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this segment is sponsored by North Star Family Dental we all want a whiter smile right but sometimes what it takes to get a whiter smile it isn't worth the effort or pain in some circumstances dr. Christina khalessi is with us joining us today she owns North Star Family Dental and she has two locations now but we're going to talk about the whitening methods for your teeth and you're gonna tell us why some are good some maybe not so good right okay yes the differences tell us about it so I think the biggest differences between whitening at home and whitening in the office right the benefit of whitening in the office is the strength and the speed okay so the strength of the gel that we use you cannot get over the counter it doesn't matter if they say professional strength whitening it is not you know it's not the same okay and it's applied by a professional where we can protect the gums and make sure you get the best results important in addition speed okay instant okay one hour of whitening I mean we're talking 54 15 minute sessions and you could be anywhere from five to nine shades whiter than when you walked in the office that day I want to do that then the brilliance of it is just beautiful it's beautiful yeah it the results I mean everyone gets some results right I mean if you start with a whiter shade maybe you're not going to get nine we have never had a patient to this to the state that didn't say oh my gosh the my teeth look amazing you know what it does to and I'm not talking I don't think out of school on this one but I have a relative who has snowy white hair prematurely and the teeth you can just so vividly notice that they're they're yellowy yeah and and by no fault of you know anybody's at all but it does make you look older yes yes as we age our tea naturally get more yellow right the diet that we all of us in our coffee and our teas and everything else that we consume it does make your teeth darker and brighter whiter teeth yeah are absolutely associated with a more youthful appearance and whitening is the easiest way to you know turn back the clock we're looking at some pictures right here are you kidding me that was all done with Zoom whitening yes ma'am that's all one our real patient yes absolutely no Photoshop there at all there you go happy is that happy right so I mean it's the the results are really I mean they speak for themselves I think we just I just love it now also you had mentioned earlier that there are some some pitfalls to doing the over-the-counter ones like you said you can get irritation in your gums you can yeah so I think the biggest complaint we hear about the strips at home is the length of time it takes weeks to get results and let's be honest we all want it yesterday right so to consistently whiten for three weeks at home like good luck and you know the strips are one size fits all right okay and so if your teeth are not perfectly aligned they don't fit they're fitting they rub all over the place half the time they're touching your tooth half the time they're not and that's when that gel gets all over the gums and causes a peroxide type burn right you know it's not a devastating injury okay it's not gonna eat your gums away right it's very unapproachable it hurts it's uncomfortable and how long does zoom last so zoom depending on your diet but we feel like most people aren't gonna need to whiten for another year well maybe up to 18 months that's incredible so if you're you're getting married you've got important pictures cut yes or maybe that class a class reunion all of that so this would be the time they do it here's the good news to Norstar family dental is running a contest a very cool contest through their social media yep and it is called da da da basically what they want to do with this hashtag is Northstar smile makeover contest here's how you do it you're gonna go to your own Facebook or your own Instagram account and then you tag North Star family dental that's easy and then hashtag North Star smile makeover contest all of this will have information for you on and then dr. colosso will be picking someone you need to post a picture okay so you might go oh I don't want to do that but here you're gonna be agreeing if you are the winner to be filmed I'll be there dr. Coletti will be there you'll get the whole treatment which is a $599 absolutely yep absolutely free for you so please yeah send us a picture tag us you know join the contest I think it'll be super-fun and for those folks who aren't chosen we're offering a special discount so they'll still get a hundred dollars off their treatment if they scheduled before September 1st ok Joker and who day would it be great to have that as a gift and go on your way with beautiful white sparkling teeth

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