Finding out i'm pregnant on Father's Day + telling my Husband & parents! *EMOTIONAL*

hi guys so I I can't even tell you how many times I have recorded this video because of how many times I have thought I was pregnant in the past and I wasn't so this might be really anti-climatic because I've had the whole like jittery oh my gosh I like really might be pregnant kind of thing because I've recorded this so many times because I thought I really thought that I was and I wasn't so kind of like the anticipation that this is not there right now because I'm I'm not expecting it to say positive but that might change once I see it I don't know so I also I just want to take this because the only symptom that I'm having right now that could even be like related to pregnancy is that my boobs have hurt so bad light to the point where it oh no no no no to the point where I can't touch them because I hurt so bad and they've hurt before but it's not this bad and I I know if they're hurting that ice leading up to my period I suppose start my period two days ago and I have it but my periods really ear I get your regular too so I don't know I'm trying not to like freaking myself out because this is probably not our real thing and no I've watched so many pregnancy announcement videos where they're like getting super house lights up and they're super nervous and like talking to the camera like oh my gosh why I'm pregnant I've already done that and it was not the case so I don't know they also like the most the thing that I'm most nervous about is Wow can i I literally can't open this box right now also I need you to know that it is 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I know that you're supposed to take a pregnancy test with like your first pee of the morning but I didn't have these this morning because I took one yesterday and it was a digital one and it didn't work like it just straight up nothing happened so I was really when in that it's Father's Day today Father's Day so if this turns out to be if I'm actually pregnant and I get to tell him on Father's Day that's gonna be so sweet and so cool I have no idea what I would do or how I would tell him because I've always dreamed up this like elaborate I didn't just struggling really bad I've always dreamed up this elaborate way of telling him but I just don't think I have the energy says in fact okay so I'm gonna pee on the stick wait three minutes and then show me you guys so we'll see again I this is probably gonna seem like a very anti climactic video but you don't know I have no idea if it what this is gonna say and what my reaction is gonna be once I see it if it says nothing then you obviously won't see this video and I'll do it again the next time I think I'm pregnant okay so peed on stick I have the box over it right now I'm just going to go I'm just gonna wait for three minutes my phone's dead so I can't really time every three minutes but I'll just pick it up whenever I get too nervous too excited to like not like at it also I forgot to say that Craig is not hearing no he it's Sunday he has the day off but he went to go do something with his grandparents and I'm trying to like listen but this is perfect under this test because if I am pregnant I want to tell him today on Father's Day I don't know I just think that'd be so special and another thing we're meeting my parents tonight I was like a last minute Father's Day dinner for my dad I could tell them tonight – I don't know oh my gosh just really anxious and I don't know why I think this time is any different than the all the other times that I've thought I'm pregnant besides the fact that my boobs have heard for three weeks straight and before it's usually just like a week ahead but they start hurting but this is like no joke like three almost four weeks now that they've been hurting and I haven't not like can't even touch anything like having a bra on really hurts so I think the fact that that's my only right now makes me think that like probably not because I'm not nauseous not painting a lot and don't have hormone changes have any of the other like normal pregnancy symptoms besides this one so okay this is a joke this is true but no this is all I can't reveal right now I'm not pregnant nope do you see that little line I'm seeking oh my gosh that is so fing white I'm like really scared there's no way you guys I didn't take it pregnant I lost my period for eight years I didn't think I can get pregnant my dog is pounding in the door right now I literally did not think I could get pregnant I literally picked up that box you thought it was gonna stay negative I don't have enough peeing me to take another pregnancy test I feel like this isn't real like this is a joke I'm just scared to talk Craig because I don't know if he's ready to be dad I'm gonna take another one because I don't believe that I don't know if you can see those lines this is the most surreal thing that I think I've ever experienced in my life and I need to go to Target to get my stomach like hurts right now because I'm seriously I'm not freaking cool it's God or just give me a healthy baby I'm your mom crazy I need to go find something because I am going to tear with my parents in two hours so what's Target fine like a onesie or something okay well I just spent way too much time in Target trying to find a little onesie and a card there are no cards for like if I wanted to do something like this you know I surprised my husband on Father's Day that he's gonna be a dad anyway I make it work this is what I got it just says hello world not what I wanted but I think that it's cute and it's gonna be okay okay just a regular card that's that's for Father's Day for Craig because he's gonna know why the little ones eat and then for my parents I mean for my dad this says everything that makes you makes you such an amazing