Ford Pregnancy Suit

the pregnancy soup allows young male engineers and female engineers obviously to experience what it feels like to be pregnant and that is some of the changes in the center of gravity some of the restrictions in movement and just get that empathy with the female customer to help in a design of our cars so the belly consists of a bladder full of water approximately 2 litres a white bag that sits in between the bladder and the body to represent the fetuses head some additional weights are either side here and here to represent the weight of the baby as well as a compression strap around the chest to represent the shortness of breath and pregnant women feel so some of the architectural considerations that we factor in when designing the car are for all customers but obviously the difficulties are amplified for pregnant women things like the position of the rocker for stepping in and out of the vehicle the height of the the roof because it's obviously difficult for pregnant women to bend into the vehicle the design of the seat bolster go get the right balance between the ingress/egress and the seat comfort and the position of the steering wheel to make sure that you can get in and out of the car as easily as possible so the pregnancy suit is really a very good example of forward working across the one forward world to share our technology share our learnings and ensure that we're using this smart technology to develop high quality cars

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  1. "wow, new car? What do you drive, man?" "I am enjoying my new Ford Pregnancy, such a manly car…" (tumbleweed rolling across the scene)

  2. Great idea, its a bit "out there" yes, but it greatly improves accessibility for not only mothers to be, but larger people in both height and girth! I myself will only own a ford falcon for the fact that they are comfortable, spacious, and easy to get in/out "I have grandparents"

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