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It has stopped! Power cut! I am not even able to get frustrated. Sweating all over the body because of summer heat. Our people will never buy the AC. Why means they say that AC is an artificial air. You bloody…bloody! You will go to the office for AC which gives the artificial air, right? Instead of the cooler in the house, you can buy the AC for me, right? Husband it seems…husband!
He is a husband for the namesake. Do not know what is this… Got tired of the working since morning… During the sunny day with the temperature of 46 degrees… I thought to take some rest and have the hot tea by cooling it down… But the power cut happened. It may come either by midnight or else late night. This trouble is because of the cooler, right? If it is AC the room might be cooled all over and I would have got relaxed for at least 2 hours, right? No… Will my mother-in-law able see me so happy? No, they will not… What the fate is this, tell me…
How can have the tea? Hot tea…as there is no option… Tongue became tasteless, so that I am having the tea.. Is this the time to have the tea instead of coconut water and buttermilk? Summer with 46 degrees temperature. Finally, now I am pregnant… My father thought her daughter became pregnant and… He brought half dozen Bangalore coconuts of big size from Palakollu for me… I did not find any coconuts within seconds. My mother-in-law drank three of them and brother-in-law had remaining three. How can you drink my coconuts? You bloody mouths!
How can you drink my coconuts? Are you the pregnant? No… They drank all the six coconuts… On the same day, some distant relatives… They remember us only during summer.
They used to come… My mother-in-law used to ask me to provide them with the coconuts brought by my father. Where are they? You only drank them, right? And she even ate the coconut flesh from the coconut by scooping it with the finger. I feel like dying… Selected this marriage proposal for me as they did not find any other! Do you know why? As there are no daughters in this house and I will never have the troubles here. It would be nice if there are daughters… We would have got her married to some suitable man… She might come here in holidays either during summer or else winter… Happy! I have a brother-in-law here…
He is worst fellow…dirty fellow! I did not ever see such worst fellow like him. What would my brother-in-law be for me? He will be like son. Right? That stupid is 3 years younger to me. The things whatever he used to do are so…
See, he is going somewhere on the bike. He sat here till now looking at me like an owl by calling me, sister-in-law…sister-in-law. Just before he went out on the bike. Bloody fellow…bloody fellow! Do not he think of the relations? Early in the morning my mother-in-law used to say, our family is very traditional one… And give me the lecture… you should not wear these type of transparent dresses, you should wear the saris. See, how she is snoring inside. See, it is like DTS mixing… Cannot you hear it?
It will be like that… She is a ghost and only I could hear her snoring. She used to sleep in the afternoon and in the night as well… She used to watch the serials on TV in the evening and in the morning as well. I have to do all the work at home. I have to tolerate whenever my brother-in-law ogles at me. I cannot express it to anyone. When I say this to my husband…
He replies… He is your brother-in-law who is like your son and he is my brother… I do not know why he scolds me in reverse that the fault is in the way I see. Is that the fun for me? Is he a handsome hunk with 6 ft height to follow him leaving my husband? Our families are not like you…do you know?
Know that first, you stupid husband. I used to wear the saris in the beginning… I thought not disappoint my mother-in-law and I used to wear the saris. We cannot wrap the sari up even here using pins, right? It would slip off a little bit when I do the entire work at home. When I was serving the rice to him, instead of looking at the rice… He started ogling at my waist when the sari slipped down. Why do I lie?
Oh, it would be shameful if I say so. Is he my brother-in-law? Since my marriage, he is 29 years old.
I do not know how… My husband reached 35 years crossing 30, 31, 32, 33, 34… But he is 29 still… Do not know how. He might be trimming himself, he will not grow up. Any job he joins, he works just for a month.
Later, he quit the job. He studied well, but cannot stay at one place for long…He cannot. Whatever the job he joins, he quit the job after a month. If he was asked why he says it is not suitable for him. He would say 100 reasons like he did not like the manager, the shift and so on… By the way, the one who offers him the job is shameless. Even after seeing his track record of quitting the jobs, they are offering him the job… Who said there are no jobs available? When there are so many idiots like this, then how can the jobs will not be available? And his love story… He loved a girl who lived in the neighbouring house till yesterday. He did everything from marriage shopping to sending her off after her marriage… She went away after the marriage and 6 months later he realised that he loved her. What he did again? He performed her married with a lot of care and now he is making her get divorced. Oh, no! What a tradition is this? Is this the traditional family? My mother-in-law who is snoring inside gave him her support for that. It seems love…love. When she have two sons, she should treat them as two eyes but… She treats the elder one in one way…and the elder one… Raju! Shall I get you Parata?
Raju, shall I prepare pulihora for you? Does he gave birth to any baby recently? To eat something always… This is the sofa brought from my house. That is why I sat on this but not any other place, it may be any situation. On my sofa… He met with an accident recently…
He just got a small injury. Nothing would happen to that beast-like body even if the road roller hit him. He got a small injury, that is it. Then he slept on this sofa the whole day. Yuck! I was tired of cleaning this all over… This is inherent or else I would have washed it in a washing machine and dry it off. Again I arranged it properly after cleaning. My sofa…given by my father as a part of the dowry. I do not know…who is he to lie on my sofa? My mother-in-law will never think to serve me the food hot even though I am the pregnant woman. When I get ready with the cooker for cooking… She says I do not want to eat now, I will cook the food after 1 hour… When I serve the food in the plate, she used to take away the plate to eat. What the worst mentality is this, I do not understand! If she had told me before I would have cooked it little bit more for her, right? Still, how could she eat the rice when it is so hot even during summer? And adding the cow ghee to it! They want only the grandson but they will not agree if they get the granddaughter. They want only the heir. I am seeing two men, right?
My husband and my brother-in-law… In addition, they want another male child and that too in this family. He has come again, see… He went on the bike and came in the car. On whose bike he would go and by whose vehicle he comes… When he would come and in what way he looks at me… I am here without knowing what he would do. The lives of the sister-in-laws like me will never change as long as this type of worst brother-in-laws exists. Will never change… Still how long will you record this?
Stop it… You can cut it, right? At least I will have some tea…
Anyway, the current will not come.

