21 Replies to “FIRST IVF CYCLE | Shots & Side Effects”

  1. Thank you guys for being part of our tribe! We love you!!!! If you don't follow us on Instagram (where we post allllll the time) make sure you follow us! https://www.instagram.com/carissabarzee/

  2. Oh man. We are getting ready to start after 7 pregnancy losses. This is a real insight. Thank you!!!!

  3. Did you guys look into natural alternatives like detoxing the body and switching eating habits . Do some research on shilajit it strengthens the entire body by giving it essential minerals

  4. I have to take a needle injection when i get a migraine, and i HATE having to do it my self! But i know it helps the pain go away even if the needle hurts, so even though its not half as bad as what you are going through, i know its hard! Draw near to the Lord, he will take the pain away ❤

  5. Headaches and tension and nauseous can all be side effects of adrenline as well i know sometimes id get super dizzy after a shot too

  6. Love you Carissa!! You are so real and honest, and it is absolutely beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I have been following your journey for a while thank you 🙏 for sharing your journey I sending you lots of prayers and baby dust

  8. Omg my finger slipped and did the thumbs down for a second im like no never!!!!!! Lol. Thank you for sharing with us!!

  9. Praying for you two! 💙💗

    Our husbands always holds us down & our rock through this horrible journey! Thank god!!!

  10. I'm so glad u posted this video I was getting worried about u. Glad to see u guys are doing ok! I might have to create an Instagram just to follow u guys

  11. Some things are totally worth fighting for and this baby or babies are it…..Stay strong you got this….

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