Forcep Birth + Dad with Shingles!!!|| Ethan's birth story

Oh baby the icing on the cake what was happening to you during my labor I had the shingles he had shingles [Applause] hello everybody welcome back to my channel in today's video I am going to be talking about Ethan's bird story and I thought it would be very interesting to have my husband go ahead and join me here and well completely yeah I see a lot of videos on YouTube on the birth story only from the mother's perspective which of course the mother is the one giving birth to the child but I was always interested in the dads point of view like what is it like for them or do they feel stressed about it do they get anxious about it what is it like seeing like a child coming out of down there etc so it's gonna be kind of like a you're getting two things in one video so I hope you guys enjoy you guys are interested in finding out more about Ethan's birth story and my husband's opinion on it and feedback on it then make sure that you keep on watching you ready we were going back into it look okay so first of all I want to point out that just getting pregnant with Ethan was very interesting we went through a couple of situations because I had some things going on with my health so if you guys haven't already seen my video I did talk about my PCOS and my pregnancy journey with PCOS I'm gonna go ahead and link that over here in the cards and in the description down below as well in case that you guys have not seen it but basically once I was pregnant with Ethan my pregnancy was pretty good I mean compared only had one other person to compare to which was my best friend who got pregnant at the same time around the same time and compared to her pregnancy it wasn't convicted her pregnancy my pregnancy was a breeze um I barely experienced any kind of nausea I think I only threw up four times total in the entire pregnancy and it was all during my first trimester I think Ethan kind of had a thing of trying to make me eat breakfast because I'm not a breakfast person and so if I didn't eat breakfast my certain time I would get nauseous and throw up so it was only four times it was old only during my first trimester and then everything was fun there was no issues I feel like I was pretty chill during my pregnancy what do you think like I hear like horror stories of like women being super Neffe or like super PMS II and hormonal and stuff mostly I was her wasn't he wasn't he was not so I was not and I don't feel like I was whatsoever I think the times that I did get more frustrated was towards the end of a pregnancy because at the end of every pregnancy whether you're having a horrible pregnancy or an amazing pregnancy you're so tired of being so big and not being able to do anything and move and sleep low and having to pee every five seconds that at the end of it all you just want the baby out so that's the only time that I feel I was a little person Mexican so am I going back into it so no barely any morning sickness thank goodness I didn't have any complications or anything throughout my pregnancy would be guys again if you've seen my video from the PCOS I did have a lot more ultrasounds than normal I think I had an ultrasound every month at the end it was over two weeks but every like month or so I had an ultrasound which I didn't mind because I like to see pictures of my baby I'm a very doom and gloom kind of person so I always thought that there was something going on and something wrong so having having the ultrasound he's the opposite of me thank God but having that ultrasound picture really did reassure me that everything was going okay so when so the story of actually what was happening so Ethan's due date was it changed two times so the first time his due date was supposed to be July 16th of 2017 and that was during my initial ultrasounds and he was measuring at whatever that time Spanish and then in my 18 week ultrasound for the anatomy scan they moved the date up one day so it was moved it back how do you moved it to the 70 so instead of it being 7:16 it was gonna be 717 so we were super excited about the date because 7 17 17 and we're like well he'll be so cool lame I know no we wanted it to be it's totally late it's not I mean it's kind of cool easy to remember it's he remember yes it's easy to remember I always catch my stones like 7 18 17 yeah yeah so he ended up being born on the 18th but we got there doesn't roll off to talk to you yeah that's true 7:17 so we were like okay that's a really cool date whatever in the pregnancy went on everything was fine and then on this 16th July 16th which was my original due date there was nothing happening no contractions no feeling of anything normal out of the ordinary then the following day when his due date I was I was hoping for something to happen but because there was really nothing going on previous to that I was kind of losing my hope that he was gonna be born on his actual cool birthday and I remember I was home I was actually allowed to work from home the last three weeks of my pregnancy and I remember being that day I was laying down because my back was hurting and I was I have like a group chat with my staff because everybody works remote and I was there and else and I started feeling like pain in my lower back and I was like oh that's weird but I don't know what a contraction is I've never had a contraction before I never experienced Braxton Hicks contractions so it's just like probably just like pain because I am do right so I was chatting with my team and I'm like oh yeah I think I might be getting contractions that I remember everybody was like oh my god what are you doing working go to the hospital but I knew that it we have to wait like what until their contractions were minutes apart that five five minutes apart too isn't one of the two minutes apart it was like clearly we don't remember but anyway it was still very spread out so I wasn't worried and I know that I worked my entire shift and then when we were