what's up you guys it is Alexis and I'm finally back with a video I know it's been super long I want to say it's been close to two months just basing good off of my last video and where I was at at my house video so yeah call me back with a video I'm so sorry that saved me so long but I'm just feeling a lot going on in my life filming just hasn't been the best thing to do Nico filming hasn't been the best thing to do so I've been trying to hold off all so I don't have many places to film that's another thing as you can see in today's video it would be a first-trimester update I'm well into my second trimester now I'm actually 18 weeks going into my 19th week so I'm definitely like out of my first trimester so I can definitely talk about my fresh peps so I can definitely talk about my first trimester just because um it's over and done with it's already gone so I believe that in my last video I was around 12 or 13 weeks so I was getting close to ending my first trimester which is why I'm a last video I said that I'll be recording my update video soon but it wasn't really that soon but I don't know so I'm just going to pull up my list on my phone just because like premise II brain that is a ro thing that moments works blink out and I can't remember anything I can't remember my train of thought like pregnancy brain is room don't let nobody tell you it's not because it is so I'll be going over these symptoms cravings products I'm using in the apps that I'm using and then I'll also show you guys a bump shot because I have not shown one on YouTube yet if you have me on social media like Instagram snapchat if you follow me over there then you've seen my belly but I forgot follow me you should definitely follow me just so you can stay updated because I update my social media a lot quicker than YouTube like a lot quicker so then I also had a few questions from a long time ago that I wanted my followers to ask me for this update video so I'm gonna try to answer some of them as well I believe that some of them overlap with the updates anyway so I may not answer all of them just because I don't this would be too repetitive okay so today's date is June 11 2019 and like I said I'm going into my 19th week so I'm currently 18 weeks right now so I'm getting close to five months which is so crazy because time is flying by that's insane and I think my last video I was three months I believe you may be seen that video I will link it up above okay so the symptom is during my first trimester between weeks five through ten I literally did this in such great detail I'm so happy so X Factor tonight have really heavy and sore boobs they're really sensitive you know that's pretty self-explanatory pretty much my like period symptoms is like that same symptom having like heavy sore boobs except this was like times ten I'm is really hard to like wear bras or let just move like if they were really really sore and the love of my boobs mean really heavy and sore they're also itchy like and there's throw at you now so that has not went away get but between I started at my ninth week investment got like really really itchy like I would scratch it to in a not supposed to scratch it but at the time like I have scratch it later I got some lotion some cocoa butter so you know I just put that on my boobs and that helped a lot just helped it soothe down a lot the next symptom is nausea and vomiting and it was at its peak between weeks six through nine so my nausea and vomiting was pretty much primarily really bad during my second month and it would just be like not just vomiting but like even if I brush my teeth and if I brush my tongue I just touched my tongue I was literally gag like my gag reflex was just like on ten um and then my smells like I could smell like I'm spider-man even now like my smells are really on point like I'll be like oh like I'll just smell like the most random things and everybody's like nobody smells that and I would be nauseous like pretty much every single day so that kind of ties in with me not eating a lot which I'll get to later in this video I don't forget ok so yeah I couldn't really eat that much because I didn't really like want full meals just because I would get really sick and my Sigma Tiffany to certain foods is primarily pork breakfast sandwiches I used to love them prior to being pregnant but then being pregnant like also the last time actually got sick was when I had cookout and I have not had cup since and I'm from well Carolina so like that's a really big thing down here but and then also my skin has become extra dry which sucks for me because my skin is already dry yeah my skin is like extra dry I have to put on so much lotion and it's the summertime so like you can't be Ashley regardless and also I was extremely fatigued I would literally sleep all day during my first trimester like I couldn't get up to do anything I would wake up in the morning eat take out my puppy and then I would literally just go back to sleep like that's literally what I did I literally took so many naps start the day just because I couldn't do anything which is crazy because now I'm bigger and I have so much more energy I don't know how and I was also very sad in my first trimester I want to say that was due to the hormones because I'm not best at anymore laughs at my moment so I just start crying out of nowhere but like I was just really sad I got to be sad like for an entire day and I definitely limited my social interactions with people and they really talked to people that much like in person unless I had to go to work and cuz that's my job alright so now on to the cravings and food aversions so my cravings were hash browns either in like hash browns skillet like with like scrambled eggs you know peppers or McDonald's hash browns I will literally get them McDonald's hash brown for breakfast and I'll be satisfied until like the evening which isn't good but like that was all I could like tolerate anything spicy I still crave spicy things if you know me you know that I love spicy food I put a hostile some literally everything that has my stopped and it didn't my first semester even when I was getting sick spicy foods was like the only thing that was set on my stomach which is weird but uh so I've heard a lot of ice cream vanilla ice cream to be exact vanilla ice cream