Forever 21 Huge Summer Try On Clothing Haul 2019 Buying for My Breastfeeding Postpartum Body

Oh high-waisted skinny jeans I just coughed and it popped open this is such a nice dress or can you say like and this is the bag and the bikinis were 2 pounds hi and welcome back to my channel and if it's your first time here welcome my name's Simone today I'm going to do a forever 21 shopping haul if you're new here I have three children and the last time I had a baby was nine months ago and this is the first time that I have bought quite a few clothes pause partum I'm currently breastfeeding and I am approximately about 10 kgs over my pre-pregnancy weight so I really struggle to find clothes that fit and plus I'm only 5 foot 3 I went on forever 21 website it's the first time that I've ever ordered off their solos and ice items for the summer and thought I would buy them try them on you'll see that some of them just look ridiculous on some of them look really nice I've decided that I'm probably gonna send most of it back because I just don't think that it looks nice the shoes are quite nice I'll show them and I'm gonna make a separate video where I'm trying them shoes on anyway so when I went on the website I put in my measurements and he says that I was a size large so I know pre-pregnancy I was around about in English size 10 to 12 and now I would say I'm about 14 but my boobs are quite big with the breast feeding I'd say that I mean I've not been measured recently but I'd probably like a 36 double day or something like that so I do struggle sometimes we find in things that will fit so anyway I will crack on with the haul I did get 30% off because I bought more than five items I think there's about 40 items in tall that I bought and I also got another 5% off because I went through top cashback if you've never heard of that website I will put a link and click on it it's brilliant because you can earn money by just going through that site and you can get quite a lot of money back so yeah the first item that I've got here is this pant suit and the full price of it was twenty-eight pounds so like I said everything I've got 30% off it's set for the sale items and free delivery as well I really really liked this on the website I love the colors but I'm not too sure on it when it's actually on but I'll let you decide what you think of it the material is really nice but with me being quite sure it they are too long for me so if I do decide to keep it I'm gonna have to take it into or get tailored and it just fastens with is it at the back and you've got a spur button so that's the first item it's really nice but as you can see they're a bit too long on me the colors are really nice but like I said it's just a little bit too long now this one I really like I tried it on with a black vest her bought I think something else might look better underneath it well I would say it's like a rust color all-in-one with buttons at the front now I thought this would be useful you know easy access for when I'm breastfeeding this was 18 pound new and this isn't a large so I got that used I'm making a separate video for these but I think make all nice with it so this is the best top that I had on in the video and this one was six pounds and an exercise medium it's a really really soft material but I mean can you see that there though in the light it looks like it's been you know like iron it's got iron marks now when you're looking at it here you can't really see him when I'm looking down and they put in the camera it just looks really noticeable but I just thought this would be really nice in vert versatile and go with lots of different things I really like these trousers or again the two long really nice soft material I like the waistband and then at the bottom they're really lovely and I'm just thinking if I took these to get taken up probably all of that nice detail at the bottom would come off so I'm gonna have to send these back and these were in a medium because I don't think they had a large and they were 20 pounds but they fit alright I thought I'd risk it so this vest top is from there and it's just a nice soft top I really like these pants but I gave it too long these jeans are sculpted high-rise skinny jeans and they are really nice a 31 inch waist they are slightly big on me but they do fit really good in the lab so I'm not hundred percent sure whether I'm going to keep them or not because if I do lose where I might end up the man that ends up fitting because they are slightly big but I really like the color for 27 pounds without the discount these are high waisted skinny jeans they're fixed on injury we feel a little bit roomy it stopped I don't know what I was thinking I like that off the shoulder but you know when they like quite high up but this was really loved down I love the color though and this was ten pound but I think this was in the sale and that is a size large hey don't I like this color excuse her bra underneath it I just put the straps down but I like this color but I don't know I don't think this suits me this one this jumper 19 pound large it looks so nice on the website but for me it just does not flatter my figure I don't think let's just not really any shape to it so I'll be sending that back he does nothing for me the shape of it yeah excuse the black bra underneath but I don't think that this gives me now at this one I really like the color this is a size medium I think I should have got a large in this it's 18 pounds now if I insert the clip of this please let me know what you think and whether I should keep this or not because I'm not 100% sure if I like it or not what boning mine on the video I'm wearing a bra with it and not a vest top so it looks a bit with the killers but I really like the color of it I think it's really nice and plus it will be easy to lift up when I'm feeding the baby yeah with a vest top I think it might look nice this top I mmm I really like the pattern I really like this blue pants so it's 15 pounds and it's a large and it's navy it came creased so it doesn't really do it justice and when I tried it on as well it's been raining and even