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Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel and welcome to the Friday Q&A if you are new here, my name is penny I am a master esthetician in Portland, Oregon and today I am actually coming at you from my treatment room I had to film this today before work because I work all day today on a Friday So when you guys see this I’m actually going to be knee-deep in Facials and that kind of fun stuff. So I’m coming at you in my scrubs and a sweatshirt So forgive that and the lighting, but let’s get right into your questions If you are not familiar with this video it is where I answer all of your questions or as many as I can So if you have any questions for future Friday Q&A s just leave them in the description box I do screenshot them and I’m trying to get to all of them each Friday The first question is from Sierra Roberts and she says what depth should I set my doctor pen to for the Nano cartridges? So 0.25 Millimeters is pretty Standard for your Nano cartridge definitely don’t ever want to set it any deeper than that So 0.25 or more shallow, you can do point two You could go all the way down If you have sensitive skin or you’re just starting out you can go down to you know A point one five that kind of thing So just think super shallow because a nano treatment is very very superficial The idea is to keep it superficial the whole objective of nano is to treat the stratum corneum Which is the most superficial? Layer of your epidermis. So 0.25 is the deepest and the most standard depth So hopefully that helps question is from paulina who elma paulina says What do you think about laser treatments for melasma? I am thinking about the heat the laser treatments generate and the more damage then the improvement that we can get Which laser treatments do you recommend for melasma? So paulina that is such a good question So I caution any of you ladies or gentlemen out there who have melasma? to Definitely steer clear of most laser and light treatments There are some on the market that can be helpful for melasma, but they’re pretty specific You want to look for longer wavelength like a 1927? Wavelength laser for melasma treatments but a lot of your IPL a lot of your bbl that you say 580 535 wavelengths that are typical they are probably going to cause your melasma to actually get worse and you’re exactly right the heat generated and The potential inflammatory response generated from those treatments can actually make melasma worse So where a lot of people can go and get IPL and clear, you know, pigment and sun damage because it’s not melasma Those of you with pigment because it’s melasma stay away from IPL and bbl at least in my experience That is the case. So what you want to look for in a laser? there are some lasers on the market now that are low low low heat and that are they’ve basically Designed them to work on melasma because of their lower heat or lack of heat output but also their longer wavelength so you can ask about lasers that use like I said nineteen twenty seven or even twenty nine hundred plus long long long Wavelengths those tend to be safe and effective for melasma So that’s definitely what you want to look for and you want to stay away from the shorter wavelength Lasers and light you can actually ask when you call to make an appointment. What’s the wavelength? And if you hear a lower number Those are the ones that I would just stay away from if I were booking an appointment to treat my melasma So hopefully that helped, okay So the next question comes from Nicole Turk and she says I know you can’t use retinol while pregnant but can you use the other products during pregnancy and That is such a great question you guys I am gonna do a whole video on the good and they’re not so good during pregnancy, but definitely There’s more there are more things that you cannot use during pregnancy than you can use and you’re exactly right Nicole You cannot use retinol. You cannot use retina basically any of the retinoid family You cannot use while you’re pregnant. You cannot use hydroquinone. You cannot use salicylic acid I would steer clear of essential oils What you or salicylic acid? You can’t use I think I just said that you can use like colic acid Lac is okay higher logic asset is okay. Our butan is up for debate I would leave it off the list. But a lot of people say that it is, okay I would definitely definitely talk to your OBGYN and get there Okay on any of these things vitamin C is supposed to be okay? but really I cannot stress enough how you should just run these things by your OBGYN and When in doubt leave it out, that is the that’s the rule of thumb for me for sure when I was pregnant I just left all of it out except for moisture and I really just steered clear of any actives and I figured you know It is a short period of time in my life to leave some of this out I have lots and lots and lots of time after I’m done for me breastfeeding. I breastfed my kids I had lots of time after that to go in and do some correction on my skin And so, you know as much as I hate to say, you know I’d step off a lot of skin care during pregnancy Except for just the pampering really innocuous really nice things to your skin that are not active in any way That’s kind of my recommendation. The next question comes from The YouTube named classic style and this one says I plan on using tri luma this fall Can I just switch? Can I switch it for the mix pigment inhibitor with retinol at night and use the suggested pigment inhibitor without retinoids in the a.m So this person is saying can I use tri luma at night and then in the morning use a dedicated pigment inhibitor? she’s referred he or she is referring to the skincare video that I just did on my fall routine and She he or she says also I currently used vitamin C timeless with fur Olek acid in the morning Is it okay to use it before the trial Ouma, okay So try luma first of all If you guys don’t know that is a product that you get prescription and it contains typically retin-a 0.05% and it also contains hydroquinone 4% and it also contains a fluorinated Steroid usually in the one-percent range it’s a very very low percentage and it’s all cocktailed into one tube, or You your doctor or your aesthetic doctor can call it into a compounding pharmacy and kind of? Those numbers you can play around if they think you need a little bit higher percentage of retin-a or higher percentage of the hydroquinone You can definitely get it customized to you but in general it is these three products together now it’s fantastic, it is definitely above all else the best way to clear pigment because what happens is You