First Month TTC After Miscarriage – Hoping for baby no 3

hi-yah if everyone's alright I've just sought you out some clothes and things so I thought I'd do a little update on our first month trying to conceive baby number three since my miscarriage and so yeah this is the first cycle trying I really want I really kind of just want to get pregnant the first cycle that would be amazing but we'll see so my cycles are anywhere between 24 to 29 days usually and I offer lay anywhere between cycle day 11 I think is the earliest 50 years the latest I've ever had a positive using the ovulation predictor sticks this month I actually ovulated on I had the positive on cycle day 11 so I think I ovulate 'add that same day or potentially the next day but I usually feel like I ovulate on the same day that I get positive as well just in my body that's what it feels like so we'd actually don't we not to call this had sex I guess is what it is on cycle day 10 because I could feel like I might be late so we did it on cycle day 10 read it on cycle day 11 and then we also did it on cycle day 12 which was the day after the positive on the ovulation test so yeah now it's just a waiting game I'm on a cycle day 15 at the moment so it's only been a few days since I ovulate a three or four days since I all related so it's just a case of seeing what happens probably I'll test next Friday which will be about eight to nine days past ovulation and we'll see what happens at the moment I don't really feel and I think I woke up a couple of days ago with a cold and feeling sniffily and I've had a few aches here and there but I think nothing out of the ordinary I'm generally not feeling like it's happened but we'll see yeah and I'll keep you updated okay Cheers bye

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