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I don't agree this is gonna be you're all done yeah okay let me just fix this up in here come on come on messy girl this is my morning this is this is reality I've made a coffee 15 minutes ago okay I have not even taken a sip of it but I don't want it to get cold because I cannot drink like warm or cold coffee like it has to be hot okay so a little recap of what happened my camera broke I don't want to get a new one because Jake and I are currently trying to save for a house and when I do buy a new camera I want to get a really good one and those aren't cheap so I'm holding off but I thought I have a good phone that has a good camera and people vlog on their phones all the time so might as well I've been having like the urge to vlog for a long time now but just not having a camera has just I guess made it easy not to but I'm gonna see how it is on my phones the other video is quality and sound and everything and just kind of take you through my day I mean if you're watching this that means I uploaded it but I'm just gonna try and make this as unedited and a real like just a day in the life of Felicia and I am going to the gym today so I'm gonna enjoy this coffee while it's still hot and Rosalie right now I'll show you the top half of her because she's naked hey are you washing your hands and for some reason when she and Clementine eat cinnamon they get this like little red rash around their mouth but she's washing the oatmeal off of her I'm gonna help her out and then we're gonna hang out on the couch I just put Clementine down for a nap yeah wash your face I just put Clementine down for a nap because she was up at about 6:30 and it's like 8:30 now and she takes a nap like every two hours Rosalie won't go down until like 10:30 so yeah I will see you in a little bit captain Feathersword okay so I'm a hot mess Express pretty much every morning because you know who wakes up all fresh and clean I haven't even brush my teeth this morning okay because I literally do that like right before I go to the gym but Jake should be back home from the gym in like an hour when Bruce Lee's gonna be going down for a nap in like five minutes I'm gonna put her down early cuz she woke up a little bit earlier today and she's acting a little bit tired whoa okay the bad thing about having a phone is that you don't have a tripod but I'm going to put it on for a nap and then tidy up a little bit fold the laundry in my room and then start to get cute for my workout sesh because I always feel so fresh and so clean after I've done my little skincare routine and brush my teeth and do my hair and getting my workout outfit I feel like a hundred percent myself when I'm in athletic gear and I'm in my element at the gym so I cannot wait to go to the gym will probably show you what I make for breakfast too I don't count my macros anymore I did when I first started like the fitness journey after having Clementine again just to kind of like figure out what I was eating and how much I needed in my body and how much protein versus carbs like I felt like I needed but now I feel like I'm eating intuitively and it's awesome and I love not restricting myself I love being able to eat what I want I mean obviously like 90% of the foods that I eat are like healthy food but I do still eat treats and cake and cookies and candy and chocolate it's just a part of life and it's a part of my life and yeah there's an ant on my counter now because I have an apple corer sitting out okay hello little guy oh okay so I just put my eggs in the pan I'm having two whole eggs and one egg white and then I'm just going to sprinkle some ketchup on it some salt and pepper and oh there's the baby probably have a bowl of oatmeal and then head to the gym in about an hour and a half you still your boss on you did you feel your mob itself isn't oh my baby hey you did you like it go yet oh it's a sad sad day when you break a yoke a little bit of herb Amer sea salt but not a lot at all cuz this is potent black pepper oh my god but the dam is I swear this house is like made of wood any stupid carpenter ants or everywhere oh but wallah this is my meal then I'll probably have this when I'm hungry and like half an hour I will probably make some type of like instant quaker apple cinnamon oatmeal before the gym just so I can have some energy because you always need lots of carbs before I work out well at least I do and yeah mm-hmm anytime anybody sits down on the floor she oh it just crawls rate to your climbs on you and not to mention she sees the food do you want it so bad wow it's so good huh do you wanna bite mommy can you do a bite okay let me get you a soft one here we go oh oh it's peppery I'll be careful with the portal friend yummy so the new things that are going on with Clem is that she's a big girl now and she is crawling yes and you can sit up by yourself now and you're eating big people food yes pretty soon you're gonna be