First Trimester Prenatal Yoga : Prenatal Yoga Warm-Up Tips

I’m April Kirkhart with Work Of Heart Yoga.
And in this clip, I’m just going to be showing you how to do a warm up for your prenatal
yoga practice for women who are in their first trimester. So, we’re going to come into a
cat-cow stretch. And, from now on, throughout your pregnancy, you’re going to be thinking
about allowing the belly to stay soft in your poses. So, even in cat-cow, you’re going to
allow the belly to be soft. So, come onto your sticky mat and come onto your hands and
your knees. So, the hands should be directly underneath the shoulders, shoulder distance
apart, fingers are spread nice and wide. The middle finger points towards the front of
the mat. Make sure you’re not placing all of the weight into the heels of the palms,
but pressing the first knuckle of the index finger and the web between the thumb into
the sticky mat. The knees are hip distance apart, directly underneath the hips. And from
here, on the inhale, you’re going to tilt the tail bone and the head to look up. And,
as you exhale, you’re going to draw the upper back towards the ceiling and just tilt the
tail bone under. Allow the belly to be soft. So, you’re just rounding through the shoulders,
OK? And again, inhaling, tilting the tail bone and head to look up. Exhaling, rounding
through the shoulders, just barely tilting the tail bone under. Allow the belly to be
soft. Inhaling, looking up. Exhaling, rounding through the shoulders so you’re feeling that
stretch there and continue at the pace of your own breath. And, to get a little more
heat out of the pose, although you don’t want to overheat, you’re going to go ahead and
bring the spine back to neutral. And this time as you inhale, stretch back through your
left calf. When you feel ready and stable, go ahead and readjust if you need to. Go ahead
and draw the left leg off the floor, still reaching through the heel. And then, if it
feels safe, you can draw the right hand forward off the floor. Still looking down at the mat,
reaching through the crown of the head. So, you’re reaching through the right fingers
at the same time that you’re reaching through the left heel. And take a few breaths here.
Do not hold the breath. And then, on your third exhale, go ahead and release the left
knee and right hand back to the floor. And then we’ll switch to the other side. So, stretching
back through the right calf. And when you feel ready, go ahead and draw that foot off
the floor and reach through the left arm. Again, reaching through the left fingertips
and reaching through the right heel, holding that for three breaths, and as you exhale
on the third breath, drop the left hand and the right knee back to the floor. And that
is your cat-cow warm up for women in their first trimester of pregnancy.

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