12 Replies to “FUNNY VIDEOS: He definitely regretted trying this labor pain simulator… His reaction is hilarious! 😧”

  1. Lmao he said it's in there deep 😂😂😂. Oh man, now imagen feeling that pain for 8-24 hours without stopping.

  2. Awesome!!! At least after this people may start givig respect to the women n nt abuse and b indifferent on giving birth to a girl child especially in India…

  3. ‘Babe, y-you don’t…’ *realizes who he’s talking to*

    ‘… Have some sympathy.’ 😰

    ‘I’ve already had three kids’ 😈🤷‍♀️

  4. Hello can you tell me where can I get one of them machines my partners convinced that going through labour doesn’t hurt and I’m determined to teach him a lesson cause I’m sick of hearing it

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