G EAZY TRIED TO FUCK ME WHEN I WAS 15 *not clickbait*

Hola mi gentes It’s your girl Lele Pons. Hey guys. It’s Aspen Ovard. Hey guys, it’s Corinna Kopf. Hello, everyone it’s your girl, shine XO. I have short hair now I don’t fucking like it and I don’t care if you fucking like it or don’t fucking like it because I don’t fucking like it. Hi, it’s Tana. Welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel So I don’t know if you guys know this but the key to the new YouTube is being controversial for views I mean I’ve been doing that since I started but lately starting fights with everyone putting everyone’s name in clickbait titles telling crazy Fucked-up stories about people is the new trend I mean I’ve been doing it since I started so I have literally been meaning to tell You guys this story since I started YouTube and I never did because it is really controversial I feel like the story isn’t as funny if you don’t say the person’s name, but at this point I don’t really give a shit. I’ve been promising it to you guys forever. So today, I’m gonna be telling you guys the story about how G-Eazy tried to fuck 15 year old me and I didn’t do it. I’m still sad about it because it’s the most clout I would’ve ever gotten And obviously when I talk about me trying to fuck people or people trying to fuck me it gets a lot of views So before I get into the story make sure to subscribe, click that little bell to turn your notifications on, follow my vlog channel in the description Because I’m a daily vlogger It’s everyday, bro David Dobrik is fucking shaking. He’s actually doing just fine. Follow all my social medias in the description. So before I get into this story I want to rewind you guys to ugly Michael Jackson 15 year old. I literally look like Michael Jackson It wasn’t a good time. I had just went blonde, but it wasn’t even like a good blonde It was like an orange blonde it looked like Sunny D. Or like snot. It just wasn’t cute… and this was the first time in my life that guys weren’t absolutely repelled by me. It was me learning that like blonde got me a little farther in life And that I would never be a brunette again even though it was like ugly SunnyD blonde It was still like a step up from like Michael Jackson if that makes sense And so obviously I was obsessed with this I have these two friends that were both younger than me they were both 14 I was 15. One was way too hot and way too cool to be my friend. Everyone was obsessed with her she also sucked Imari’s dick but that has nothing to do with the story Then she had this little sidekick who was like a little mom and they went everywhere together And they did everything and we all weren’t really close friends, and they were best friends And I was just kind of friends with them But we were all kind of on this weird like baby prostitute vibe And we all just kind of learned that boys wanted to fuck us so we worked well as a trio together if that makes sense And so they were all super obsessed with G-Eazy Like fangirl crazy fucking obsessed with him. I was more obsessed with Lil Wayne at the time And they were kind of obsessed with G-Eazy It was just our different things so now I need to give you guys a quick preface before I continue the story. They went to a G-Eazy concert in San Francisco with their third friend who would soon This is so Las Vegas like no girls from any other city that are 14 years old would ever fucking do this ever they wrote their phone numbers on their bras And they’re sitting out at the concert They wait till G-Eazy comes out onstage they take their bras off and they throw their bras onstage And so he just like looks at the bras like the crowd laughs the concert goes on. They think that they’re gonna get nothing out of this because like he goes offstage. He doesn’t call them on stage, He doesn’t talk to them. Whatever, like I literally think that it is absolutely crazy that all Fourteen-year-old girls in other cities are like braiding their hair and fucking making friendship bracelets and like 14 year olds in Vegas are throwing their Bras on stage at rappers and like smoking spice. I don’t understand how Vegas has such a disconnect from the rest of the world I don’t know and so then they start driving home from San Francisco back to Vegas and on the drive home They get a text from this random number. Keep in mind. I’m not here for any of this This is all a preface. So, on this drive home they get a text from a random number, and the text is actually from G-Eazy’s manager and he basically says G-Eazy, thinks you’re hot like he obviously had no idea They were 14 because they didn’t fucking look 14 because they were baby prostitutes He’d love to hang out with you guys tonight like come to the after-party But they were already driving home with their mom because they were 14 and so they’re like we can’t we’re driving home We live in Vegas and then the manager was like oh shit That’s really dope we’re actually gonna be in Vegas next week G would love to meet up with you guys out there at the show at the after-party whatever you guys should come through and so they keep texting the manager and long story short the manager basically says that G-Eazy only fucks blondes and so he basically tells them like G would love to hang out with you He knows you guys a really big fan. You could totally hang out look like his other hot friends but like when it comes to hooking up he only hooks up with blondes, so if you have any hot blonde friends you should bring them This is where I come into the story Not that I was hot in any way, shape or form. So basically the following Monday. They come into school. Everyone’s asking them. What happened at the G-Eazy concert They come up to me. They tell me G’s is gonna be in town Friday They’re gonna go hang out with them, and then they tell me that he only fucks blondes And they want to bring me