those genders today but not me because I decided it's to save it ok because I'm gonna have a gender reveal so I'm like ok but dang I was in there like I kind of want to know now like I could really know right now like right now like in this very moment I could know the gender like all this time I've been waiting to figure out like girl boy boy girl girl boy way I could know right now yeah I really want to know I'm gonna try to set this up just so I can see like my physique at 5 so that completes my pregnancy journey so far you guys I hope you guys have really enjoyed this video and I hope you guys stay tuned for the rest of my videos because I'm gonna be taking you guys along through this whole journey with me like we are in this together I like my family thank you to all of my new subscribers we're almost at 30k you guys which is crazy make sure you follow me on Instagram to stay tuned with everything because I'm like really active on Instagram so follow me at nae rose and Ayr osce to ease what else what else what else yeah so like this is just my first video back I guess like oh that's the other thing I wanted to tell you guys I will have like kind of like a little alteration to my channel the whole vibe is just gonna be different I'm gonna be doing more vlogs obviously motherhood I'm still gonna be doing beauty fashion and all that type of stuff but it is gonna be a little bit of a different vibe versus just like hair videos which I know y'all are used to but if you guys enjoy you know the whole motherhood pregnancy baby journey or all that type of stuff I mean stay tuned you guys it's gonna be crazy it's gonna be dull I'm super excited to share with you guys just what I'm going through and just the process so one thing I do want to show you guys is how I look at five months in a week I want to show you guys my stomach so I in my opinion my something is pretty small but the doctors are all like girl you got time like it'll grow or whatever but five months pregnant and this is how look so in my opinion my stomach is still small you really can't tell unless I have something like really fitted on when I'm wearing white shorts and a t-shirt like you wouldn't even know but um yeah you guys thank you guys so much for watching this video I love y'all stick with me we in this thing together thank you to everyone who supports me and I will see you guys in my next video

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  1. Love this. Subscribed! Hope you hit that red button back. I love finding mommy vloggers 😁 look forward to watching new videos and growing with you

  2. I’m wondering if you was gaining weight bc of the pregnancy or the shake 😂 congratulations 🎊

  3. Revelation 21: 27
    [27]And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life.

  4. i was wondering why you covered your stomach with your arms on your thumbnail on your other video ☺️ congrats

  5. Congratulations!!!! I just made 7 months and I feel huge now lol you have plenty of time to see ur tummy grow!! And it's kinda girl season right now "hint hint" lol

  6. I'll make sure to watch all the ads for the baby❤️ thanks for being open and telling us about this great announcement

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