50 Replies to “Funny Pregnancy Announcement Reactions”

  1. Plot twist…
    …and this is Colby's sister, Anna…
    …and we named Anna's sister, Natasha…

    continues long into the night…

  2. 11:52 I've rarely seen a kid be that excited about being a big brother, lol almost never di I see that

  3. @8:34 – ROFL. Dude is straight up honest and says "she's gonna get huge" in reference to the woman carrying three children in the womb.

  4. Having 6lb 6oz twins is pretty impressive. I've never seen twins over 5 lbs each. Also, the "you're in trouble lady was right." Twins? Nah, bro.

  5. I wish my wife and I would have surprised our family with our identical twin boys. I would have never thought to do that.

  6. It’s not always exciting and good news for a single child to know that they will soon have a sibling.

  7. 8:20 – most low key family congrats ever… Triplets eh? yeah.. congrats.. ok.. where is MY present now?

  8. "mommy, you're making another baby like that ?" so sweet We are in hope that soon we share our birth story. We found our fertility center through www.ivfinmexico.com. We didn’t think we were going to be able to overcome our struggles. I hope to soon fulfill my dream as
    we are now 3 months pregnant. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  9. 4:41. One kid who is very smart, articulate, and does not want his Mother's attention away from him. Could be dangerous. I would be the same. And I have Borderline and other diagnoses.

  10. One little mistake made there, that one girl already had a text about 'Finn' but the mother introduced baby Colby to her first…oops…still funny how they all react to it though 😀

  11. Well done baby boomers. We've raised the most self-absorbed self-indulgent generation that is going to produce generations to make them look altruistic.

  12. Advice for all of the grandparents to be… Always remember this moment, when you are excited and you already love your soon to arrive grandchildren… Love them all unconditionally and love them all equally. Let them grow into the person they are meant to be, not just what you want them to be. Let them be happy, guide them, be there for them when life gets hard and they need a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen….  Trust me; you can unintentionally do a LOT of lifelong permanent damage… Mine were hell bent on it…

  13. Both kids are super cute but that little girl in the last video is absolutely adorable!! Beautiful young kids.

  14. 11:31 did that nigga just say 4 brothers and 1 sister? Damn her genitals probably be looking like a basketball hoop now

  15. So, here's the funny story… my mom found out that she was pregnant and they surprised everyone right so when they went to the doctor and time past they found out they were having twins so they told everybody that they're having twins. Then my twin sisters came in they were so happy right. After for years they decide to have another baby then me and my brother happened lol they both another set of twins. Lol then my uncle (my dad's brother) got two sets of twins as well two girls and two girls. Different time though. AND my dad's sisters are twins:3 man I hope when I get married I'll get twins

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