at when I'm a light on it just you couldn't really see what it looked like but it's it fastens at the side and it it's got a belt and surprisingly it looks all nice at the bottom it doesn't look like I would have to take them up the only concern I had was you know the material looks quite thin so I'm hoping that you can't see my own boy underneath it but yeah I really like this one's pantsuit so I'll probably keep that one not as long as the other ones it's quite dark so you can't see properly but kinda like this one now this dress here when I tried it on last night before I went to bed I could not even fasten it I get so bloated as the day progresses but when I tried it on this morning it didn't look as bad but still it is a little bit too well a lots of Moral too small so this is a dress and it just comes above the knee and it ties with a belt and it is a large and it's 20 pounds I am considering keeping it and seeing what happens when I lose some more wear but I'm not 100% sure if I insert the clip here again let me know what you think of it and try and imagine what it will look like if I lose a few pounds I really like this dress if I a few times I've laughed and I've literally popped out of it he's so nice he's bought it's just not like I can't even fit my boobs in it he's really squashed it's too tight oh this dress is too tight specially round the earth I just coughed and it popped open hey Baba have you seen my feet where the way where I had six rupees on the right yeah you just popped open now this dress I absolutely love it and they didn't have it in a lodge and I thought I didn't I'd risk it in a medium and it's camel color I haven't fastened the button so you can't really see what it looks like not being very organized so it's a camel dress buttons all the way down and it comes to like below the knee it's a really really nice dress but as you can see from the video I'm the thumbnail I can't fit my boobs in it properly and usually I'm like a 34c D so I'm thinking maybe later on in the year or when I start breastfeeding it might fit I don't know so this is another one that I'm not sure about keeping I don't know if I said how much it was this isn't medium 22 pounds really nice do L like another girl that I saw a dinner forever21 hole she tried this dress on and it looked really really nice and I'll put a link down below this is a such a nice dress but can you stay like it's really my belly look massive and as you can see I can't even fasten it properly just boobs village everywhere it is such a watery dress really really nice dress bought like I said I just think it draws so much attention back to the ballet and it's just this just too much boob and it just doesn't fit properly he's so nice mmm well this one looks so nice on the side but when I tried it on as you'll see I don't think it looks nice the color is beautiful with this bit here like I just don't know I used to yeah I was supposed to wear a bra or not underneath it because you'd see the black coming through it's too long and it's a little bit tight this was large and so I am 28 pounds I really like it but I don't think it suits me let me know what you think this is too long and I just think me like it draws so much attention to my stomach and no the colors beautiful but I just don't think it suits me this skirt looks lovely on the side but I don't have much of a waste really saw how it's at I just don't feel like it was flat I mean for me I really like the color the materials nice this was 18 pounds and it's a large and it's an it goes to the floor and it's got a split stop the side really really nice but it just doesn't suit me so I'll be sending that back I feel like they put so nice on the website but I don't think it looks that nice on me these are so lovely well as you'll see in the clip they don't suit me 24 pounds and alive they are really really long I did try some like shoes on with a heel like that and they weren't on the other one and touching the ground then but again I just don't feel like I don't know I'm not like in the know when it comes to fashion and everything but because I don't because I have quite a thick waist I just don't feel like they suit my body type if you know what I mean and they've got pockets at the back not real ones don't think no they're really nice these they don't fit probably I can't fasten them the two wrong but I think this is really nice here then the black top that I got what I showed you before I got just a car key and that's a medium six pounds so this is just a green car key one same as the black these tops here I tried them on and I've got them on with a brawny to put something on underneath a bit more suitable but I really really like these they're just plain and simple and I thought that they would go with shorts jeans like all sorts of different things and I really like the color of this blue one so this was 11 pounds and that's a large so this is the blue then this is like a creamy color and that's in a large as well I love the color of that of this if I insert the clip is just walks horrendous on me on the website looks a lot longer and it looked really nice but I would say this is more friend night out and it is tiny it's not nice doesn't look nice on me I think he was in the silat the sale though it was like an impulse buy so this was 11 new bought it I think it was reduced to like 5 pounds or something like that I don't know what I was thinking with this one it looked a lot nicer on the website I don't like this no it looks a lot longer on the website if I'm not careful my it's just gonna ride up here and I just feel like it's a bit I don't know a bit sure yeah and then I got the black one as well and this was reduced so yeah I just don't I don't suit this one and I don't even think if I get to my pre-pregnancy way I just it's not a top for me and I mean obviously can wear whatever you want at whatever age but I'm 37 and I just feel like it doesn't suit me just realize I put this on inside out but I'm not I'm not keeping it anyway but this is in the black what was I think him it looks hideous on me love I've got some off the shoulder tops and they