watching TV we're watching a show and all the sudden that paints are they getting really bad and I started feeling it on my lower back all the time and I remember laying down with him and asking me asking to put pressure on my back whenever I felt those pains and so around ten o'clock that night I called my mom and I asked her to come over because I thought that I was going to go into labor and my mom lived forty-five minutes away so she headed like headed down here to come with us so we went to the hospital and at that point I was in a lot of pain like a lot of pain I was in a lot of pain I was complaining I think breathe through it and I I don't know about you guys kudos to all the moms that's saying that they were able to give birth with just breathing but breathing then nothing to me breathing just exacerbated everything just breathe just me this is good I am breathing so so that we got to triage and I and we got the triage and I was looking forward to just being admitted and again I didn't know what it was like to have a child so much like I just want to get a midday and then I'm gonna get an epidural under the baby's getting him up but of course that wasn't the case they put me in triage it took forever to them to for them to actually check me and what they actually did to see how dilated I was I was not I was too tough no I was half a centimeter dilated half point 5.5 and that was in so much pain I was like how is it possible to only be half a centimeter dilated and be in so much pain and she was like you know but you were definitely starting labor this is the the nurse you're definitely started labor so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to ask you to go home and walk walk around told I was voluntold yeah pretty much so we left the hospital and on my way back man was driving my mom was in the back seat and I was in pain so I was just like you know what I'm not gonna let this drag on I'm not gonna be able to sleep so let let's just walk around the block we ended up walking around the block three times I think and every time it just got worse and worse that pink so I had to stop and I had to breathe and hold on to him and then it just had to like okay okay so my back pain was so intense that I told my husband I wanted to go inside the house and take a shower I just wanted to be under hot water so like the water was hitting my back so my sister and my mom were outside and I was in the in the shower and I was uncomfortable because I was really in pain so I decided to try and make it kind of like a back kind of thing without the water being hot of course and then the second that I got down to try to sit my water broke and I don't know about you guys but every time I saw youtube videos of people going into labor and they talked about their water breaking it was like clear liquid okay mine was not clear it wasn't bloody either but it was like community so I lost like the mucus plug but that's just not what I expected so if corner was like bathtub water plus my water plus me you guys it was a gross it was a gross so I'm there and I'm like bad bad very he comes in and I'm like my water just broke my water broke what was that like for you baby really yeah no yeah yeah you screamed well yeah because I expected if my water were to break I expected clear liquid like you see people talk about you you know but no it wasn't it was liquid plus it was like oh like an off-white color whatever it was liquid but it had like stuff mm-hmm mucus so I thought it was of course like something was happening so I'm like okay we have to get back to the hospital so you had gotten some of those bed sheet things right what I call Chuck's new trucks and I put those on the seat of my car and thank goodness that we had that because on our way to the hospital I felt lots and lots of liquid continuing to meet my body so and of course the more liquid came out the more pressure I felt it was such horrible pain which I found kind of weird because I thought that the pain would progress slowly but no I guess when your water breaks because there's not that much support for the baby you feel much more of the pressure and you also start getting more contractions so we got back into trio if we were back like at midnight I think was midnight so of course are all right due date was gone it was no longer seven seventeen seventeen so we were now on the 18th and we were admitted they checked for dilation people it was like a centimeter and a half I don't you can laugh you can laugh regression my progression was horrible people horrible horrible horrible I I didn't understand how you can be in so much pain and not progress finally they took me into a room and it was weird because when I you know people say all the time when you have contractions and you're in that much pain you don't really have control through your body you do whatever it is that you need to do to get through it some people curse some people yell I acted like a cricket my way to soothe myself tune to the contractions was to like rub my legs together like my ankles so if these are my feet right in my ankles I was doing this no sound was coming up but no sound right that was a crooked son who's assuming um so my ankles were doing like I would do that and that's the only way that I could get to record traction I had to just like breathe and not have everybody tell me breathe because I was gonna punch them in the face and thankfully he never did he knew better he knew better but my contractions were really intense so when they finally got me into a room they tried to do the the belt thing with the club to measure the contraction oh cool the contraction don't think tank meter right but it wasn't measuring the contractions correctly because they saw how much pain I was in and the contractions were barely I don't know what exactly was happening I really don't remember Ellison so much amazin lining up something wasn't lining up so they ended up doing the H like the internal contraction meter