First Time Using Fetal Doppler! // Poppin' at 8 Weeks?!

I am eight weeks today I went to the gym for the first time this morning since before I started all of this and walked just on the treadmill at a nice slow snail's pace for about 45 minutes and I felt so good it was just nice to just move my body but like listen to it and never do it but it's crazy cuz this morning I woke up and I take pictures ever you like week on the week and even though I'm still like really early I just want to make sure that I have good documentation and it's fun I'm having a good time but I don't know what happened but this happened overnight I kids you know but I like like it pops this morning or something and it's weird and I'm only eight weeks but like do you see that sorry my house is a mess I'm cleaning up from a trip we just got back from like look at that yes doesn't the hand motion help to like that helps it look nice and big but it's like what is happening I can't even believe it that happened overnight I kid you not and my mom says she always popped really early cuz I kind of feel like I'm only eight weeks and I shouldn't even look pregnant eight weeks but happen overnight holy cow I'm sorry to like kind of look a little pregnant well to me that is that's that's big for me holy cow this is still so strange just the strangeness of like hearing the baby's heartbeat and seeing my body change I'm feeling the the symptoms the tiredness the nausea that soap is are and it is so much harder to grow baby than I ever know like you hear about all the things but just physically I had no idea that I would just be I don't know I just didn't realize the effect it would have on I knew that I would have symptoms and I knew what the symptoms were but until you do it and I'm like out of breath saying it because that's another symptoms I've been having I'm just having shortness of breath which is a side effect of the progesterone which by the way the progesterone shots are going well I'm over it definitely over getting stabbed in the butt every single night I've got about two more weeks of that so it won't be too bad we're kind of dumb we figured out we were do it using the wrong needle see you get there's an injection needle and there's a withdrawal needle and they're different sizes and we had it backwards so when I went to pick up my prescription like last week because I have to fill it like every two to three weeks when I went to pick it up he's like so you're drawing with the 22 and injecting with the 18 right oh no backwards you're drawing with the 18 injecting with the 22 right and I was like uh-huh no we have not been doing that which means I have been stabbing myself with a needle for over a month the huge needle the huge needle we have been using to stab me with so now to be honest it makes the shots not so bad because I've been able to use the right needle which is the smaller needle I mean it's still big but it's not nearly as thick as the other one the one that you used to withdraw so actually it's not so bad anymore but weird um I mean you live in the you learn right like no one ever told me it's not labeled no one ever told me I never asked I should have asked but I just assumed that the one because then we have one little needle that comes separate and then a needle that comes in the package with the vial file syringe syringe and I assumed that the one that came with a syringe was the one you were supposed to use first and now I can see how that would be wrong but at the time okay long story short injections are going better than they were I'm not quite as bruise on my buy anymore but two more weeks and that will be over and two more weeks till my next ultrasound and I'm counting down the days okay Syd I'm eight weeks in one day but we're gonna try this anyway because Mike read online that you can use aloe vera which we do have because I got a really bad sunburn a few days ago get over here and do it yeah I thought you were doing it where do you even put it where the baby is I hold it for the baby no either that the problem is down there where did he do it last time do we need to Google this no it's not there I don't know I'm crazy no I don't know I've never done this before definitely not very good why do you think it's like off to the side cuz I think that's where he was doing it just be quiet first again okay oh it died it died I thought I said the battery was full how did it just turn off in this beer that's my heart which is 99 right now I have no idea where to put this thing definitely my heart rate right below the belly button I'm watching a video anymore gel whoa not even right below the bellybutton yeah further down about okay I mean I can only pull my pants down so far what uh turn out the video you said a lip roll the mountain I'm pushing so hard you go babies too small right I think it's a small stove you know fail I need paper child

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  1. Your probe had to be closer to your pelvic area and I wouldn’t push too hard unless it was your doctor.

  2. Please check out my weekly pregnancy vlog I’m at 8 weeks right now too! 🙂 TY

  3. U do look pregnant enjoy!! By the time I was two months I looked five months I was always in maternity clothes early🤗

  4. Im always the last to comment lol 🙈 the time is different in this state i guess. Sorry about the needle, n yes thats how we learn making mistakes. Question: Is it true with IVF you gain a lot of weight? Im a little scare about that. Thanks 💕

  5. I'm loving these updates! I was also so blown away when I fell pregnant – such denial, such a weird feeling. You know you're pregnant because you've been told you are, but yet you don't feel like it's real. So funny. It's such a happy time though. So much learning and so much growing. I popped at 20w – and now looking back on photos I was barley showing. But I certainly felt bigger, and it's so hard! Enjoy your pregnancy, I'm so happy to follow along on your journey (as we try for #2) x

  6. (courtney) It may be too early. Best way to do it , is just hold it still in one spot and just tilt the wand slowly to each side until you can hear something. Sometimes it takes a while and can be frustrating but dont give up. Babies like to hid right under your own heartbeat sometimes. Excited for you!

  7. Also- to find the heartbeat it's going to be JUST above your public bone, and angle the wand down towards your hooha. It's not until like 12 or 15 weeks or something like that, that the uterus 'fundus' reaches above your public bone. So it's going to be WAY down in the pelvis.

  8. “Right below the belly button…I’m watching a video” hahah there is a video for everything 😆😂
    You look amazing and I’m thrilled for you. You’re not dumb with the needles…I would have thought the same thing!

  9. Baby will by way down in your pubic bone like right at the top of where pubic hair would be❤️ when it’s little it’s hard to find and you have to press hard and just move in slow small movements and then angle in different ways as well. There are lots of YouTube videos on it thankfully! I’ve seen some as early as 9 weeks on here

  10. Im sure you have it by now but watching YouTube videos really helps. My experience is around 10 weeks and you have to push down kinda hard and point it down like its pointed toward the pelvic bone. The first time will take you a good amount of time. My first time was at least 30 mins and then you learn where your baby sits and it gets faster each time. My first pregnancy I was 10 weeks and my second i was 9 weeks when I tried. A lot of woman won’t find it til closer to the 12 week mark

  11. Oh you poor thing the wrong needle must have been the worst all this time. They should’ve sent you info on paperwork from pharmacy & through the portal form you clinic. But by now you’re done anyways, i feel bad though. You definitely have a glow and the lil bump is there 🤗. I think the doppler has to be lower to but it might’ve been too early to hear. Can you link the doppler that you have for us? I can’t wait for the next video already 😜
    Love watching the progress.
    So happy for you guys.

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