[Applause] okay so for those of you don't know we did our I UI two weeks ago today is officially a two week mark and I know you're supposed to wait a few days till your missed period but I'm just like way too anxious and I'm gonna take pregnancy tests right now I'm really really nervous and excited I just want to like know already because I've been so like what if what if I don't know so it's the morning cuz oh look really tired I like couldn't sleep last night because I was I knew I was gonna take it today and I just couldn't stop thinking about it I woke up so early to do it and I gotta wait for my morning people that's the morning pee is stronger too so I think I'm just gonna just gonna go for it and do that have clear blue because for both me and Terry I think I want to see the word pregnant because the lines I know it means you're pregnant but it's like you can kind of like make excuses and all I just want to be like a yes or no because this whole these whole two weeks I've just been like it could be this or maybe it's not maybe I'm having symptoms or maybe I'm just like in my head cuz I need to just rip the band-aid off and find out I'll be right back loading slowly I feel like this is going to take forever for me because I'm so anxious please be a positive that would be so amazing if it works the first time and we did it on my birthday so if obviously my baby will mean my baby will have a really lava connection but I feel like it'll just make it even more amazing Oh I'm great you're gonna be a big sister whatever if I ever cry I'm upset she always comes to like don't really know thank you mommy's happy crying you're gonna have a baby be a human baby you're not the baby anymore oh my god I'm like in shock I'm in disbelief I'm really oh my god I did not think it was gonna work the first time I really really did it I thought it was gonna take at least three times I was like so worried it was gonna be like a long emotional process I had I literally went in there and had no idea that it would work I was like I was trying to like set myself up not to be too excited because I didn't want to be upset it was negative my god I'm so excited I'm so excited to tell Terry – I want to go surprise her oh oh my God we're gonna have a baby we wanted this for so long we've literally literally since we first got together we talked about that I wanted to have a baby that was like five I've always had baby dolls like I have know that one of my purposes in life was to be a mother so I just can't believe it pregnant I can't wait to meet you little baby I'm so so excited are you gonna be here for you to be in our lives you have so so much love waiting for you you're like you are so wanted you are so loved and I'm gonna just make sure you have the best life you possibly can oh my god I'm just so excited yay I'm trying not to lead to loud because she's sleeping you know I'm right man cannot believe it are you so excited okay well I'm gonna go to the store and get some stuff so I can surprise Terry when she wakes up I can't wait to tell her till this is so crazy so to be continued on this amazing new journey of our family we're officially a family now as of today we're a family so crazy I can't believe I break okay I'll see peasant

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