First ‘Test Tube Baby’ Louise Brown Turns 40: A Look Back | TODAY

the pink healthy baby girl who began life in attest you doctors reported that the baby was doing fine and eating well and the parents they reported were doing fine too the world's first baby successfully conceived outside the mother's womb Paul Cunningham has more from London she began by telling the world about it a pink healthy baby girl who began life in a test-tube Louise Brown is remain delivered through caesarean section by a British medical team headed by gynecologist Patrick Steptoe moon with doctor Robert Edwards developed the technique of test-tube fertilization when the doctors discovered that her mother's fallopian tubes were blocked and she could not conceive normally they removed an egg from her ovaries fertilized it with her husband's sperm and replaced it in her uterus from then on baby Louise developed normally although she was a little small at birth today she's working at improving that according to her parents mr. and mrs. John Brown she's fine just just put her to bed she's asleep is she putting on weight yeah she's putting on they're gonna quite a bit wait what was she when she was born no she was five twelve and last week she was she was six 12 and she was weighed again yesterday yes yeah and she's seven nine so that's what 13 ounces in a week yeah you must be pleased about that mm-hmm Joan are you getting any sleep yes mostly she's very good at night very very good as for the future of test-tube fertilization its developers are hopeful that within two or three years the method will be used throughout the world of people from all over the world have been writing to us in the hope that they can have treatment of course we cannot offer them treatment at the present time and it would be a considerable time before sufficient facilities are available for this work to be carried on not only by us but in other centers as well all over the world the world is calling little Louise Brown a miracle but then aren't all babies all cut again NBC News London hello today fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives

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  1. Is so amazing how human can be make by a Tube all so and my birth Parent make in old school way lol . This video is in the 1970’s and I born the 90’s of May 21,1992 Deland Florida at 3:30 am .

  2. So she's like the modern Frankensteins Monster. But reverse and not as pretty. Too bad they couldn't fix her genetics.

  3. I literally remember at 11 years old thinking of a chemistry class test tube😑😑😑😑😑😑😂😂😂😂😂😂like how did they get a baby in there…oh, I cannot believe I'm admitting that…happy birthday baby

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