hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you're new here welcome my name is Morgan and today I am going to be doing my first trimester recap for you I am officially almost 16 weeks pregnant I will be 16 weeks on Sunday so I'm gonna recap my first trimester and then I'm gonna go ahead and do a 15 week update for you separately so if you haven't watched my channel before then you can go watch my gender reveal we do know what we're having I'm not going to announce it just in this moment in case you do want to go watch that I will link it above and below and we're very excited but let's just go ahead and dive right into it so this is my second pregnancy my son is almost 2 he will be 2 in August we found out that we were expecting in April and my due date is December 8th now my original due date was December 11th then baby was measuring about December 6 so they ended up going to December 8 I just had I found out that we were expecting at 4 weeks and one day which is obviously pretty early but I also have a video finding out if you have not seen that you can go ahead and watch that we're very excited we were on vacation and knowing it was a really cool experience to be able to find out there but with my first pregnancy I experienced hyperemesis Grove RDM I can't I think that's how you say it and so I was actually terrified to be pregnant um and I will say that weeks five through about ten were very very rough and very similar I was vomiting about seven times a day it's actually can be on the low end for high Bernice's which is not what I think I had this time I'm gonna try to just kind of lump everything together as far as I can remember a first trimester way Raja and morning sick morning sickness where I would say my first symptoms and those stuck around for like I said about five weeks they were very persistent and I was sick several times a day the things that helped I will kind of touch on I'm gonna make an entirely separate video on how to combat morning sickness because I feel like I'm a pro at it now but I did get see bands I'm not sure honestly if those helped that much things that did help were switching to a toddler toothbrush that is crucial if you activate your gag reflex then you're so much more likely to end up vomiting throughout the day and obviously when you're brushing that's a very easy way to activate that that was a tip from a dental hygienist last time I was pregnant but that is my number one tip secondly watermelon water was really helpful it also helped me to stay hydrated because water is very common to make people feel nauseous and I never wanted to drink plain water and then just diffusing my own water right now I'm adding mint because my heartburn has pretty bad but strawberries or lemon or even just picking up the hint waters hint waters were great and they still are and they're really easy and you can just grab them and go I did try a couple of different morning sickness products from pink stork I would say the lozenges definitely helped me the tea made me feel more sick and what else I tried drinking pickle juice that helped for like two days it seemed like everything would help for a couple of days and then it would stop working cold foods definitely helped me and just listening to your body to be honest I realized that if I was staying awake past 8:30 at night which I mean that's so early it's still light outside at 8:30 here but if I was staying awake past 8:30 then I was guaranteed going to be sick so I had to go to bed and that was just you know I had to listen to my body and my body needed the extra sleep anyway even if it meant that I would wake up between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning and then be awake for like an hour at least I wasn't feeling super sick so definitely listen to your body the other symptoms that I started to feel around that time were a lot of cramping that was probably four weeks into maybe six or seven weeks I had a lot of cramping and a lot of lower back pain that lower back pain has stuck around this wall but a lot of that and they don't really remember a ton of that in the very beginning previously but it's definitely been recurrent this time headaches migraines I can't escape that my doctor did say that etc in migraine is totally okay I just take one and that will totally knock the edge off for me and I also have this like a Roma therapy heat pad that I stick into the microwave and then it stays hot and that I really put on my head or on my neck and that helps a ton okay I need to put a disclaimer out there though if you know me in real life and you're not interested in having a baby or what have you this is about to get really TMI all the way through all my pregnancy updates are gonna be t-mike Simon just keep it real some disgusting things happen beautiful things happen obviously you get this a gorgeous baby at the end but disgusting things happen so TMI I'm gonna start talking about some of those things um I haven't been constipated this time around as much like for the first trimester I was not constipated at all this time which was amazing that was one of my biggest symptoms the last time and it was so awful so that's been a that was a plus it was very very tired all the way through and like I said I was going to sleep at 8:30 and my husband would let me stay asleep until the very last second that he had to get ready so I would sleep pretty much from 8:30 at night till about 6:30 in the morning and then later on the weekends he would let me sleep till 7 8 whatever time it is that I am at end up waking up so catching up on all that sleep that first trimester it's brutal as far as exhaustion and then add a toddler on top of it definitely takes a toll on you all right I'm gonna go into cravings and aversions so cravings in this point honestly it depends on the day it depends on the minute it depends it changes so quickly it could be that I sent my husband to the store to grab let's see what were some of the things that I said oh the purple pack of Skittles that was a serious craving for a couple of weeks had to be the purple pack and I could send him to the store and then like not want it as soon as he got home artichokes I craved artichokes extremely badly and thankfully my mother-in-law made them and then that that kicked it off but nothing very consistently and that's kind of what I experienced my first pregnancy also different types of cereal that's been