Frustrated Doctor Vs Pregnant Women | Telugu Web Series | Episode 4 | Khelpedia

– Thank you, madam. Absolutely fine and once again congratulations. See, you are in your first trimester… Now you use Folinine.
It is a folic acid tablet. You use this and…
– Madam. Daily I am taking the eggs and leafy vegetables.
Then, is that okay if I take this tablet? See, even if you take the food naturally this is the minimum. Folic acid helps for the fetus to grow. It is used during the first trimester but not the entire pregnancy. So you take the healthy food and along with that, use this tablet. If you feel any nausea or vomit sensation you call me, I will prescribe a tablet. If you vomit for one or two times please do not call in fear of it. That is fine, okay?
– Okay. Because it is a new thing that is forming in your body. So that is absolutely fine. Okay?
– Okay. You will be having a regular scan, come next month on the same date. Okay? Is that okay for baby with the regular scanning? It is absolutely fine. You are bothering about the rays, right?
– Yes… That rays are different from scanning. It is designed in a way that the baby and the mother is not in a problem. You come later and everything will be fine. One more thing, do not wear the jeans so tight. Okay.
– Okay? Like Palazzo or anything loose and the way you feel comfortable. Let the air flow in and flow out but do not wear so tight clothes. Especially, tummy part, okay?
– Okay. Come for the scan next month. congratulations once again. Okay…
– Thank you… Hello!
Yes…tell me, Shanti. You can take it, it is not a problem at all. No…no! That capsule made out of plastic is different this capsule. There is no connection between the both.
It is absolutely fine. You can take it and it will get digested. No, there will be no problem for the baby, okay?
You can just use it. Okay, thank you. WhatsApp… Baby, it is no problem. She asked me so many questions… Shall I take this tablet?
Shall I do that? Shall I do this? I told her, see this outfit is not correct for you and wear the loose clothes. You will only concentrate the things what you see. Wearing the tight outfits which create the problem in blood flow… If you get the health problems then, you would come again. That is it, right? How many times I have to say?
Why is that tablet not safe? Pani puri eating at roadside… The lassi and other fluids made out of drainage water… And would eat different types of foodstuff at the hotel… They may cook the food reusing the oils since weeks. Eating that food… Fruits and vegetables with pesticide residue… They have no problem when they eat all these… They got a problem when I wrote one extra tablet. When you can go through the entire pregnancy naturally without a single tablet, why do you need this type of hi-fi hospitals? Go to the RMP doctor, not only delivery they would anything. It will be finished, right? Why do you need so much hi-fi hospitals? Other than to eat our brains… And how the hospital management has become is… Created the connection between doctor and patient. There is a meaning of connection between mother and baby as it is through the umbilical cord. How can the doctor and the patient will have the connection? I do not understand… Yes, we are made to treat the patients in a friendly manner and we will treat them. Asking us to share the Whatsapp number and be available in that… WhatsApp or any other app for that matter… All these are to use personally for the friends, groups and families. But why do they want to use it professionally? I would get a message in the midnight regarding the scanning… And these patients will also become mad if they do not get the reply within a minute. Getting an immediate call or something else… During that time, I will be busy in delivery process at labour room. Or else any I may be doing the ectopic surgery to any patient… Should I do the surgery and stitch all the layers well or else should I reply to the WhatsApp message? What should I do? Should a doctor be bounded only with you like this always for your consultation fee paid which is just Rs.400? Do you have sense?
Are you a literate or not? Do you think a doctor means taking it for granted? And would say they will not trust the doctors… We are seeing all these hospitals daily… Is that my mistake when any TV channel telecast the mistake committed by some doctor zooming it like anything? If you cannot trust anybody how can I treat you?
How can I treat you? I feel like dying because of these people.
Different types of patients… There will be some other people who would get scared of getting pregnancy as they got some cancer. We should prescribe medicines, treat them and need to give counselling for their mental illness. I did M.D. in only Gynecology…
And why are you treating me as a psychiatrist? No, I am just asking why are you treating me like that also? There will be some other people… They do not want to have the children how long they do not want them. Using all the stupid medicines without consulting us… 72 hours or 82 hours…or whatever it is After they just make out, they use all the medicines… They would avoid the pregnancy for 7 months… And they should get the pregnancy within a month when they get the thought. Our treatment should work out to their body and they should get the pregnancy. If not they will not agree and say that our treatment is not correct. Is that your body or else a machine? You turned your body as a mess and drainage by taking all useless tablets… If you ask me to clean all the waste within a month, then how can do that? Your body should respond, right? Still, who said you to take the tablets without the doctor prescription? You would take them at that time and you will not show interest when I tell you to take the tablets which I prescribe you. I do not understand why… This is before the delivery and there will be another torture after the delivery. Recently, a man visited me. A man came to me. It is a strange thing when a male patient comes to a gynaecologist. But he came… He came with a baby. I did the C-section operation to the mother and it is finished. Within 2 months… With great care, he made his wife take rest at home and he came with the baby. What it means a general checkup. What can I say? How can I say you when to feed the baby? Wake up the baby and feed for every 2 hours… Wipe out after the baby finish the potty… Give the baby a sponge bath… How many times the baby should go for this in an hour? How can I say you that?
Will you take care? Will the mother takes care? What to care and what not to care… What should be thinking with the sense and in what way the doctor should be trusted… I do not understand why do not they know. And this emails… Is there any connection between the doctor and the laptop? I do not know… You would drop a mail even if you get a small problem like a single ant bites you. I have to read the whole mail and I should give the reply to that. What is the connection between the mails and the doctors? You would come to have a regular scanning… It will be okay if it is fine, or else it will not… Oh! There will be some failure cases.
First 2 or 3 times it will be failed. They will come to a decision that they will not get the children. Your body is like a tree. It is not sure that every fruit of that tree will be fine and not even all the fruits will fall down prematurely. Some of them stay and some other will not. The day when you understand that and
the day when you trust the doctor… There will be no need for doctors like us to consult the psychiatrist for the treatment. That is it! We should not shout at them. The patients do not like when we say them not to ask so many questions. They will pay just Rs.400 and eat the brain of Rs.4 lakhs, then they leave. Come on send the next patient…
Even the phone is also not here. Is that also taken away? I should go out and call her now. I will go… Then what to do? The situation has occurred to me to call the patient.

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