9 Replies to “Free your FEAR of LABOR & CHILDBIRTH Yoga, Journaling, & Meditation (45-min) | Prenatal Yoga”

  1. Thank you SO much for this amazing practice. Thereis a saying that as soon as you ask your fears things, they'll get smaller and today, at my 38th week, I recognized, that I tried to push my fears away all the time, not inviting them in. This practice truly is a gift for every pregnant woman to become clear about what it is that scares you, think about the adjectives that'll help and finally find out, that there only are a few you can't handle. What I also found out is, that I have to paint my toenails before labor because somehow my subconscious told me that it'll give me strength and make me feel confident. Namaste from Germany! All the love for you!

  2. Thank you so much for this practice, I really needed it today at 32 weeks. Putting all my fears out there and thinking of positive solutions and affirmations has helped to calm my mind.

  3. Thank you for the revised perspective! This was incredibly releasing for me. When writing down I realised how much I haven't thought about the birth, how many fears I actually did have became apparent and how many I know I can overcome! Really loved the affirmations at the end! Namaste <3

  4. Wow! This was absolutely amazing. The questions for journaling were so on point I shifted through some major fears just from this meditation and journal exercise. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have a beautiful gift and energy. Thank you for helping us Mamas out there!

  5. I really liked this practice it was helpful to get in contact with fears and strenghts and to relax. thankss so much

  6. Thanks for this video. I’m doing hypnobirthing and this works really well with it. 28 weeks pregnant looking forward to doing more of your videos. (Found keeping my arms up during the fear inviting part tough though, got pins and needles both times!)

  7. Hi Brett ! First of all sorry about my writting, im from Argentina. Im in week 36 waiting for my fist baby girl Olivia. Just want to tell you that ive made this and the other meditation (the one you hear your baby :)) and really loved it. Absolutly made my day, and shift my state of mind and spirit. Thank you so much. I hope you and your baby are both fantastic. You are great inspiration for me. I hope you can read me well .. xoxo

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