sporadic and throughout but that has been one that I have wanted it's kind of just one of those things where something sounds good now I need it like now I have to have it aversions this is gonna be hard because I'm still feel this way although I did have it for the first time today you're not joking even saying the word makes me want a guy and thinking about it that lovely beverage let you tend to have in the mornings it gives you energy I'm not even gonna say it you guys that has been my number one aversion this whole way through I remember feeling like this in my first pregnancy and then it stopped probably around like five months or so I did have an afternoon cold brew today because I was so tired I was like falling asleep on the couch and my son would not nap it was just a whole fiasco so I caved and I had one and I felt okay the only other food which kind of just grosses me out to even talk about think about for the sight of it is black beans and that's the exact same from my first pregnancy again I'm gonna I can't so that's it for versions as far as products that I'm using I'll insert a picture of the prenatals that I use cuz I don't have them in here but they're the alive prenatals with plant DHA they're a gummy and they're gelatin free so if you're vegan or anything they they work for you I'm not but they don't make me sick and you only have to take two of them a day so many of the gummy vitamins you've to take like six or eight like crazy numbers and I just can't another tip if you do have morning sickness is to take your prenatals at night like right before you go to sleep I'm also doing I can't stop I can't stop burping I'm also taking at the honest company DHA it is like a strawberry flavored capsule so you don't get that fish taste in your mouth even though if you like burp after it doesn't taste like fish which is amazing and it is they are a little bit pricey but I trust the ingredients in them so I'm fine with that and then it um I am using the Burt's Bees mom of the body butter on my belly again I use it the first time through and didn't get any stretch marks so I'm hopeful for that again but you know it is what it is if that happens I have heard so many people talking about adding the oil also with it and like it's like this crazy duo combo so I might do that just for extra um I started wearing maternity clothes this time around probably around eight weeks along and I never had to wear them in my first pregnancy thankfully my lovely neighbor had her daughter in January and so we have like the same pregnancy timeline and she came over and she brought me a ton of clothes most of them are pink blush so they're super cute that's great and I have a pair of jeans that I'll insert a picture of from Target that I really love I've gotten a couple of dresses by the same brand they're like $24 and then usually you can get them on sale which is great I think it's Isabel Maternity Isabel in something Maternity maybe the jeans are really cute they're like a crop and they have like the inserts on the side however because my bump is like not actually formed it just looks like I ate too much Taco Bell they kind of tend to not stay up throughout the day that well as far as purchases for baby the only thing that we have purchased up to this point is the UPPAbaby Vista this is a stroller I wish that we would have gotten from the get-go this is our third stroller we had the Graco modes click connect then we had baby jogger city mini which I love but it doesn't convert to a double it I can do an entirely separate video on why I don't like why it wouldn't work for us it's still but UPPAbaby Vista amazing absolutely recommend it especially if you plan on having two kids just get it in the beginning or get a double in and then that's it as far as baby purchase we had our Nana Rama blood test done when I was 11 weeks I found out exactly a week later what the gender was and all the results and everything and everything baby was totally healthy not high risk for anything and they told us that baby is a boy so this is our second boy we're very excited i 100% thought we were having a girl because my pregnancy has been very different but you can watch my gender reveal video and you can see exactly how shocked daya because i 100% thought I was gonna see pink however if you know my husband's family on my husband's mom side there has not been a girl since my husband's mom so about 50 years and this will be the 11th boy it's just we're so excited I can't imagine anything better than Cal having a little brother and we do know his name but I'm not going to announce it yet we will do some sort of announcement video once we know his middle name for sure so we had that done and they took about 10 vials of blood when we did that test and that was like the worst one of the worst days I felt terrible for the next two days after that it just wiped me out but we live very close to the lab so we got the results quickly and yeah we're very excited about that baby's heart rate at our first appointment was 167 beats I'd be interested would you is it curious for me to do like a like almost like a Mythbusters on the old wives tales because obviously we know what the gender of the baby is so to go back and Link do some of them now because you know it says if the heart rates over 140 it's a girl right wrong it's a boy so I'd be curious if that'd be something that you're interested in if it is leave it in the comments below I think that's gonna be everything for recapping the first trimester I'm gonna go ahead and film my 15 week update and then I can talk about a couple of new things and that so look for that shortly after this video and if you like pregnancy updates and all things baby related make sure that you're subscribed and you're following me on Instagram because I post on there more often like daily but I'm gonna try to get up two videos a week right now so thanks again for watching guys and I'll see you in the next one you


  1. December 8th!! We’re exactly one month apart now 😍 Hint waters are my jam, and cold foods always! A myth buster video would be so fun to watch! 💜

  2. Love love love ♥️♥️♥️

    Jacobs side there wasn’t a girl for like 40 years until Peri! He has all brothers, all boy cousins, all uncles! lol. That’s funny the same thing for his side!

    So excited for you!!! 🥳 love being pregnant together! Love you!

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