20 Replies to “Foods To Eat During Periods”

  1. I got my first period 5 days ago. I'd love to eat this stuff but I got a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and a surgery on my sinuses 3-4 days ago so I can't.

  2. I'm watching this during my period (DON'T SAY THAT'S NASTY BECAUSE EVERY GIRL HAS IT) unless you're a boy…um…. hi what are boys doing here

  3. I'm not even gonna listen to this(btw I'm not saying this in a mean way) cuz some foods can help a person, while it makes it worse for the other. I'm just gonna eat what makes ME feel better.

  4. DON’T DRINK CAFFEINE/COFFEE/or even eat your beloved chocolate!! all those stereotypes of girls eating boxes of chocolate on their period—WRONG. caffeine makes period cramping worse. Once I needed to stay up late to study for an exam while on my period, so I forgot about this and drank a cup of coffee—— I swear I had the worst cramps of my life and I was silently dying in public. My entire back was sore and ached like never before. Don’t take Excedrin, either, bc it contains caffeine. Take some other pain med.

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