1. Great video. Thank you! Loved your detail. I'm 5 weeks and possibly miscarrying 🙁 it's a very emotional time.

  2. Oohh wow congratulations. Just wondering would hospital have you registered with in Dubai? Am looking at options at the moment so just wondered. Thanks 🙂

  3. Gosh how terrifying for you nausea is a positive though even if it doesnt feel like it. I had a big bleed too around the same time and I was absolutely petrified. Hope your all okay now xxx

  4. so glad everything was ok in the end! that sounds very scarey especially after already going through one loss before 🙁 . wishing you the best of luck through the rest of your pregnancy xxx

  5. You said your last period was 30th April, do you mean 30th may? Or are these videos backdated? Praying everything is ok for you xx

  6. I'm so happy that everything is ok. I can't imagine the stress you must have been feeling. My last pregnancy the nausea started at 5 weeks…and it was awful…until around 16 weeks. But I could always still eat lol

  7. Oh wow congratulations!!! I'd put your pregnancy test video on my watch later but I just saw this got uploaded! Very scary week though, really hope everything is okay now x

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