because I’m blonde and like that I should go with them to hang out gez and possibly hook up with him Here I was decently ugly; my hair was the color of this popsicle, fucked up nose B cup tips. I would wear two bras to make them C cup tits like decent on a good day And I now have the opportunity to fuck G-Eazy. This was big for me! This was the first time I was gonna have the opportunity to fuck someone for some clout. And so then they tell me that G-Eazy’s manager wants pictures of me to send to G to see if he thinks I’m hot to like pre-approve me to come like hang out with them at that after-party which in reality is very fucked up and like now I probably would never do that but obviously I was 15 of course I’m gonna do it so I send the manager a bunch of pictures of me And he responds basically saying G-Eazy thinks I’m hot. G-Eazy would fuck me, and that I should come This was big for me So I mean, also, G-Eazy if you’re watching this and you’re mad at this like you did say you’d fuck me Which means you’d probably still fuck me ’cause I only got better looking And I wasn’t even really obsessed with G-Eazy like them I’d probably only heard a few songs But I think G-Eazy was relevant and I was like a social-climbing, she fucks all the rappers for clout, little insta ho in the making. So, I was down and obviously I didn’t think he was ugly either because he was fucking G-Eazy, he was hot. And so I was 15 I’d probably fucked like one guy I was also busted But I was very convinced that I was going to Somehow fuck G-Eazy like a porn star and make him fall in love with me and so all week at school we’re like scheming, planning our outfits listening to his music Telling everyone because we thought we were better than everyone because we fucking were and so Friday finally comes. We put our hoe-iest outfits, smokiest fucking eyes. We spend hours getting ready. Tits out I’m wearing a dress that literally says I’m clearly 15 But I’m trying to look like I’m 20. And we get in the car and our other random friend drives us to the Cromwell Hotel Here in Vegas where G-Eazy was staying. First of all the problem is such a shitty hotel and so we walk into the lobby of The hotel we text his manager like hey, we’re here And so he’s like okay perfect you guys are a little bit early. G is still performing at the club here Why don’t you guys come into the club sit at our table? Hang out with G. Meet him after the show, and if you guys are like vibing with us You can come up to the hotel room after but make sure to bring your ID because the ID-ing process is strict here And that’s when it was prevalent to all of us that this guy thought we were all 21 Which you’re a fucking idiot sir. Like, I literally looked seven. Alright so, here we are on the strip at like midnight in Vegas 14 years old with a zero form of identification Let alone a fake ID and absolutely no way to get into this club not to mention It’s one of the hardest clubs to get into me in Las Vegas Even if you have a fake ID which we didn’t and so we quickly make up a lie and we tell the manager that one Of us forgot our IDs at home and like we’re fucked so we’re gonna drive home to get it And then after we get it we’ll come back and meet him at the hotel and like if we miss the show we’re not gonna be that mad because like we Didn’t have IDs but we were lying, you get the point. And he’s like Okay Sounds good to me And so then he’s like oh, well if two of them have an ID and one of them doesn’t I’ll just ask the bouncer to get You guys in like at least two of you guys have IDs that say you’re over 21 think it’s non a big deal and then We’re like fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck How do we get out of this lie? And so then basically we realize that we just lied to this guy and we’re like fucked and we’re just like oh just kidding like we all forgot our IDs We’re going to get them Ha bye And so then he’s kind of sketched out and obviously because we all don’t actually have IDs he thinks we’re going home to get our IDs but in reality we just go sit in the car in the parking garage with our friend for the next like two hours. And so two hours go by we’re just waiting for the manager to text us saying that they went back up to the hotel room and even and even at one point he makes sure to text them like oh you guys have the blonde girl with you right like G really wants to see her and so finally after like two and a half hours we’re like hey What time do you guys think you’ll be done at the club? We just want to come to the hotel our friend can’t find her ID and so he’s like actually we shut the club down We’re all gonna be hanging out here for the next few hours. You guys don’t even have to be 21 anymore You just have to be over 18 so as long as two of you guys have ID to show that you’re over 18 that’s good enough for me. We just want to make sure G Isn’t gonna fuck any underage girls and so then we all realize we can’t get into this club We’re not going to be able to go Fuck G-Eazy or hang out with him because none of us have any ID’s that show that we’re over 18 because we’re fucking 15 on the Las Vegas Strip at like 2:00 in the morning where we shouldn’t fucking be and so Basically our dumb asses that are just like oh, sorry. We feel sick We’re going home So here I spent all week preparing for this, telling all of our friends at school like she’s gonna fuck G-Eazy I’m gonna fuck G-Eazy like oh my god getting ready for hours, doing everything I can to look like a fucking old ass bitch who isn’t 15. Getting so hyped up for it, getting so excited for it… And the only thing that’s stopping us is that we don’t have IDs and so of course we’re all bummed as fuck we’re all so sad. We go home, all of our friends are hitting us up like “did Tana fuck G-Eazy? Did Tana fuck G-Eazy? Did Tana fuck G-Eazy?” and so of course us all being embarrassed