really pretty for the de-tangle and then I got this bag and it's got like little tassels on it and this was 25 new and it looked really nice on the website but now I've got it here I don't really like it so I'm gonna be sending that back I just thought that I would buy quite a few different things see what I like and then what I don't like just seven back and this is the bag that can go over like that and then I got these shorts I think they're really nice shorts I love the color and I like the tie waist the material feels really nice so they were 13 pounds and they were large then I got this here and it's a white top and it fastens underneath the crotch and when I tried it on again I didn't have the right type of bra on it's black this was 9 pounds and these medium its the plain top I think that will go we have a lot of different things so this is the top that goes into the crotch excuse a black bra and then these are the shorts I don't know if I'm keen on the shorts then I got these I don't know ever I'm gonna show footage of these or not there were seven pounds medium to large this and I got this just purely to put under them or the vest tops that I've got all you know there's some movie tag top sport because the quiet is thin they don't give you really a lot of support and I I needed to put like pads in from other bras because you know you could see not see the nipple well yeah you could see the nipples you know like if it was cold so that's a cream one and then I got a black one again on the website it looked so nice them so this is just the thin top that I thought could just go underneath some tops but I think I would have to public lot some padding because if it's cold you can see the nipples like yeah it's just got these really thin straps so I thought you know the best tops that I showed you thought before I thought I could wear this underneath them so this is just the flash hood one but you can see my nipple so that's why I'm covering it off well this one's got fin the thin straps as well and then I got these bikini tops I usually were swimming costumes but I thought if I'm in the garden and I want to get a bit of a tan on my belly then I'll wear something like that and the reason why I got this as well is I get burned here quite a lot so I thought it'd be good you know to cover up that section so these was in the sale new they are 9 pound but I think these was only about 4 or 5 pounds and then I got a cream one as well is the bikini top I've had support pads in because you could really see the nipples in it this there's just lumps and bumps even with the tags and stuff I just took the member I've had to put the pattern again because you could see everything well I didn't have any matching bottoms to this this is in the page now these are the shoes that I got and what I'll probably do is just make another video trainees on these were 11 pounds and then obviously you get the discount these look lovely on but I'll put a card on when I've made the video if they said I'll put a card above and then you can click on this video if you like these have tried them on and unfortunately they are really narrow and they're quite I don't know um the quite a thick material and they kind of like dig in they go around the ankle they're 11 pounds as well but I'm not going to keep them because I don't think I'm they're gonna be comfy at all then there's these black ones and they were 11 these built a lot nicer on the website then what they look like when they're on and they're 11 as well I think so I'm gonna be sending them ones back and then these are love the color of them they're really nice they're super super comfy in there we live at 11 pound without the discount so I mean just to give you an idea so like the jumpsuit that yellow on so it was 28 pounds and then the discount was eight pound for so it came to 19 pounds 60 so everything should have come to 410 pounds but I got a discount of 123 pound 27 so all of it came to 287 pounds so I got I got 32 items like the shoes like I was saying they were 11 pound new but with the discount there were 70 there were 7 pounds seventeen with the discount and then the top that I had showed you the orange one that was reduced to 2 power 31 and the bikinis were 2 pound 10 I saw quite a big discount on everything but I really hope that you liked this video this is my first like proper shopping haul that I've done the last time I did one was when I did it like a maternity like an ebay one and one from everything 5 pound calm but this is the first time that I've done a pulse pot and type 1 if you do like these types of videos then please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment down below and if there's any other websites that you can let me know of that sell really nice clothes that you know can flatter the postpartum body or if there's any sites that you're thinking about shopping what you was unsure what the clothes were gonna look like let me know and then I could check the website out and maybe order some clothes and then do another hole if this is something that you'd be interested in if you are new here I would really love it if you could subscribe to my channel for more and if you'd be interested in me making any more of these types of videos then please just let me know as well thanks for watching and I'll see you next time bye

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  1. I hope you liked this video! Did you have a favourite outfit? Here is the link for the sandal try on video

  2. My favorite item is at 16:14 loved it. I have to disagree with you my friend ! You look beautiful in this item😍 I also loved the yellow and white shorts and the white bag and everything looks great it’s just sometimes hard to get the sizes you want when you order online but I can see that you are very beautiful and I love how real you are when showing the fitting you are just a confident and gorgeous woman 🤗

  3. You got so many nice items I like your style🤗🤗🤗 7:30 I love the top and I loved when you paired it with the jeans it actually looks so good on you keep it!!!❤️

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