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  1. Just be careful because I saw an unassisted birth and the baby came out blue and wasn't making a sound. Dumb mother was happy that her baby was out but didn't know shit about it

  2. Great job! I wrote a book on Unassisted birth because I believe in it so much 🙂 Home Birth on Your Own Terms, a How to guide for Birthing Unassisted. Check it out!

  3. You all don’t be afraid to push or move. When the child head comes out, it shouldn’t take long for the rest of the body to do so. Good job mama

  4. Why is she telling her to push? FER takes over. Let her be! Otherwise WAY TO GO MAMA! Congrats. 👏

  5. Is it optional to have someone grabbing your ass during birth and can the person in front be substituted with a chair or a pillow?

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