to our friends were just like no like she felt sick But he told us he was going to bed this and then making up stupid ass lies So that we still looked cool. And so we go to school the whole next week I’m just super bummed about it and so then the following week guys I end up having to go to Texas to stay with my grandma for a family function my family fucking hates me We grew up so poor and never traveled anywhere We never have family functions because we’re all fucking estranged from each other because my family is a fucking shit show wait okay? I’m bringing in Ieun. So the one weekend I have to go out of town with my family. I go out of town I’m in Texas whatever. I’ll explain to you why Ieun’s here in one second. They get a text from G-Eazy’s manager saying “hey G’s back in town this weekend he’s gonna be in Las Vegas you guys should come see him We’re not even gonna go to the club like just come to our hotel to hang out with them.” Who drove them? Ieun: Me and Ivan. You know what’s funny too is they were literally texting me like, “we got these random guys to drive us hee hee I think we were at like Louise’s house in Bay peak or something and then we were like going home I was so high. Tana: Ivan was fucking the hot one. Ieun: We have to go pick up this girl like drop her off somewhere I was just like okay, like whatever. Then we pick them up. That’s not only reason I know her and I saw her the other day. Tana: This is a perfect example of my life being one big coincidence. Ieun: Oh my god… Ieun: And then we like picked her up, and then they like drinking in the car. Like, they were like ready they were like oh yeah we’re going to see G-Eazy Finally the car went into the Cromwell we walk in and then we see G-Eazy walking out Adreas And they’re like going up to the elevators his little fucking manager walk behind him and then just looks at them two just Walk over and they go up to the elevator, and they go let’s go then. We just like leave and go to sleep I literally would have met you That’s crazy!! That’s crazy I’m a psychic my life is one big coincidence so I in Texas they’re like oh geez manager texted us We’re gonna come through whatever and when they said that to me I kind of just thought okay Well, it didn’t work out last time It’s probably not gonna work out this time like there’s no need to freak out. He wants to fuck blondes anyways He’s not gonna fuck them, they’re not gonna go and so that night comes and they’re texting me like okay We’re on their way. Oh my god. We just ran into G-Eazy. Oh my God. We’re going up to his hotel They start sending me videos and pictures with them, so I’m just freaking out. I’m so upset. This is the one weekend of my entire Broke-ass, poor ass childhood, that I’m out of town!! I never went out of town, I was poor! And so then, they’re like we want to FaceTime you like we’re with G and so I FaceTime them, they pick up the phone G’s right there they turn around the camera. He’s sitting right there and he literally says “where’s your friend? like where’s your friend?” and then they were like she’s on FaceTime right now And he’s like what up and I’m like So then they hang up I fly back home. I go to school that following Monday. I talk to them and the little gnome one hooked up with G-Eazy. Ashly: the little gnome That is the time that G-Eazy tried to fuck me and literally because the Universe hates me my busted ugly cloud meeting fifteen-year-old self didn’t get to fuck him. So for once my outrageous titles are not clickbait for always I miss everything good that’s gonna happen to me by one little fucking centimeter because the universe hates me and G-Eazy if you’re watching this I’ve Only gotten hotter so I mean you can literally take this two ways. A) you can be mad that I made a story time about you, or B) you can just be like yeah, that’s true and like we can fuck I’d pick the second option… Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the story I had so much fun Just sitting down today and telling you guys a story like the good old days. I still have so many stories I need to tell you I need to catch you guys up on my life I crashed a jet ski and literally almost died and I filmed that story time in my hot tub at the LA house but the audio was really bad, so I’m gonna be refilming that this week But no, a bitch is not running out of story times! And a bitch is back with some motherfucking storytimes. So, if you guys have any requests for any types of stories Let me know in the comments below I love you guys and to anyone who’s gonna hate on this video and say my stories are fake or make that stupid fucking comment that’s like “real life uber driver drives over potholes!” “Tana Mongeau; oh my god my uber driver tried to kill me” the joke isn’t made like a hundred fucking times. And like cool You’re gonna get six hundred thumbs up. No one fucking cares. You’re not fucking funny I don’t give a fuck let the haters be your motivators Seriously you guys on tour. I felt so much love from you guys and lately in life I’ve just been feeling so much love from you guys and to see us growing as a family again and seeing all of you guys spreading positivity towards each other It’s like I have on rose-colored glasses and don’t give a fuck about the hate And that’s how you should live your life If people are fucking bullying you or treating me like shit at school the best form of revenge to those hands It’s still showing them you’re motherfucking happy. So, I’m motherfucking happy and life is great I love you guys so much And thank you for supporting me through everything and I hope you enjoyed an OG Tana Mongeau story time like they used to be I love You guys so much – make sure to subscribe, click that little bell, follow all my social media in the description and I will talk to You in the next video

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