thing which some people say it hurts when they have that in but it didn't hurt me I was just happy that they were able to see the contraction and the level like the big frickin graph that was going like that so I was not progressing I forget how far L was before I asked for an epidural not very long I couldn't take it murmuring on well let's pretend that I got before and I asked for it because I couldn't take it I gotta take it was very very painful um and so this was another that was very frustrating because the anesthesiologist took a lifetime to get there a lifetime we ordered it or we said yes to it and it took like over 30 minutes for him to get there Oh baby the icing on the cake what was happening to you during my labor Oh at the shingles he had shingles so then you have my husband with his freakin bandage or over his his cheek here because obviously it's contagious at some point me going into labor okay I want my husband to be there I need him to be there so we were trying to do whatever we could to try to minimize the contact that he could potentially have any one where the shingles so of course the anesthesiologist gets there they give me the things about the epidural and finally but before the epidural was given this freakin doctor is they're super monotone standing at the foot of the bed while I'm having horrible contractions and I'm in pain and he's like so I just want to talk to you I thought your an option this is how slow he was talking I just wanted to point out that because your husband has shingles there is the possibility that you can get an infection it was annoying like that wasn't it to me it wasn't because then I would get a contraction and I just wanted him to just shut up and just give me the stupid epidural so I was getting congestion and he was talking so slow so I would get a contraction I will try to breathe through it I may be like let me wait while you finish your contraction I was like he waited every time I got a contraction he was like and I was just like okay like okay that's fine I think if I go about you it was like listing off all the other all of it you're like I'm okay I was just like I don't care and he's like what you do understand that if you have an infection I was just like am I gonna die and he said no it's just the treatment it's gonna be painful I'm like okay if I'm not gonna die give me the freaking epidural like I will die if I do not get an epidural because I could not take the pain so finally yeah freaking doctor left and then the person came and gave me the apparel and then all was good in the world again I felt bad that you're in pain but I know like in the medical thing it's happen I think this is what happens when you date anybody in the medical field when you're married to them when you date them want anything you know yeah sorry it's what it is about a book it's gonna happen don't you feel the love do you feel the love contraction thing was going crazy and then they asked me to say whenever I was getting up and whenever I felt pressure so every couple of minutes I was like pressure pressure right sure and I was trying so badly to go to sleep and I just couldn't go to sleep and I I fell like the epidural was kind of wearing off on one side because once I was hurting a lot more than the other so I have to press that button but then I learned it I learned the hard way that have you pressed the button early then you wait longer to get a full dose of the other girl so that when it gives you like 5 MLS of the medication but if you wait the fool I guess what 10 10 15 minutes I think gives you the full 10 adult which makes such a difference so I pressed it because I was in pain and then I wasn't even more pain because I had to wait longer to get it again so try not to press that button and wait until it gives you the full amount trust me you're gonna thank me for that so then I felt a lot of pressure on there and by this time you guys had been in labor for 14 or 15 hours I wanted the baby out and thank God my OBGYN was amazing and he didn't push a c-section but there came a time right before I finally delivered that my blood pressure or my heart rate what wasn't both of our heart rates heart rate heart rate was going down what's going down and I was in a lot of Wayne I was very tired I hadn't slept that and eaten I hadn't done anything so we were both kind of going downhill so the doctors like if in you know 20 minutes 30 minutes you're still not fully dilated we're gonna have to take you in for a c-section at that point to be honest with you I was just like take me wherever you need to take me because I just need to get this baby out I was just I was starting to get a lot of painting in and the epidural wasn't working anymore so I just wanted the baby out and of course I was really scared that something was gonna happen with him because his heart rate was going down so often so thankfully within 30 minutes they came to check me and I was fully dilated offer like $15 you sure how many think you know I feel like it was more um so then he they checked me and I was fully dilated so it was time to push and I swear the second that they said she's ready thousand people came into the room it felt like a thousand people because I gave birth and Baptists and Baptists is a teaching hospital so it was like four cellos and a thousand nurses the NICU nurse whatever nerves is something else north or whatever doctor that was like a thousand people just flooded the room by the time you don't care you just won the baby out so there's people looking nothing and then they determined well actually this happened before they determined that in order to get Ethan out safely they had to use four sessions because Ethan's umbilical cord was wrapped around his abdomen that's why his blood pressure was gonna rain and it was also why my contractions were hurting so much because even though my body was trying its hardest to push him down the umbilical cord was keeping him up so that's why I was dying