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this segment is sponsored by Wesley woods at New Albany welcome to Wesley woods part of the Wesley communities and a jewel in New Albany we're here today to share with you the memory care unit and the reason we bring it up is because well we've lived it you know my mother Joanie yes she's on the tour with us today too because many families mom go through decision-making and it's a job it is a job takes a long time to find the right fit and whether you want a facility like this for your loved one or you're planning maybe down the road for yourself it's true one of the most important things is probably personalized service absolutely absolutely well we're gonna talk to two people here we want to introduce you to right now this is to make a tatum she is the assistant director of nursing and with her is hope Bynum she is the life enrichment director ladies thank you so much for being here and thank you for having us well we cheated we did a pre tour earlier but you know that our story is my father had Alzheimer's right so memory care in a facility like this would have been fabulous oh if there was such a thing yes we're from Toledo there really wasn't anything there that many things mean I think a parable about no so this is something else tell us about it first of all to me you could tell us about what you offer to your patients for memory care what we offer to our patients here in memory care is person-centered quality care so we always try to make sure that we individualize the care for each resident based off of their need and their current level of cognitive dissociation or issues that they have going on at that time we work very closely with the families to try to understand what the residents preferences are and their lifestyle choices that they prefer to have provided for them while they're here in the facility since most people when they come in they can't communicate what their current needs are that's right and mom we talked about that yes we did yes there are a lot of changes when people are in need of memory care and it's its mental and physical there are so many stages in memory care progression but you have a way to tailor everyone's care knowing those stages coming correct we have well trained staff and they receive additional training and education on how to properly and appropriately interact with someone who has dementia or any type of cognitive issues so that they can help communicate and meet their needs better let's see we have a house doctor then we do have a medical director that resides over the entire community that's abled then we have 24-hour access to as well as a nurse practitioner so if we have any needs that need to be met we can contact them and get media order so that we can provide the correct care well I would say I'm impressed with the ratio of how many staff members you have per a client patient yes yes it's incredible so yes we have 24-hour nursing on the unit as well a licensed nurse as well as caregivers that provide assistance with ADL's and bathing and different things like that it's incredible all right hope I love the things you have here to just enrich their experience because these aren't people your that are just here to be sat in a chair this is their home this is a life right so what do you do specifically so from day one when they come in we get with the family we would get with the resident we like to get to know them we personalize and individualize the program that's going to fit them and what they like to do so it's person-centered care as well for their activities so we go over what they used to like what their interests are and where they're capable of doing still at this stage and where we meet them where they're at my husband loved art and decided he wanted to learn to paint which he had take classes of fun do they have with him they do so we have an art therapist who will come in and she will work with whatever level of painting you could do and work with you from there so everyone does have a chance to paint they have they get the whole easels and everything and they paint here I love the outdoor area to the courtyard tell us about that so the courtyard is open 24/7 as long as the weather is permitting they are able to go out there and freely walk around the courtyard they can plant tomatoes they have vegetables out there they can plant their own garden out there and then they also bring the food in and and prepare it and activities as like a salad what struck me is how beautiful this place is how wide all the areas the free areas are so that literally I mean they can roam everywhere feel like they're just you know they're they're free to be themselves correct and that is the goal to make them not feel confined to one area while still providing safety for them at the same time so I'm not gonna speak for you but when it had been nice if we knew there was a place this amazing when when dad needed help I was so impressed and I would have loved them at him your this was coming very tell us Tameka how people can get a hold of you we would love for people to come and look at our community here a new community here in New Albany area you can go to our website at the Weslie communities org and set up a tour and come in and look at some of the other information that we have to offer it on our website to give you more guidance on the right level of care for your loved one thank you both so much it was great to find out more about Wesley woods we appreciate it very much and it was well with the tour you did a beautiful job and beautiful place find out more at Wesley communities org

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