dad and grandpa is everything that we're celebrating today so hopefully when he sees the fact that I said that even grandpa he'll go this alibi I am shaking like uncontrollably I freaking had to bring the pregnancy test with me because Craig would see them at home because I was he respect me and said are you still getting groceries because I left to get groceries and why I left it groceries he went to his grandparents and then when I came back I took the test and he was still gone and I went to Target now he's home I have no idea how I'm going to do this I have no idea I cameras probably in a fly office I have no idea how I'm gonna put this together because he's going to know like as soon as I walk in the door unless I like have some some groceries and disguise everything I don't know how I'm gonna show him so you guys will find out okay in the living room watching YouTube video right now but really has no idea I played it really cool when he came in but I'm not doing what I had always planned I would do because I wasn't really sure what I would do to tell him but this is I like you can't think of doing anything else because I'm so overwhelmed and I'm probably gonna regret not doing something bigger and I don't know okay so this is what I did I just had this card it doesn't say Father's Day on it but when you open it up it does shaking really bad pregnancy test I don't meet this little onesie and then I just added this Bible dies first a meal 1:27 this was fourth his child I have a braid I'm gonna put you on my tripod I'm gonna call him in here here what is this I just think it's so silly no we were talking about it today today mm-hmm you went to your grandparents and I got groceries and it came back and I got a toast I was like this isn't plate whatever I've taken a lot of these before so I'm happy and I put the box over it I was like I don't like whatever I once thought I was like this is a joke this is a joke what what do you go look at it you see those lines right happy I like I'm excited but I'm also really scared about it what are your emotions I'm not sure what do you mean well I'm super excited you scared – of course I am but you're more excited than scared right yes I don't think it's gonna feel real until I go to the doctor right I want to throw up I didn't get to see your face without crying you said what's going on so I'm filming on my phone but I just took a digital one and it's the one that says pregnant or not pregnant I'm shaking it's gonna say pregnant that's a joke and it's joking you buy more oh geez okay so my parents are gonna get here and like an hour so I just want to show you guys the present that we put together to show them okay so we just got him a Cabela's gift cards and like Costco t-shirts but then on the bottom there is that card which has my pregnancy test in it and then the onesie that says hello world upside down so he'll obviously pull this out look at it and then we don't have wrapping paper I mean what's that called tissue paper because really easy but that's what we're doing okay t-shirts yeah we don't know if you wear white t-shirts but we have the receipt if you don't meet them about three hours ago and recording us oh yeah yeah yeah you have to look at the pregnancy test because it's cool here and come inside because we needed to give that to you see it's real best Father's Day ever for him to write a joke yeah you can talk dad joke so I just went to dinner with my parents and my dad cried what he what is he crying oh he was talking about like giving Cregg advice and saying like to get up in the middle than I and to change diapers and just how he did that for us growing up and he started crying and it was really sweet mom and dad you're probably watching this I love you so much and we just love you for your constant support and literally can't wait to talk Craig's parents either in the rest of our family I'm not gonna put this in this video hello I'll put it in another video so make sure that you subscribe because like this is a whole new freakin adventure very um unnecessarily unplanned but kind of just very much a surprise to us and it's going to be so cool to see how God moves and uses this and continues to grow us together and with him and we hope that you guys come along for this journey and yeah thanks for watching but I love you love the people bye guys you

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  1. Congratulations!❤️ This is the first video I’ve seen from your channel. I was wondering where you are from.

  2. Congratulations!! My due date is 2 days after yours 😁 I can’t wait for the rest of your pregnancy videos!

  3. Congratulations guys! 🙂 Children are such a blessing. I have a 3 year old (May 22nd 2016) a 1 and a half year old (Feb 6th 2018) and I am pregnant with our 3rd baby and due Feb 24th :)!
    You had such a sweet reaction! 🙂
    God bless you

  4. Yes ma'am you are very pregnant, the first line is the test line and it being that dark means your eggo is preggo! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations!! I love that you highlighted that verse when you told him! I’m totally stealing that next time I’m pregnant

  6. Congratulations guys crying again God is so good you two will be amazing parents and this baby is already so loved💗 the fact that you had the bible verse ready for him touched my heart!!!

  7. Omg! This made me tear up! I loved her reactions the most. Congratulations guys! You’ll make awesome parents!!

  8. What nobody here is realizing is that that faint line is the control line which means she’s pregnant pregnant, the test line is darker than the control line❤️🙏🏻

  9. 😱no wayy!!! I am so excited for you guys!! You guys are such a power couple and this little baby is going to be so blessed💓💓I am praying for you guys!

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