have your retina, which is great for helping to clear pigment and then you have your hydroquinone Which is great for clearing pigment, but that’s steroid what it does is it mitigates the irritation that can come along with those two ingredients and Unfortunately irritation and inflammation is one of the things that drives pigment so you’re kind of working against yourself when you are getting kind of acclimated to those two ingredients so that Steroid helps to mitigate that so that those two ingredients can work better The steroid also tends to be a slight pigment inhibitor on its own. So it is a fantastic cocktail so the perfect thing to do is to use that at night and then to use a dedicated pigment inhibitor alone in the morning and you can definitely use your vitamin C prior to try luma at night or you could use your vitamin C in the morning and Use it before your dedicated pigment inhibitor But what I would also suggest is that you would incorporate an alpha hydroxy acid a couple times a week to help You know move along the pigment that’s on the surface Great, great plan of action is to use try. Luma. A lot of times tri luma is like six eight ten week long regimen and sometimes it can go a little bit longer than that and then they usually the Doctor will take you off of that because they don’t want you on prolonged to steroid use But in that short period of time what happens is you clear a ton of pigment But you also start to get your skin a clementa to the retinoid and that is a fantastic Way to kind of ease yourself in and mitigate that irritation and then once you’re done with the course of trial Ouma you can move on to if you want to then cycle off of the hydroquinone you can continue to use retinol at night and Cocktail it with an hour butan mix or if your doctor suggests you can continue to cocktail it with a hydroquinone until they determined that they want you to cycle off of that hydroquinone and at that time you want to continue to use Something like our Butte and kojic acid Licorice, you know or a big grouping of those things. Well you cycle off of the hydroquinone So yeah, I think that that is a fantastic course of action Let us know how it works for you because I think you’re going to have fantastic results. Okay, so this one comes from. Jhc 773 one and this person says Just also saw a raving review of a product from AK. Well called licorice power duo for melasma It was on Jennifer Joyce’s video licorice root for skin care. Love Jennifer Joyce. If you guys don’t know her definitely check her out She’s been doing a series on skin care and I just I really really like it. She does such a good job so this person says jhc says What is your take on licorice for melasma? Have you tried those products from AK? Well, I have not tried those products from AK Well, but they have been on my list for a long time. What I will tell you about licorice is it is a fantastic Anti-inflammatory ingredient and it does act as a pigment inhibitor, but it is super super super lightweight I mean It doesn’t it isn’t going to give you results all by itself what I look at with that aqwal product particularly the toner When I looked at that I think that that is just an addition to any kind of routine that you might be doing all by itself I don’t think it’s gonna even touch melasma Honestly, it may help to stave off everyday kind of hyperpigmentation It might help with that a little bit but what I see for Licorice is that licorice is one of those ingredients that you want to just use along with it’s just another little tiny You know helper in the battle against melasma all by itself not gonna do the trick You know just have to have a reasonable expectations when it comes to licorice I think a lot of these ingredients like licorice and our butan and kojic acid at all of those ingredients I think any one of them all by themselves is probably not going to give you the results that you are wanting But when you use them together when you cocktail them up and you use them together consistently Then you might get some resolution of pigment, but it will be slower any of these non-prescription routes They’re definitely going to be a little bit slower and depending on the pigment you have depending on the severity the depth in your skin, you know, it’s just gonna take a lot of time so Yes, very intrigued by that licorice. I let the pH of it looks to be amazing I think it’s a 5.5 pH and it’s been on my list to try for a really long time I just have so many products you guys then. It can’t try them all all the time, but I think it’s worth a shot To add into a skincare routine because it’s a toner it’s easy to add a toner and it’s not very expensive You get a lot of product in there. I just would not expect that product all by itself to work miracles I Have gotten a lot of questions about the doctor pen a6 the doctor pen A7 I want you to know that I have a video coming on Sunday. It’s an unboxing of the a6. I reordered it I actually gave my a 6 away to a friend and a care package a few months ago I bought it again and I’m gonna do an unboxing and just kind of go through what you get I’m doing that on Sunday and then my a 7 is on the FedEx vehicle for delivery today So I will film an a7 video and a comparison video probably the same video on Monday I will film that to go up next week so that you guys get You know a look at the a7 you get a look at it compared to the a6 you get you can kind of see both And I’m so that is coming as well cuz I’ve gotten so many questions about it And I definitely think you want to be educated before you buy any of these I will tell you right off the bat if you have purchased the a6 I don’t think you’re gonna need the a7 I really really don’t so I wouldn’t be thinking. Oh, no, I bought the a6 now they have the a7 Don’t worry about that. The a6 is a fantastic tool. I do not think you need both I do not think you need to you know upgrade now If you haven’t bought one purchased one at all Then this will be good for you to see which one you might want because they are different Okay, you guys those are all the questions for today I have to cut it a little bit short because I have to work so I will answer any of your questions next Friday We’ll be back to kind of regular Settings and I’ll have a little bit more time. But I hope that this was helpful I really really appreciate the questions you guys so if you have questions Definitely leave them down below. Like I said, I can’t do this video if there’s no questions So I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and I look forward to talking to you in the comments. Have a great day

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