Fornal Family's Journey with effortless IVF – Secondary Infertility

we came here because we had tried to have a baby for about four years and we do have another older child so we went through secondary infertility for almost four years and I went through four IU eyes and several fertility meds was not successful we actually had a loss as well so we actually came here intending just to try another IUI it was another doctor and it wasn't until we actually sat down here kind of walked through the whole process that we've learned about effortless IVF and I think with cost difference with effortless compared to traditional it seemed like we had to go that route and give it a try just with the rates of success versus I you guys it was exciting it's like half the cost and to actually be able to carry the embryos and me during that time instead of in a lab was huge to me I just really wanted it to work and it's kind of it was kind of new at the time and so I didn't know whether or not to just jump in and trust it or or to do the traditional route I mean the very first appointment we had with dr. Cathy we went her office and we probably has 200 questions probably four unique questions just framed in different ways and she answered every single one of them patiently and actually when we first met her I will never forget that she was very confident she said I think we can get you pregnant and I just kind of took that and ran with it thank goodness she did but it was very in my heart hopeful that she felt so good and confident about it oh if you want to pay about half the cost that would be a really high relative also I just being able to carry an amaryllis for those five days was amazing to me and some people I already it feel kind of weird with growing embryos in the lab but they still want to have a baby and they want to go through IVF this is a good alternative you get to hold them with you for those five days it really does seem like it's kind of effortless even though it's hard it is IVF but it when you compare the two it is a lot better a lot easier on you

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