Food as Medicine: Fertility and Pregnancy

hi I'm Helen Trevi I'm head of nutrition and dietetics here at Monash University in Australia we're here to explore the exciting area of fertility and pregnancy and how you as a health care practitioner might be able to use food as medicine so what are the advances in this area is there a special fertility diet we should recommend can foods determine the sex of a baby and should pregnant women really be eating for two people of childbearing age really need to know that their dietary intake can impact their future children and potentially their grandchildren's health and therefore it is really important that health professionals talk about these issues with their patients this course is aimed at healthcare professionals and assumes knowledge of science medicine and healthcare practice we will explore pre-conceptual nutrition and how foods can be used to influence the long-term health outcomes of offspring while chromosomes and genes contain the blueprint of our physical characteristics did you know that what your parents ate before you were conceived can affect how your genes are expressed and impact your long-term health a poor diet in both your mother and your father is becoming increasingly important as we start to understand its relationship with child development and long term health using practical demonstrations case studies and discussions we're going to provide you with sub knowledge and skills to support your practice and how you might use food as medicine you

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  1. The next run of our "Food as Medicine: Fertility and Pregnancy" course runs again in early May 2018. Aimed at healthcare professionals, this is a 2wk online course by @MonashUni on the @FutureLearn platform. Enrollments are open:

  2. This specialist course will start again 29 January 2018. Join here:

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