27 Replies to “Funny things to expect in your FIrst Trimester”

  1. What were your 1st-trimester symptoms? Do you feel me on any of this? Or did you have totally different symptoms?!!

  2. So happy for you guys and to be able to follow you on this journey.

    But does that natural “birth control” method really work? 😂🤣

  3. haha here comes the pregnancy emotionalcoaster! Maybe Seth or Amber can catch it on video for us hehe. You know the scary part is some women are like this regardless of being pregnant but I digress. Remember to breath and meditate. With being pregnant and being connected in today's society you will be BOMBARDED with more information than you can handle. Just go with your gut, there is so much misinformation out there. Babies are already learning about the outside world as early as 6 months probably sooner. So if you are stressed so is he/she. Just relax and enjoy the ride. First pregnancy – this video, third pregnancy – back to normal. There is a video from an interview with Mila Kunis on how Ashton Kutcher purchased a second refrigerator and put it in the garage and then googled every possible thing that a woman could crave and then went to the store and bought dozens of the top tier of every single thing and filled the frig up. She was like i'm craving this and he goes hold on and goes an gets THE THING. She starts tripping out and finds out about the fridge and has a good laugh. Enjoy the process and again congratulations. Looking forward to seeing your new space and watching the creativity flow.

  4. I can't wait for your future self to rewatch this! 🤣I am a firm believer that you have the right person by your side when you need it. 🙌🏼Fun times

  5. I'm a fellow travel youtuber and digital nomad. Don't like kids don't wanna have kids don't care about kids. But never say never…I'm still 29, who knows what is gonna happen… All this simply to say that I'm keeping following you because I'm curious about this new experience you're having.

  6. i’m so excited that you are pregnant!! my coworker is having her baby in just about 7 hours! i’m not sure if you’re taking name ideas, but i thought i’d share a few ideas. probably more useful for you than me who’s 17 lol.

    carolyn or caroline
    esme (ez-mae)
    lorena (lor-ay-na)

  7. Yes yes yes about the pooch! Hahah. I'm 29weeks and in the beginning i would look in the mirror every day and try to figure out if my pooch was my baby bump. I would ask my boyfriend "do i look fat or pregnant? "

  8. you are so cute!!!! i LOVE those bands!! they are genius!! i ATE everything!! LOL opps! maybe thats why the boys are NUTSO! the maternity clothes are sooo fun to buy!! DONT listen to anyone!! <3

  9. I have never been pregnant but I have this list of YouTube channels for pregnant travellers hahaha: Kristen & Siya, Flying the Nest and Wolter's World

  10. You are the best! Lol. I’m the mom of a 1 year old and this video brought back so many funny memories! So happy for you guys 🙂

  11. It's funny how the symptoms of pregnancy (especially the emotional ones) sound a lot like menopause. But instead of a baby you just get to stop having periods…and the process takes years. 😐

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