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  1. AMEN!!! Thank You for your video. I'm so glad that this couple both did this video. May GOD bless you both and your family!!!

  2. God is so AWESOME….He never leaves us…all the GLORY to our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ
    And the Holy Spirit…ANEN❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. WOW 4 REALLY? MAYBE HE SHOULD have used condoms, or better yet get SNIPPED! And Sorry but THIS does NOT happen to every one who get the procedure, Just saying!!

  4. Thank you for your testimony! The pain of going through abortion will never fade, but courage to speak out and touch the hearts of others about this can change our future. We can stop abortion if we can reach hearts. God bless! 🙌

  5. I feel sorry for these people. Torturing themselves because Big Bully God says what they did was "sinful". Abortion can indeed be tragic but for goodness sake forgive yourselves for being young and misled. You have a beautiful family now. Stop condemning yourselves

  6. What a beautiful and amazing testimony! Thank you so much for sharing such a painful story. God bless you and your family!

  7. To all the mothers and fathers there. Please show video illustrations of abortions to your children! Please do it. They will thank you forever. Most of the people think abortion is fine because they are ignorant and we all know that the left will never allow children to watch abortion illustrations at school because it goes against their agenda. Do it at home. Explain to them. Show to them. I'm sure I'll do it with my children. God bless

  8. Thank you sooo much for sharing your story. I had two miscarriages and the pain is the same. Losing s child, no matter how they are lost, is the worst thing a parent can go through. Your pain reminded me of my pain and lost children and my heart was broken again for ALL lost babies. God bless you and all babies.

  9. These abortion people… they talk about THEIR pain:

    "The grieving is so deep, so deep…" and a little tear rolls down.
    My advice, Sweetheart, is the moment you indulge yourself & talk about your emotional pain, pause & think how MEANINGLESS it is compared to the pain you INFLICTED on a baby.
    Perspective, bitch!

  10. What a courageous man to talk honestly about his past…..and for the woman who spoke of her pain……what amazing courage it must have taken them both to speak out on the horror of abortion……God is the lover of your soul and no one loves you both more than JESUS CHRIST……I am so happy for you that you are now ‘BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS……GOD REMEMBERS YOUR REPENTED SINS NO MORE…..YOU ARE FREE TO LIVE YOUR LIVES FOR JESUS 🙏❤️🙏GOD BLESS YOU BOTH 🙏 Sister in Christ from Colorado

  11. These people in the documentary are so brainwashed!! The lady blamed her depression on her abortions and turned to the christian faith to feel better. She leaves her boyfriend and only goes back with him if he wants to marry her. Only then they consider themselves a family and feel the need to have children (unbelievably absurd). They may say Jesus has washed away their sins and made them happy, but they both still feel sad. Cheap pro-life propaganda.

  12. You can be for the life of the unborn and no be religious. I am an atheist. You can also find healing from abortion without religion. I had an abortion, later got married and had 4 great kids. Yes you can become sterile from abortion that is a medical and personal tragedy. However, if you cant get pregnant after abortion it's not like you are paying for some past so called sin. Bad things happen to good people.

  13. Before you were placed in your Mother’s womb, God knew you. He consecrated you blessed you and put you into your Mothers womb.

  14. Your words, "to glorify Jesus!!!" . Best part of this deeply painful story. May you and your family glorify Jesus. May His mercy and comfort shine in and upon you. He carried all of our sin on the cross. He paid the price. He is worthy of our worship.

  15. Marriage does not have anything to do with licenses or state recognition. Their church was wrong on that one.

  16. making abortion illegal will NOT result in a reduction in the number of abortions performed it only increases the number of dangerous abortions performed. if you truly want to reduce the number of abortions then we need to look at the decades of data which prove that abstinence only education does not work. we need to advocate for comprehensive sex education. comprehensive sex education does not increase the number of teens having sex but does increase the number of teens having SAFE sex. there is only one proven way to reduce the number of abortions performed teaching teens about safe sex, birth control and enthusiastic consent. federal funds should not be funding abstinence only education or so called "crisis pregancy centers". crisis pregancy centers use false advertising to lure women in then they bully and lie to them to circumvent their constitutional rights.

  17. The thing about abortion is it's not your choice at all what another
    woman does to her body. That's the point, you don't get to choose. It's
    100% up to the mother and her doctor. You can say it's murder all you
    want but at the end of the day I see it as a woman making an educated
    choice, taking control of her bodily autonomy and deciding what's right
    to do for her based on her personal circumstances. I agree a line needs
    to be drawn at some point but you've got no right to try
    to make that kind of decision for anyone. I think people should try to
    understand that, it's no easy decision. I agree 36 weeks is late but you
    do understand that no one makes that decision lightheartedly, the only
    times an abortion would be carried out that late is if the pregnancy was
    going to have an adverse affect on the mothers life/the foetus wouldn't
    survive. Not to mention that if abortion was made illegal not only
    would it still happen but women, a lot of the time who already have
    families to care for would loose their lives in the process. There's a
    really good video on here of women who had abortions in America when
    it was illegal and the impact some of the complications have had on
    their lives Is shocking, I advise you all to watch it before you try to
    make that kind of decision for anyone. Safe and legal, don't let women
    die trying to exercise their civil rights.

  18. Thank you for your testimony ! May God bless you and make you grow even more closer to him ! Love you my brother and sister !

  19. God is so personal! Thank you Jesus for how you radically pursue us. God bless all of you, Jesus paid a price to get Heaven inside of us so that we could crush hell for a living 🙂 you have value!

  20. I've had an abortion and quite frankly I'm fine with that choice. it was my choice and I'm perfectly ok with it. abortion was widely used and accepted in the days of GOD. Stop cherry picking the bible. I'm PROUD of My CHOICE

  21. When President Clinton signed a bill legalizing partial birth abortion (sucking out the baby's brain), he didn't have to worry about this affecting him.  It wasn't because that he was already born, it was BECAUSE HE DIDN'T HAVE A BRAIN!  
    If we need population control, why don't we execute murderers, child molesters, and repeated sex offenders; instead of the innocent unborn? It's because our society's sexual appetite can't be satisfied by executing evil criminals!

  22. Some works can never be retrieved.
    Some guilt can never be relieved.
    It isn't easy to forget
    the decisions we regret.
    They will torment us the most
    and they will haunt us like a ghost.
    Still there's sunshine after rain.
    And there's relief after pain.
    So keep hoping and keep praying.
    Perhaps someday you'll be saying,
    "It's a tragedy for certain,
    but I've now shed it's dark curtain."

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