31 Replies to “Former abortion provider Anthony Levatino discusses the impact of your prayers”

  1. Oh look at the rat's abandoning the ship. He isn't a Doctor he is a mass murderer. Pay back all the money that you made killing unborn children, then I might believe that you have repented. Your running scared!You did this for how many years? And you didn't get it! Your just fortunate that you can blame your disgusting sins on Democracy. Lots of people will never forgive or believe that you suddenly saw 'The Light'. Was it when your Off Shore Bank Account looked fat and full and secure?One of the biggest problems in the pro life battle has been the stupidity, naivety, and Christian politeness that loves the sinner too much to be a rational and sane opponent of these twisted Satanic Bastards!

  2. Unplanned is the most important film to be released this year. Pray for an END to the horrific sin of abortion.

  3. I wonder if the media would cover this movement if 40 days for life became 365 days? Let's do this!

  4. Shawn you are such a great example for all to follow! I’ve been prolife but haven’t really thought much, you have made my Pro-Life stronger! THANK YOU SHAWN! ♥️😊
    This song reminds me that we can not stop fighting for these babies lives

  5. I was prochoice until i opened a medical book, but when i learned from dr. Levatino’s website how prebirth babies are killed, i am a staunched supported of prebith human rights, and against the cruel dismemberment of babies for convenience and for profit.

  6. I've seen the movie and I'm still wanting to know what happened w the young gal that was bleeding so much😥I'm sure her relationship w her dad must be very fractured😥

  7. To those who still cling to the the pro-abortion position, I have to wonder how many people they have in their lives- either friends, family, co-workers, or casual acquaintances- who were the result of an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Are those who still cling to the pro-abortion position willing to reconsider how they view those people if they knew that any of them were the result of such an unplanned pregnancy? Would they be willing to reconsider their position and possibly consider that they've been wrong? Or would they say, "Sorry, I know that we've friends for all these years, but now that I know the truth, you obviously put your mother through hell because she felt compelled and pressured not to have an abortion by wacko pro-life people and you really should have ended up in a medical waste dumpster and not be here today. You really have no right to exist."

  8. At the 8.50 portion of this conversion narrative Dr. Levantino tells of the ending of child labor because someone took actual photos of the horrid exploitation of children for literal slave labor. The truly great man was Lewis Hine who did a loot of his work in western Pennsylvania. He used the guise of photographing machinery and factory conditions. And those of you who call themselves pro choice, choosing weather someone can live even before they are even born would you want and abortionist who terminates life to operate on you if you needed any surgery and have you ever checked out the health and safety conditions of any abortion mill for your self or would the employees there ever even allow you to do so?

  9. God bless you all, both you Dr. Levatino and 40 Days for Life, and so, so many who cry out for the most innocent of us all. May we all continue to "Cry Out for the Child" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0pbthFvbhg&t=13s

  10. dude, i saw carol everettt who came to our broward county right to life benefit breakfast when i was in the 8th grade! she was unforgetabble !

  11. I'm really glad you all want to stop abortions cause I do too and I have a solution to the problem. Men cause 100 percent of unwanted pregnancies that then lead to abortions. If men would take responsibility of their ejaculations by using a condom every time and take responsibility for the child they create on the rare occasion the condom fails, 100 percent of abortions would no longer be needed. If you really care you will look for a real solution, instead of the all too common "Women should just keep their legs closed" which let's face it men don't really want that, unless they're into having sex with other men. Such a simple solution.

  12. I get the statement about the R rated but I really don’t understand why they decide to rated R . I have seeing movies that have PG 13 and have scenes that are strong content , case example Twilight Breaking Dawn . I am not comparing both movies are completely different.
    If feels that they try to do this to keep people away to see this movie but somehow is not stopping people to see it . I have seeing this movie twice already.

  13. I nearly squealed in the theater when I saw he was in the movie!
    He's such an admirable person for speaking out against abortion.

  14. Thank you for speaking up.
    Some people are so blind and so hard hearted that they don't want to understand. Evil is so real, many just don't care.

  15. Hopefawn….you just made my point! Absolutely….if you pro-deathers don't want babies, get yourselves spayed! 😁 Great point! Thanks!

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