chocolate syrup or any type of like ice cream float whether it was with root beer of coca-cola and then the food aversions like I mentioned earlier it was bacon breakfast sandwiches and cheese like I still don't like cheese I thought that my I was gonna have a baby that I would be like oh I don't know I'm pregnant when I start eating cheese no it's like that I I got already hate cheese before being pregnant and now that I am like the smell cheese night mmm I just thinking about that makes me want to like just like gag oh if you can't tell some time for the second trimester that I'm out of breath all the time and I breathe hard I'm so sorry you hear me breathing trance video for the products I'm using I am taking a prescribed prenatal vitamin and cocoa butter that's pretty much it I mean nothing nothing has really changed I don't use anything like to particular to like for pregnancy the cocoa bear that I use is like the stretch marks kind so I'll put that on my tummy my boobs my thighs my butt and then also the apps that I'm using I'm using two apps I have a lot more but I really go to – even though one of them I don't use that often but I know that I will use it whenever this home is right so the first app that I use is baby center and this is like an app I want to show you guys too so this app updates me on the weeks that I'm on also the development of the baby as well as my body what's changing and also like kind of like correlates the size of the baby with a fruit or a vegetable like some type of food item food wrapping is so cute and I know this is like a general like idea of how everything is going but it's still nice to reflect on just because my pre novel appointments are still once a month so I still like to be updated on everything so right now I am 18 weeks and it says that the bait is a size of a bell pepper which is pretty big goes over how my body should be looking and then also has a section for the baby as well and I'll just show the developments for the baby and then just goes on an article about the size and the baby's development my development and misgives tips at the end the second half I use is baby story and I just use that app if I want to make like cute pictures and put a little like hearts and flowers or like anything cute on my pictures I might do that for my announcement picture on Instagram so you feel not see Matt she's dead we followed on Instagram it's Alexis Whidbey um so yeah that's pretty much it for the updates and I'm gonna answer some of the questions from Instagram from like two months ago so the first one was sorry if it sounds wrong but don't you think you are a bit young for a baby now this is a very controversial topic because everyone has their own opinions about age and women have kids and what life plan to go on but initially I was scared to have a baby so young because I am pretty young I'm not like the youngest girl to have a baby but I'm also not like you know 27 like I'm right before the time period but everyone was like okay it's time to have a baby there's never really a right time to have a baby I don't think everyone's gonna be like fully prepared for that I think at this point you know everything happens for a reason so I gotta say about that before getting pregnant did you want a girl or boy has your mind changed yes it has changed before I got pregnant I wouldn't have a girl I just want to have a girl but now I want to have a boy if I had a choice either way I want a healthy baby but if I had a choice I really would like a boy but no I don't think don't even know I'm gonna have because it's so 50/50 literally will you continue school during slash after your pregnancy in any baby names so I am finishing school I did transfer that is the main reason why I transferred from AMT I'm gonna miss you so much but that isn't one of the reasons why the transfer I'm finishing my degree online just so that I don't have to go like and leave the baby every single day and I've taken a lot of online classes when I was in Florida I did my entire semester online and it was fine so I'm not too worried about how the hell beat I will say that it may be difficult efforts to adjust to having a baby and trying to finish assignments as well as possibly working so you know I'll be alive but hopefully I can document that a lot um in the future do you actually start to crave pickles yes I used to hate pickles um after I turn like seven I believe that it's mainly like this sour taste or like the salty taste from of the pickles is what you crave do you get morning sickness if so how bad is it I did hit morning sickness oh it was pretty bad I hate the ring up because I can't breathe in the morning sickness lasts all day so I wish they would change the name of that because it's very misleading I'm on a scale of one to ten how bad is it I want to say it's a seven and a half any names you're thinking about my way Congrats I love you in your channels I love you too thing I do have the girl and boy name picked already but I'm not gonna announce it anytime soon probably um comment down below I think I'm having a girl a boy yeah you can guess when you see my belly and can be it on yes Hannah you can be in on it and all my Disney sisters oh me too I'll be honest so that's pretty much all of the questions and the update sorry if I talk really fast I was really just trying to get this video film because I'm using natural lighting and I'm honestly getting tired of sitting in one spot and just talking so before I go I want to show you my belly update this is it I'm better looks like from the front I mean you can kind of tell there's an unmentioned right here but you can really tell um to the side so this is the front and how it looks and this is the side so yeah almost five months this is why I looked like that's pretty much all for this video thank you guys so much for watching sorry it's all over the place but you know I just want to get too big up I seems like hands so yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll talk to you in the next one by


  1. Love you and so happy for you 😍😍😍😍
    I know for sure you are having a boy 👦
    Team boy ❤️💙💙

  2. i’m so happy for you 😌❤️ i think you’re having a girl

    also, i just started my new channel if anyone can support ❤️

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