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hey guys what up so I'm back with Steph this is baby Seth I got to method doll show he's so cute isn't he I love him he's made by a really good friend of mine he's just amazing so I wanted to change him into this little hashtag love onesie with the rainbow going across the chest we did get it as a gift and I thought it would be perfect I've got look at my rainbow blanket here and he's actually got a rainbow passing clip cuz he's kind of got that going on even his sleeper could kind of go that the primary color is really cute sorry I get him changed out and seeing this pacifier clip I believe Jackie made it and has a unicorn there it's got like rainbow it's got 1b that's all rainbow color like it's got each stripe of the rainbow and then we have other beads to make up the rainbow and it's just so cute so cute with his suave and Express first so he's gonna wear that with his onesie but first I want to share with you guys a package I got this was um I was sent $25 for my birthday at Rose and so I set came with a really cute round pacifier I believe called bibs which I have seen going around Instagram but they want to make any purchases because you just never know when you order from those ads on Instagram like what the quality is really gonna be and I still be a she told me what brand it was and I was like wait those are the pacifier I recorded on Instagram so I decided with my gift money sorry I cannot remember who sent it but I was $25 I received I bought three packs of these pacifiers I had to buy I think there were 14 95 each so I did buy a couple extra but that was the start that's why you know you I got the money as a gift and I was like that's it I am getting these pacifiers so here we go let me grab this out in case it's got any personal information on there but check this out so I have never seen these pacifiers in person like I said they are designed and made in Denmark they're really cool I know the one that he has is like a green color and I love it so I got some fall colors thinking that would be well for my babies so we've got like a mustard color and then like a actually house they do have colors that they say these are for it's a mustard color and like a burnt red color camera but it's called Oh rust so mustard and rust love it this is so pretty look at that and then we've got a this color is sand and Ruby so it's kind of the sand almost looks like a mmm it's kind of like a tan with a gray tent so really you go a lot of different ways maybe like a Novelli color I don't know – but and then we got the ruby colored one and then this color selection is vanilla and I want to say chocolate doesn't say but anyways Brown you know I don't know why it says like yeah so they're good but no it's not even like a white because vanilla is not really white but mmm so they have these kind of rubber nipples so be cutting those off to modify I'm so excited these are really pretty I don't like open one of them and see so yeah I think these are so cool okay I like the packaging a lot so size one baby beginner ooh okay so this just stand up here in the middle a little bit and I saw that Sylvia did like try to scrape it down so that will probably be the only thing you have to do is try to like file it down so I can put the pacifier the magnet there elsewise it'll stand way to up but they're so cute I love his it is really cute and it'll be great for just photos you know if I don't want to modify some of them how cute that is so cute oh my gosh he'd even wear it with that because he doesn't really I think I haven't been using it pacifier laughs but whatever he's in some disbelief so okay now so cool well I recommend getting these these are pretty good meat I like him and not everybody has them but they are really cute so that's bibs pacifiers right there now we're gonna get this boy changed into his okay so let's get you mister okay let's go ahead and unzip him here he's got a white onesie on yay happy little one oh they want to get him a different white ones eat because this one is more like it's like an outfit onesie so it doesn't fit as tight as they wanted around his neck so his cloth body doesn't show so much but look at he's got his little bracelet on oh my gosh I found that I've had this bracelet for a while um I don't know if it's one Amanda give me or when I got with a doll I can't remember but I do have one so I put it on him come on just trying to get the bracelet down so it there we go oh okay lling and his feet out oh look at your feet seize baby oh there we are little feet let the baby feeds did it dip do is so cute okay now we can get him changed this onesie let me see what Brian is is it's city streets oh it's really nice I saw one pride outfit for the babies as a target in Utah it was like a navy blue romper and they had like the pride flag all over it it was so cute a sleeveless mm-hmm might have had please I don't know firstly as if it had him so adorable I wanted it so bad but it was only the one I found was only size 18 months and I was like yeah that's not whoops I was like that's not gonna work for me he was so sad but I really liked it a lot so yeah I didn't get that but I didn't see any of this stuff here in Fresno although I wasn't really out looking for it either so could be why I didn't see it but I think I got a target enough that I probably would have just thought somewhere give me your bracelet it's not an arm band with their very late it goes on your wrist my friend oh my gosh I have some perfect shoes to put on him actually with his outfit I think he has feet slightly big enough to wear them so I'm gonna have to go get those cuz they are way too cute oh my goodness look at this guy hey okay I'm gonna go grab those shoes and see if we can't fit him okay I do have some of the cutest shoes for him look at these oh my god nobody I don't think anyone has one of these on my reborns I'm not sure they might have once but they're so cute I tracked these down on eBay like close to a year ago probably a while back for sure so I'm gonna put these on him so cute I just love rainbow stuff it's just so pretty it's like such cheerful clothing so these socks are not a true white maybe we won't see them once he has his shoes on that would be nice turnin this way so I can eat have easier access to his feet those bottom of the socks say yay would I kiss see now I was gonna get great that's a good my thigh height we're getting gray socks forget it I have even better socks and gray socks look at that they're great with the rainbow these are Gymboree as well so wait case these are we so cute oh my gosh that is so cute these are perfect these socks are perfect we're definitely gonna have to take his photo a couple times oh my gosh I used to put these shoes on the right feet oh my gosh how cute ya know it's hard to do this on a real baby their feet are always too small oh my god this is so freaking cute that is just way too adorable okay let's finish getting his other shoe on oh my gosh this has to be my most favorite outfit that I have pieced together that's so cute Seth is gonna have to wear this for a couple days well they oh my gosh okay let's see o M G how cute is he what way too cute oh my goodness this is so adorable it's like the perfect little rainbow outfit ever oh my gosh okay so cute no put on his pacifier clip there we go it's just perfect get that look at her beauties ah he is way too cute well tell me what you guys think about his outfit I was not going for a pride name a rainbow theme I just pride to me is life living your life loving who you are it's not about being gay it is about just being you and loving life and so I will put the babies in rainbows whenever I want to you not just a specific month but look at how cute he is oh my god I love it totally love it double you guys just love it ah he's so cute he is just so perfect alright guys well thank you so much for hanging out with me I'm enjoying these premieres sorry if they seem like a lot but I really like them it is so much fun because I'm able to chat here and there with you guys and it's just it's a you know I want that family environment and I just love it so thank you again and does your enjoy my premieres please make sure to give me a thumbs up and if you don't like them go ahead thumb sound this and thank you so much for watching

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  1. Love, love that rainbow outfit and oh my goodness those socks and shoes. He is gorgeous.❤️🇨🇦

  2. He looks so real and that outfit is perfect for him… I have 1 reborn doll… And a few dolls I've had since I was little xx

  3. Seth is so adorable
    His rainbow onesie is beautiful
    Shoes are so cute
    Loved video

  4. There os so many reborn dolls being offer on ebay bit am arais to bis for one, in the Picture there the real dolls, but what will really come in the email.

  5. OMG! I love this outfit!! And those shoes are to die for! I’m crazy about rainbow anything. Have been since I was a little kid and I’m 62 now. He is such a cute baby. 😃💕👶🏻

  6. So adorable and I just love how you matched everything just right he looks so cute and all the Rainbow clothes I'm going to have to get my dolls some nice little rainbow outfits

  7. hey Stephanie!!!! how is it going?the clothes shoes socks is beautiful everything but the baby is so gorgeous!!!which kit is this one?

  8. Oh he's the sweetest cutest baby I've ever seen. Love love love the rainbow outfit him laying on the rainbow blanket just ties it all together

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