walking she's also pulling herself up on everything has fallen quite a few times Rolo go see if she's trying to pull herself up a minute hey yeah so we're just gonna hang out for a bit and then um would Rosalie wakes up from her nap I'm gonna get I'm gonna get I'm gonna go to the gym so I'll probably start getting ready for the gym in like a half an hour I'm gonna eat some oatmeal first though and then she'll probably have some of my oatmeal because mommy can never ever be a meal to herself unless they're all sleeping okay so I'm starting to kind of get ready for the gym I probably leave in about an hour but instead of oatmeal I'm actually just gonna have a kind bar like a dark chocolate chip kind bar sometimes actually playing with it right now and I'm actually gonna give you guys a little physique update show you kind of like where I'm at I've never done one of these so I have no idea how to pose so I'm just gonna kind of like turn around and show you various angles don't mind all of you like redness and razor not razor burn laser burn in my like brain area I had laser hair removal done yesterday and that hurts and I don't get it numbed and that is the that is the outcome for the first like few days after I get it done so I'm gonna set this down and give you a little update on what I'm looking like don't mind my messy house we're going to do this yeah this is uh okay so it is it's noon clementines sometimes being loud but she is ready for a nap she's completely exhausted and Rosalie is still sleeping but I kind of opened Rosie's door so that way she'd wake up because I gotta get to the gym and Jake has some errands to run so he's gonna take the girls with him but I thought I'd show you what I'm wearing to the gym and this is how I ever knew my hair lately they're just like little space buns and honestly they just like keep the hair out of my face and it's just really easy and I think it's adorable it's funny somebody in the gym referred to me as chun-li which is some kind of street fighter if you look her up it'll crack you up but because of like my hairstyle or something but yeah this is what I'm wearing the pants are and the shirt is Under Armour I think yeah there's a little sign right there hey your baby huh how do you beat me you come to mommy [Laughter] after that last laugh we came outside because it is a really nice day out but I wasn't able to get any clips of me at the gym working out because my phone was not like 8% and if I videotaped I would have lost my music and I wasn't about to risk it so next time I'm gonna have to make sure my phone is all work charged but we're hanging outside at home before dinner I'm having like a little post-workout snack like after my protein shake I'm just having some like it's a vegan Ives brand like veggie Italian spicy sausage plant-based with a little ketchup and mustard and the kids are about to set up their bunch of blows right now sometimes hanging out hello lover are you dissing joying your lane yeah she's got the sweetest boy why's that I have ever seen they use soap I think I've just layered myself in sunscreen for the first time in the summer cuz I want to like lay on the grass I'm gonna get I'm gonna get a towel cuz I'm gonna lay on the grass and get a little bit of a tan before we go on vacation we're going on vacation in a couple weeks and I'll talk more about it in a different video but I'm freaking excited I've been like getting some outfits and bikinis so if you want like a little haul on that on my vacation stuff let me know wait but he tiny game he can't stay Oh look I just going out for club just for my love let's go my lover you wanna go sit in there yup doing a cool up Oh your mom oh my goodness okay baby mommy I'll get her hey there girl you love it not cold wow you're so so cute don't eat the grass oh no no oh she's picking it she's intrigued don't pick the guy come look like this look at Penny's drink in the water that's so cute Rosie don't just throw him off throw my scarlet throw me go like this hi mommy person oh I didn't even break look at Clementine she's literally trying to escape this thing okay guys I think we're gonna end the vlog here we're gonna just pretty much go in and have dinner and I want to edit this early tonight so that I can upload it tonight instead of tomorrow morning so I'll see you guys tomorrow I'm really feeling this daily vlogging

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  1. Definitely a prime example of what it means to be a super mom.Β Β And showcasing strong & sculpted Β πŸ’ͺΒ  muscle from top to bottom.Β πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠΒ Β  Keep up the great work Felicia , and hope you and the family continue to enjoy the summer season. 😎

  2. Girl you are amazing ! Love your videos , sorry if this is personal but where do you get your laser hair removal done ? I’m from Windsor too and have been trying to find somewhere

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