Fox And Friends Spread Psychopathic LIE About Abortion

speaking of just bad people here is a here is a Georgia senator David Perdue trying to justify and you know Georgia now there is a call for boycott Georgia is a center for production film and TV production in the country North Carolina has some Georgia has some The Walking Dead and is shot down there and the other shows the former episode of their last season of queer a Atlanta you know there's a lead Atlanta has a lot of production Turner Broadcasting down there and this abortion bill that has passed in Georgia which is not in effect yet but there was a could prevent victims of rape from getting an abortion would effectively ban abortion for the vast majority of women who don't find out that they're pregnant until usually five or six weeks at least after they become pregnant this is a bill that would criminalize women leaving the state to go to a state where abortion is legal and the way they're justifying it now you know for a long time they tried to do with late term abortions and the fact is that there's so few of those that are in any way elected in to the extent that they are elective they are only done so obviously with the consent of a doctor of a medical practitioner they now have created this myth of infanticide of children that have been born and parents decide like I don't want the kid now and we're gonna kill it as opposed to some babies that are born with the full knowledge that they will not survive and come out either in writhing pain or severely debilitated and cannot be maintained their life cannot be maintained and that happens obviously very rarely it's very painful and certain instances these children that the the mother is given the choice do you want it to be recorded as live birth or not alive birth because the baby basically is born dying with death imminent as opposed to theoretical you know ultimately going to die but this has become a talking point for them because they know they're losing this battle it's definitely in the forefront of our minds now and get backfired on those Democrats when they all said you can have an abortion even after the baby's born or kill the baby after baby's born so well that's what solid posit this is less incredible this is it this is it yeah this is Fox and Friends we're Ainsley Earhardt is basically saying Democrats are in favor of infanticide which incidentally is illegal when they all said you can have an abortion even after the baby's born or kill the baby after babies born well that's what's so ironic we're talking about this law in Georgia nobody's even talking about what has just been passed in a state by the Democrats I mean that is outrageous and fanta side is where they have gotten to this regime on their side has gotten so radical that they think that's okay well George is taking a stand sin yeah it's I mean the the Republican Party it's just like you know some psychopath psychopaths complete psychopath show me a little white baby another sacrifice I'm second aboard a white baby till they were the grapes am

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  1. Michael as Obama in the fadeout: "I wish I could abort a white baby until they were your age, Sam!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Each side leaning on Hyperbolic statements Gets old . For instance Emergency contraception, also known as the “morning after” pill,.Is Emergency Contraception for Sexual Assault Victims in Every state .Babies of Rape will not be born . And HHG test determine Enzymes Low counts can determine if a baby is healthy. Now as Stated The myth of infanticide , But given Dr Kermit Gosnell Do you Blame them . All in this we Never see Fathers rights and Accountability for Ignorance "unplanned pregnancy is "People don't know where Babies come from . Fathers And Mothers lose when Voluntary Parenthood is replaced with forced Parenthood but There is such thing as Moses baby laws ,The Safe Haven law,That gives a mother choice . But not a father we still go to jail Barbaric . Ain't it

  3. Republican men are taking away the constitutional rights and privacy of women everywhere.
    The penalty for providing an abortion in Alabama would be more severe than the penalty for committing rape or incest. The war on women is reaching new evil levels under Trump and his Republican allies in state legislatures across America.

  4. Abortion is murder… pure and simple

    President Trump just needs to focus on the great economy, low taxes and regulations, Venezuela, anti-abortion, the wall and illegal aliens, pro capital punishment, anti prisoner and convict voting rights, reparations, religious freedom, first and second amendment…. if he does this then he has the election in the bag

  5. How can they jail someone for leaving the state and getting a procedure done? What happens if the fetus was conceived out of state?

  6. Georgia? Pffft…kids stuff, as far as legislation goes. Alabama’s Governor, Kay Ivey just signed an EVEN MORE DRACONIAN ABORTION BILL that punishes DOCTORS with “LIFE IN PRISON” sentences, on top of arresting, jailing, and convicting women who dare to seek an abortion!
    It’s almost like they’re BEGGING for the Supreme Court challenge, as they know Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance, and the Conservative slant of the Court will once and for all, end the nearly 50 year old legislation and allow states the ability to criminalize what is currently a relatively safe & confidential medical decision between a woman and her doctor….
    Thankfully, the ACLU has promised to personally SUE the Alabama Legislature who drafted this garbage and put it in front of that FAUX CHRISTIAN GOVERNOR to rubber stamp their perceived authority over a woman’s bodily autonomy.

  7. How are they going to enforce the part where pregnant women can be prosecuted for getting an out-of-state abortion? Are they going to be stationed at every highway that crosses state lines? Are they going to require GA state police to inspect vehicles to ensure pregnant women are not being smuggled out of the state? What if they're not far enough along for it to show? Will women be forced out of a vehicle and made to do a pregnancy test on the spot? Do women have to check back in when they re-enter the state to ensure they're still pregnant? Or if they delivered, would they have to stay in some sort of custody until the status of the baby can be verified?

    This is insane. Absolutely. Fucking. Insane.

  8. Ainsley Earhardt has a smirk on her face as she says this. It’s almost as if she knows it’s a complete lie..

  9. This is awful. A bunch of old white men telling a whole state of women and probably the rest of the country at some point, that they can't control their bodies. This is the definition of big government tyranny. Complete subservience.

  10. It’s less infanticide and more euthanasia for a newborn that is already dying from severe complications.

  11. It is not helpful to discuss abortion as if having one for medical reasons was the same as having one as a form of birth control. It is pretending that you also see no difference between someone who needs a limb cut off for medical reasons, and someone who simply wants it off because of mental health issues. You disqualify yourselves from a discussion when you pretend to be dumb.

  12. Infanticide was actually done at one point in history – no, seriously. In the Roman Empire the man had the power of life or death over a newborn child, and if it was a girl (and therefore worthless) or you think the baby isn't yours or for no reason at all the man could simply do a "thumbs down" and smother it , slit it's throat, or whatever. White men made that choice, all on their own (the mom didn't get a vote).

  13. It's only logical that a country that got this immensely rich off of suffering and crushing control of working and poor people goes this far fascist.

  14. Did you guys catch the "tell"? Every liar gives a "tell" to show they are lying. At the 3:57 mark, she looks away from the interviewee and into the camera. That's the "tell" letting everyone know that what she's saying is bulls***.

  15. I would love to see all the women in georgia go on a sex strike and demand their men get a đelıghtful vasectomy to ever get lucky around there again

  16. If only the folks who watch Fox and follow republicans would realize that the people they are listening to and following are banking on the hopes that they are f'n stupid. They are saying this because they think that their followers are dumb, unintelligent, incapable of realistic thoughts and incapable of researching and fact checking.
    Not to be rude but you have to be fucking stupid to take what they are saying as fact and truth. It makes me angry …..why is it not making their followers angry? Are they that stupid? if they are then i am so so sorry for them and for the future of America

  17. Cultural Imperialism is a hell of a thing. Fuck the Old Confederacy. Everyone east of New Mexico and south of Cincinnatti can fuck right off.

  18. Stop using the language of mentally ill people to insult anyone you don't like. You're fucking better than this title, Sam, and you know it.

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