Frank's Home Abortion Kit – Lowcarbcomedy

you don't have to be thanks to Frank's home abortion kit what is Friends of abortion gay rights homophobic it is the easy hassle-free way to go from this to this an attractive again so say goodbye to those messy dangerous and costly alternatives I like what you've said so far but what's included Frank some abortion kit includes the patented fetus tube that will scrape your uterus clean faster than you can say back daily abortion alley one pound of gauze for a sterile easy cleanup and a super fun wacky magic glory just for the fun of it it is so easy that even a donkey could use it that's great but how does it work just watch this demonstration and all your questions will be answered pick up breaks over for some kids a day and remember when God's giving you more than your fair portion fix your mistake the Frank's home abortion [Applause]

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  1. HA! I have spent the evening watching most of your videos — very funny, keep up the good work. You have convinced me to click the little orange button…

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