Frankie Shaw Gave Birth to Her Son in Her Living Room

-I want to clap to this.
You have an incredible cast. You had — Rosie O’Donnell
plays your mother. She was here talking about it. You got — you convinced
Stormy Daniels to be on the show.
-Yes. -And so, how did that go down? -So, I saw Stormy
in her interview. I wasn’t familiar with her work prior to “60 Minutes.”
[ Laughter ] But then I became a huge fan, and I reached out
and I had a call with her. And I was really nervous. I was starstruck for, like, more than I’ve ever been
in my whole life. And I was sort of mumbling —
“I have this show. “You’ve probably
never heard of it. I promise it’s a feminist show.” She’s just like, “What’s
the role? When’s the date?” She’s, like, all business.
-[ Laughs ] I’m guessing in most
of her casting calls, there’s not a lot of the
back story of your character. -Right.
[ Laughter ] -And this one, I was like —
this character she plays is instrumental for Bridgette. It’s a flashback episode
where Bridgette is giving birth to Larry, and Stormy’s character
really helps her. And so she ended up —
she came to set. She had her whole entourage. She was such a badass. And she killed it.
And she was improvising. She was a really, really
amazing performer. -And you had —
someone made sweatshirts. -Yes, Thom Murray,
assistant costume designer. -Uh-huh. And these were just
for Stormy’s visit. -Yeah.
-And what did they say on them? Oh, here, you go. I’ll show it.
-I’ll have to read it. -There you go.
“How many details can you really
give in about two minutes?” -Yeah.
-Yeah. -So, we didn’t actually
talk to Stormy… -Yeah.
-…about those two minutes. -Yeah. -But we all wore the sweatshirts
for her. -That’s very —
that’s a nice piece of support. -Yeah.
-I want to ask, as well, you mention, it was —
the flashback was based on your real experiences.
-Yeah. -You gave birth in a lobby —
not in a lobby — -You gave birth in a lobby. -You gave birth
in a living room. -Yeah. I gave birth
in my living room. -Yes.
-So, I got pregnant. I was 25,
and I moved to L.A., and someone handed me a book. It was Ina May Gaskin’s
“Guide to Childbirth,” which is all about home birth. And so, I didn’t know
any better. “Oh, yeah, I’ll do that.
That sounds great.” -Wow.
Did you read the whole book? -I think I probably read
the introduction. -Yeah.
-And it was like — -Some of the other chapters
might have made you realize — -Go to the hospital.
-Yeah. -No, this is like,
“Home births are fun!” Okay. And so I ended up
giving birth to my son, like, standing up.
-Wow. -And I pulled out — Oh, there’s a slit here. And pulling him out myself. And that was how Isaac was born. -Wow!
-I know. -And like, looking back,
do you think, like, “That was definitely the right
way to do it. I nailed it”? -Thank you.
[ Laughter ] It was the right way to
give birth then to him. I’m not saying I would
do that now. -Right.
-Yeah. -You were — you had —
you gave birth — -Yeah, we were in the lobby,
but it wasn’t — We didn’t read a book
called, like, “Lobby Births Are the Best.”
-Yeah. -Yeah, it was very much —
-It was accidental. -Yeah, it was very much like —
we read a book called “Make Sure You Make It
to the Hospital on Time,” and we also only read
the introduction. [ Laughter ] Hey, thank you so much
for being here. -Thank you.
-Congrats on season two.

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  1. Yeah, I can see it…….. She looks like what Stormy may have looked like 20 years ago minus the stress of having been banged by 5 guys at once multiple times. Yeah I see it

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