From Birth to Reality | The Road to Nerdfighteria

[Liz:] We’re at 998 still. Okay. [Ute:] 999! We moved! We moved! We moved! We moved! AHHHHHHHH! [Maia:] D-F-TBA! DFTBA! [Liz:] AHHHH WE JUST DID IT! [All:] WOOOOOO! [Maia:] Yeahhhhh! Raise your glasses, guys! [Liz:] Oh my God, I love you. I love you, guys! [Sara:] They are not happy about this. [Matt:] We’re on our way to VidCon! [Matt:] It’s the square people pipe!

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  1. There are few things I've been sure of over the past year, but The Road to Nerdfighteria is definitely one of them. Thank you to Nerdfighteria for believing in this project, and thanks to TRtN team for your unwavering enthusiasm, dedication, and love of storytelling. <3

  2. Beautiful! I laughed out-loud at the hotel couch fort…only in Nerdfighteria! So excited to see The Road to Nerdfighteria's emphasis on story, which invites others into the shared experience. So glad to be a part of this movement!

  3. NERDFIGHTERS! Help John and Hank find the thing? 😀



    Thanks for all your awesome support!

  4. I am so proud and my gratitude is through the roof for being able to help create this story and slice of remarkable that we all share. Thank you, R2NF team, Nerdfighteria, and John and Hank for all the support and care and love! You're all the reason that my gratitude is through the roof! Maia, A++++ edit!

  5. This is beautiful. The video, the music, the editing, and of course, the people. Maybe could have used a few more words, but that may just be me.

    The question now is, Where do you/we go from here? Half the beauty and joy of the Nerdfighter Community since 2007, of course, has been that it's helped people find each other, filling them with that feeling that "I've found my people," of being happily and safely "home." But the other exciting half of Nerdfighteria is that it has then gone on to be about doing things with the strength of that community. I wish us all luck as we move ahead now, beyond the Kumbaya moment of joyous connection to the somewhat more challenging phase of "Let's DO something together." Is there anything on the drawing board? I'd love to hear about that. As they say in the West Wing: "What's next?"

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