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  1. intlo adapaduchu pelli ayi pillalatho Seattle ayethea,kodala frustration cheyara plz…iam facing this problem….

  2. Try to say women problems and her heart pain but don't say complaints . it's too odd and sofa paina kurchunte emindi andaru manavale so use chesthe ntg happens ,, sofa discussion not good and anyway best off luck

  3. Maridi gurinchi meeru maatladindi chala ibbetu ga undi..antha kastanga unte verinti kapuram pettukondi..leda rujuvultho maridini intlonchi tariveyyandi..ikkada cheppukodaniki leni siggu mee intlo vallatho cheppadaniki em..meeku oka vepu istam oka vepu kastam la undi..evadu aa maridi intha gayyali vadinani istapade magadu..vadu 6 adugulu aajanubahudu kakapovachu..nuv koda em ileana vi kavu..noru undi kada ani istam vachinattu matladakodudu..indulo joke kani vetakaram kani em ledu..chetta ga undi..meeru enno goppa videos cheseru..ilanti videos cheyyakandi..evaraina magadu..vadina gurinchi cheap ga chepte mee aadavallu oorukuntara…ingita gyanam undali..alochinchandi prasaantanga……

  4. How u got this worst idea about mardhi the relationship between Vadhina and maridh is Mother and son respectful don't miss lead, Vadhina and Anna are parents of mardhi

  5. Na Maridhi chala Manchi vadu nannu thana sontha Chelli ga chusthadu, na mogudu nannu saport cheyyaka poyina Thanu nannu saport chesthadu kabatte nenu ma atha , adapaduchu, nannu vedhinchina na maridhi naku saport chesthadu

  6. super akka u r a simply super akka πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚my mom will see u r viedo s all in my family all members like u r videos πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

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  8. "Vademina 6 adugulu andagada naa mogudni vadili vaadi venta padadaniki" ani nee maridi ni antunnav. Oka vela vaadu 6 adugula andagadu ithe mogudni vadilestava? mari nee character ni em anali?

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  11. All maridis aren't like that my odina is like My mother I respect her don't show negative shades

  12. Dear Sunaiana, you deserve whole-hearted appreciation and applause for the tremendous energy you invest into your emotional acting and humorous expressions. I genuinely like your acting skills. Most of the characters you portray seem so realistic and alive. I support criticism which is constructive but not destructive. Please make sure you do not project negativity through your characters. A cordial piece of advice..!! All the best for your future endeavours!

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