Former Big Brother Bree Amer opens up about stillbirth

we're passed off as paranoid moms former Big Brother housemaid who suffered a stillbirth just two weeks before her due date says her warning signs were dismissed by a doctor a 35 year old mother and former Big Brother housemate who suffered a tragic stillbirth has spoken candidly about losing her baby son just two weeks before her due date BRE anger Wilks from Sydney revealed she was turned away by the obstetrician twice after she noticed her unborn baby's movements were slowing down after getting checkups she was repeatedly given the all-clear but she remained uneasy when she felt her baby bump was hardly growing from 30 weeks on and on the morning of April 12th 2015 she decided to go to the hospital with her husband Evan for tea after her son failed to move following her baby shower the Midwife found baby boy Archie no longer had a heartbeat at 37 weeks your world just crumbles Emma's a mer Wilks told Daily Mail Australia it's your worst nightmare all your hopes and dreams you had for this little person just comes crashing down they found my placenta was filled with blood clots so it stopped all the nutrients and the good stuff getting to him basically so he stopped growing pretty much the hardest part to deal with was knowing Archie's death was completely preventable I had all the warning signs but they were all ignored like any new parent the young couple were looking forward to the birth of their first child together after Em's aimer Wilks fell pregnant we were over the moon everything happened relatively easy for us we got pregnant quickly being our first child we were excited she recalled I remember literally eyeing off every baby shop we decorated his nursery room Archie was going to be the first grandchild in my family at the 20-week scan the pair found out they were expecting a son being a baby boy was exciting for Evan he was planning big future father son activities like camping and fishing trips it was a really exciting time she said from around 30 weeks Emma's a mer Wilk said she started noticing her bump was hardly growing any bigger but her obstetrician insisted she was a good size I noticed I was not getting any bigger I had a lot of people commenting on how small I looked she said I thought maybe I was tall aware I had a long torso when I expressed my concerns to the doctor he assured me I was a good size I was supposed to get a fundal measurement but he'd never done that with me I asked him why but he said he basically measured me with his eyes and hands at 37 weeks she said she raised her concerns to her obstetrician about how she could feel Archie was starting to slow down I noticed a dramatic change in Archie's movements she said I asked my obstetrician if he could check his heartbeat and he said it was fine so he sent me on my way but the following morning she knew something wasn't right when she woke up as soon as I opened my eyes I just knew something wasn't right I knew in my gut he was gone I felt sick when I moved I didn't feel him move she recalled on the same day she held her baby shower where she couldn't help but wonder why her son wasn't moving I was just sitting there thinking the whole time just feeling worried because I still couldn't feel him move she recalled when she hadn't felt her baby move all day the couple decided to go to the hospital the Midwife was struggling to find a heartbeat but she kept reassuring me that everyone was okay Emma's aimer Wilk said I could see how concerned she was it was probably the longest two minutes of my life and then I saw the tears in her eyes the obstetrician then came in with an ultrasound machine and confirmed that he had no heartbeat your world just stops turning the mother said she had to deliver her baby knowing he was going to be stillborn the realization was I had to give birth – this baby naturally it was another wave of querer she recalled for months you pictured the perfect moment so many times of giving birth to your baby and how he would come out crying but then realizing not having the happy outcome you want is horrific when Archie was born he was silent he didn't cry and then you can hear the healthy babies around you crying it's just tragic he was just perfect and you look at him like any new parent looks at their child and you're proud of him he was this perfect little bundle this just makes it harder to deal with because there was nothing wrong with him nearly two years after the loss of her child Emma's aimer Wilkes felt pregnant again pregnancy will never be the same for me unfortunately she said it'll never be as exciting as the first because you're filled with terror I was anxious for nine months of my life you're worried constantly at the back of your head I definitely didn't breathe until Hunter came out and cried it was the best sound ever Emma's a mer Wilkes said the couple were able to find

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