66 Replies to “First Look Inside Tent Camps For Migrant Children | Craig Melvin | MSNBC”

  1. Trump’s children… this will have generational effects. People will look back at this idiotically villainous point of American history as a reminder of how close to insanity we always are.

  2. The Mental impact that this will have on these kids…I cannot even imagine. Pray for our country. Pray for this world.

  3. How could a parent let their child travel thousands of miles alone. And these kids deserve their privacy. They don't need the media there questioning them maybe that is why they did want all the media in their faces. Poor kids

  4. The Trumpsters are real vermin the world looks on and shakes its head maybe not Russia and Kim Jong-un trump knows who his friends are

  5. Congratulations MSNBC and CNN, I no longer care. Unrelenting coverage has made me feel numb to it.
    I wish I could care… but I just don't. I hope my attention span is not representative of the general public, but it may just be.

  6. They're leaving things for the kids that will follow them. That's so touching and heartbreaking! That's good people! This is so cruel.

  7. In 2013, 72,410 children were separated from illegal immigrant parents under the Obama administration. Spare me the selective outrage. This issue is nothing new. Congress needs to fix this!

  8. Again, why are all these images ok'ed by the government first? Surely it's not because they're hiding how bad it might actually be. I'm sure these kids are having a great time – in jail.

  9. Hi Craig.👋.
    Exceptional, excellent, brilliant(smart) reporting.👍👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Craig.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.
    Hi Joy.👋.
    How are you?.
    Exceptional reporting, Joy.👍👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Joy.👍.
    Go get 'em, Joy.👍.
    I've got your back, Joy.👍.
    I like your new hairstyle.👍.

  10. """As recently as April, 44% said Trump is doing a good or excellent job handling issues related to immigration. This is higher approval than President Obama earned on this issue at any point during his time in office."""
    """Other indicators were more positive for the president this week. With the economy soaring, his ratings on economic issues are on the rise. Voters are pretty happy with his foreign policy, too, following his generally well-received summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un."""..Other indicators are level at 48% with the economy voter level at 58% poll data 6/25/2018.

  11. they need to send world army to get rid of the ms13 in central America thats wat those poor people try to run away from send in the u.n and finish them off we could do a fund raiser to help u.n

  12. this almost makes it seem like it's not that big a deal, but they're talking about the older teenage boys who are the least effected kid group, compared to toddlers and young girls who are way more vulnerable and should be the first group that is reported on

  13. This isn't an immigration problem, it's a refugee crisis. USA can help El Salvador, Hondorus and Guatamala so people don't need asylum here. Trump should do that not kidnap.

  14. Sending them back home and they would be living in a card board shack with a dirt floor.
    Solution-BUILD THE WALL

  15. So glad Joy was there and spoke. about it. White people often view people of color as "older and tougher." 😞

  16. Lock him up! What about babies , girls, children shipped in the Middle of the night flown to New York and other states that they say can not be traced! It's bad what You see, but what has he done with the ones You don't see! Wake Up! think! Hold him Accountable! We're they gifted tonthe Sick elite! Separated from family etc… They are Merchandise ! You bragged about Elite! !oyality pays off and You really want that wall! Who will Speak for the ones Your Not looking for that media is not mentioning!!!!!! Damage control ! You dirty Bag!

  17. first the children of immigrants then the children of anybody who stays neutral or disagrees with trump…

  18. MSNBC are you serious why you not worried about American homeless children ..these kids have got it made shut up and stop lying

  19. I have seen some very sad events in my day, locally, nationally, globally, but this one is so different and so wrong on so many different levels, it just says pure evil from start to finish, we have to make sure this ends for good, we have to clear the oval office and the West wing completely, we can do that in November, and we really have no choice …

  20. Such a difference in the media coverage of the same immigration policies between the Obama Administration and Trump Administration. Actually, Donald Trump has done a far better job in that our facilities are cleaner and better run than were the facilities under Obama. Fake News is working overtime!

  21. " The visit to Theresienstadt by the Red Cross was by no means the only visit to a Nazi camp, but it is the one that is the most written about because the Nazis used the occasion to disseminate propaganda by presenting the ghetto in a most favorable light. But even before the famous visit, the Germans had been honoring the 1929 Geneva Convention which required them to allow the Red Cross to provide packages to the concentration camps.

    The Red Cross was aware of the camps from the beginning of the war and they began sending packages to the inmates of the major Nazi concentration camps, starting in August 1942; by February 1943 the Red Cross was sending packages to all the Nazi concentration camps. From the Autumn of 1943 to May 1945, the Red Cross distributed 1,112,000 packages containing 4,500 tons of food to the Nazi concentration camps, including the Theresienstadt ghetto and the Auschwitz death camp. In addition, the Nazis allowed packages to be sent to the concentration camp prisoners from friends and relatives outside the camps.

    In recent years, the International Red Cross has been severely criticized for giving the Nazis good reports after their inspections; they even praised the Nazis for their diligence in delivering the Red Cross packages despite the hardships of the war."



  22. Its like a cattle drive, or cutting the herd actually. It is inhumane and these kids will suffer permanent trauma not only from what happened in their home country but this mess of being separated from their parents and shipped north. Its disgusting and disgraceful. Stupid administration big fat fail!

  23. Trump is guided by hatred and fear. . As are his supporters.
    The KKK is alive and well, they just go by GOP these days.


  25. This is ridiculous two children have been deported without their parents WTH is going on I feel like I am trapped in an alternate universe this is not the America my family nor myself fought or fight for.

  26. I insist that they prove how they are tracking these family members. I know that it's fairly simple and not new technology, but I've seen no evidence of any attempts to identify/track these children. We've been consistently lied to for the last two years by Trump and his loyalists. My degree is in this area. It's easy to show a few children in acceptable condition for a few minutes, but show us the real story about how they intend to track these children/families. We already accept that we got stuck with a person who is a liar, thief and probably a murderer as well. What he has done to violate international law regarding refugees is disgusting. His failure to address hurricane losses to Americans living in Puerto Rico is disgusting. He seems to have absolutely no moral values at all. I'm sorry. Trump and his loyalists get a gold star for mean, cruel and incompetent once again.

  27. This is like a horror film depicting the end of civil society. Of course a country should be able to control their borders but this method is no different than American interment camps of Japanese Americans and camps in Germany during WWII and worse at its desire to destroy babies and children

  28. I am ashamed of military and doj enforcing dotard policies of child kidnapping! Also, I can now sue toddlers in USA.

  29. Yeah, I thought those images were provided by the government. Thanks for clarifying that and for giving voice to those who are actually caregivers and Joy, can you hire an investigative reporter who doesn't just repeat government propaganda? Why so much secrecy about interned children who are being " cared for" by the department of defense? There's only one reason for this secrecy; the government is using its war department to "care for" severely traumatized children. This is shocking to me.

  30. Concentration camp for trump!! And his supporters!!!!!! They took weeks to get this prepared so it could look nice!! Because they knew that people wanted to see how was it inside!! If you take a kid without a parents permission it is called “its kidnapping!! They should have amber alerts! And since they call them “summer camps” trump should send his son and grandkids”!

  31. Oh wow those kids sure look like they're being tortured and mistreated like the media is stating. I guess being given proper housing and proper nutrition is wrong right?

  32. Conservative, Liberal… anyone with a soul and some respect for the ideas that this country is founded upon should be ashamed of this policy and it's enforcement. This is not America.

  33. Can DT take some of the kids into his house at mara largo? Huge Total Disaster!
    Where is Barron going to summer camp this year?

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