of contraction pain and also my contractions were very long my contractions lasted for like maybe a minute and barely 10 second rest before I came up again so I was in a lot a lot of pain so finally they said it's ready it's time whatever and all these people came into the room and I didn't care I was just like use forceps taking me to do a c-section I don't care what you need to do just specialist just get him out so the good thing is that my OBGYN it's one of the doctors that specializes using forceps you have to know what you're doing so you don't you know crush the baby and I pushed three times I pushed three times and the baby was out um I didn't feel the forceps I didn't feel anything they use like other numbing stuff down there too so in order to get Ethan out you had to UM they had to use the forceps I had to get an episiotomy and I also got a second-degree tear so that was fun so Ethan was out he was fine he looked fine I was kind of like in a state of like I didn't know what was happening it was kind of like surreal like you're you're watching yourself with this baby and you can I don't know what's going on you're drunk then you're elated and you're relief and you're tired and I'm here are so many emotions at the same time and I just remember holding holding him for a little bit before they took him away to clean him and then the doctor started like suturing mean back up and I call it I call it he was playing the violin because I just saw him like down there and who she's going like this was like this string just like I call it he was playing the violin and then of course I delivered the placenta which I didn't feel at all I know people say that all that that for the placenta and I have to massage your abdomen and that's really painful maybe it's for people that don't get an epidural but for me they didn't have to massage my stomach I can just kind of like came out and it came out as a dirty Duncan look it up so Ethan was born at 7:17 p.m. on 7 18 2017 so at least he gave us at 7:17 that we wanted but just in the time he was born 21 inches in a corner and weighed six pounds five ounces and he was a tiny little baby long yeah he was very long he's very tall he said he wasn't always a very tall skinny little guy and he didn't end up going to the NICU because his sugar little sugar low blood glucose was low who's a glucose was slow so he had to be in the NICU for them for four days I was in the hospital for three days and that's Uncas who couldn't go oh yeah that was fun so because he had the shingles I basically had to go he made sure we didn't see our son for four days because he couldn't go into the NICU obviously because he can't expose the shingles to any other baby and of course our baby either or anybody else really but it sucked for him and it sucked for me because I wanted them to spend up time together I had to go into the NICU every two hours to feed the baby and to be with him and he couldn't be there with me so that was kind of sucky and even after week while he was still kind of recuperating from the shingles and took thing one week after Ethan came home for him to actually be consumed you know kiss him and hold her really close so when he finally was able to do that it was it was sweet very sweet I guess here I'm gonna ask you a question no it's a really big magical experience really because at the time I was are in Pelzer a you know in OB class in nursing school so I kind of knew what was going on and the delivery room well yeah everything what they say is true with the teaching school and everything in and like the whole steps of birthing and everything and it was just very magical – you see it in personal because I was right there when he came out shooting you know it's the last part like birthing it was a weird to like see no no no hair like a like a head no and then like the head actually out mm-hmm that's not weird no weird the part that really got me was the whole thing with the episiotomy so basically I just thought it was with a scalpel and then just cut and then whatever no that was with a really sharp pair of scissors and yeah he just kind of just limits and I was just like okay even like an injection to so that you don't you already had the epidurals that you know that nobody added yeah he added like a shot of something um which I honestly I feel it really helped and me not feeling anything I didn't feel that chasm I didn't feel any way I had my lady bits it was again that was a magical thing I did let me cry I think you like to drug those I think you like teared up no I like cried you did good Erica c-h-s I was trying to tell you like there was like she said there was like 20 people in there and then I come there and then I could see through all the 20-something people because Erika was in the room – but she was sitting in the couch across from me and I'm like seeing her like John look in between the people trying to see my face because she wanted to see me cry Oh what is it with a man she was not even it was beautiful even though he was covered in yeah you look like a beautiful little bit so anyway so Ethan had to stay in the NICU for the four days and then I was discharged three days later and he was discharged the day after and he has been a perfect little baby ever since I really have no complaints he has been an amazing baby he treated me amazingly in my belly and he has continued to be amazing here alright guys so there you have it that is Ethan's bread story I hope that you guys enjoyed the story and enjoyed my husband's perspective on the whole thing thank you guys again so much for watching don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up or a thumbs down if you don't like it and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out on any future videos and I will see you guys on my next video [Laughter] you don't have to do it myself oh I see them I just see a ring on my face I see a beard just see this okay you

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