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Are you guys nervous? Oh my God, Nick Nick just always trying to sneak in his cameo Can’t wait to decorate, there’s so much we could make. How will it turn out? OMG We’re Having A Baby? Oh my gosh! Welcome back guys! Guys, it is a big day I know and another episode of OMG We’re Having A Baby. This is like very exciting today We are doing the gender reveal. I’m so excited for this, we debated Well, we actually didn’t really debate on whether or not to know. We were always like we should know Yeah, and what’s cool is you can now find out at ten weeks with a blood test Which is obviously very like high tech but we don’t know My sister is the only one who knows that info We told the doctor very specifically we don’t want to know the gender but tell Tess, so she is the keeper of that secret. Hey guys! Tess here Kate’s sister the gremlin also known sometimes. So Kate has been It’s so weird to say that Kate’s been pregnant for about 11 weeks now She was on set filming an OMG episode and she called me from the bathroom Of the set being like, oh my God, the tes results came back and everything looks so great But you have to call the doctor right now because they close in five minutes And so I was like, oh my god. I had no time to freak out and be excited So I called the doctor right away And then I’m in the closet at my house cuz Palmer is there and I can’t tell him that I know So I’m in the closet. He’s like what the hell are you doing in the closet? Everyone’s in the closet. Anyway, regardless they told me what it was And now I know. And we have a cute gender reveal plan for you guys Well Joey and I were like we should do something with paint because it’ll be funny and very own brand but my sister went and bought the supplies and the color and everything so she’s like Orchestrating this and literally no one knows. No one knows Except Tess Yeah, so we’re doing this video A day after we shot our announcement video, so that hasn’t come out yet. So none of our crew knows It’s like we basically talked to the camera and told you guys and Told our family but all of our crew members don’t know so we’re also gonna tell them today because we thought that could be fun to also vlog that for you guys because It’s our crew who shoots all of our videos you guys obviously don’t really see them that often because they’re behind the camera But they’re like part of our family cuz we see them almost every week to shoot videos, so it’ll be fun I think they’re gonna be like “cool” Well before we do subscribe, hit that thumbs up, this is our OMG We’re having a baby series Obviously, we’re still doing all of our other OMG We’re Coming Over, Mr. Kate decorates All of our interior designing content We’ll still keep bringing it, don’t worry. This is just a bonus. These are bonus videos for you guys. Keep those positive vibes coming and Thank you so much for all your lovely amazing comments and love and support on our announcement video like literally makes us feel so good and just We’re so lucky to have you guys. So, thank you Let’s find out if it’s a boy or girl! Hey everyone before we get to the gender-reveal we want to quickly tell you about our sponsor Amazon you can get everything you need to turn your house into a smart home on and control it all with your voice which Will be super helpful because we will have our hands full with a baby. Yeah, and one of my favorite devices the Alexa show It’s got this really cool screen. You can use the drop in feature with other devices. You can watch your cameras So when we have a nursery I can watch the baby Or for now. I can watch Winston.Alexa show me the living room. Okay Winston stop it. He’s chewing that bag. He always chews bags Alexa turn the bedroom lights on. Okay I originally, like anything that lets me stay wedged in my pregnancy pillow because it is hard to get out of once I’m in so I really like these singlet smart light bulbs and the ring doorbells very cool, too Hello? Hey you locked me out can you come open the door? Joey use the smart lock on the front door. Oh yeah, right All the smart home add ons are super easy to get going with all you got to do is to plug them in Download the app for that item, add the skill in your Alexa app and you’re good to add your device Alexa turn on the Christmas tree, okay We have our own homepage over on Amazon where we list all of our favorite items from smart home devices To interior design stuff that we use all the time so you can go check that out over at So go check it out if you want to make your home smarter or prettier Or get a smart home device for one of your friends or loved ones because it’s the future people Alexa are we having a boy or a girl? Hmm I’m not sure Joey what are you doing? Getting suited up in my spacesuit At this point I feel like it might be necessary OMG we’re having a baby Yeah? Congratulations We’re doing our gender reveal today Oh my goodness Oh no I’m gonna start crying What do you think we’re doing? Looks like we’re going painting Are you gonna paint? Sure Ben. What do you think we’re doing? Oh, we’re definitely cooking today, cooking? Obviously, you guys are starting a beehive back here What do you think we’re doing? Spray paint. I’m going with you’re gonna do some Jackson Pollock type splatter painting All right So we got paint that is the color of the gender we’re doing pink and blue and They’re gonna have their eyes closed I’m gonna put the paint brush in the paint can and give it to them and they’re gonna Paint each other and then open their eyes and see what color it is Then we’re gonna go home and then I won’t be the only one that knows any more Tess knows the colors so No comment, she went very stereotypical I know with the colors which is fine, you know Maybe if we chose the colors the boy would have been like green and the girl would have been like neon orange. Okay Well, we only have one fetus. So it’s gonna only be one color. I’m just sayin Tess picked blue for boy and pink for girls Okay, should we place our our bets? What do you think it is? Girl, girl, boy. I think it’s a girl Okay, what do you think? Don’t film me with that one so close we gotta keep these angles flattering Well, here’s the thing I I have been accidentally calling it a boy. Okay So Joey when Joey and I were first together, which we’ve been together for almost 11 years I already had my cats Roxanne and Winston and he called Roxanne the girl cat a he for like the first two years he knew her But that may be just because of society Making Joey thinking all furry things Well, no, it’s you know, whatever. Okay, but yes, so you’ve been saying he I Was split and then this last week I’ve been kind of feeling like I mean, but I really want a girl too. So well, no, I’m so Like I’m so excited for either. I’m the idea, I’m like split. I grew up with like Well, I guess I had a brother and sisters. I feel like I grew up with a lot of boys, but I had a sister No, no, I grew up with obviously my sister and it’s like the best relationship ever I love her so much So I mean having a little girl or even having two girls, whatever would be amazing. Are we having two kids? Whatever we’re starting with one. I don’t know. I’m so excited for this journey This is so crazy oh my god I can’t believe it, I’m gonna cry. Don’t cry Okay you guys put your hands out. Oh god Keep you eyes closed. Joey I’m shaking you can’t see because I’m covered and But I’m so excited I’m nervous I don’t know why I’m nervous because like there’s no wrong answer but it’s just it’s just so crazy like it’s been It’s just been a lot. It’s been a journey. So like I just I’m ready for the universe to Dole out the gender. Yeah, this is fun because we never get to be surprised. We always surprise other people. That’s true We always count to three and let other people open their eyes. This is gonna be our turn. I’m also like a out of breath No, I’m out of breath. I’m sure I’m very nervous. It’s a symptom to be short of breath and short Do you have yours yet? Okay. I have my paint brush but don’t paint my face. Where’s your face? Hang on, let me touch okay Oh my god, don’t look, don’t look. I need more paint I need more paint. Okay can we open them? Are you ready? Yes! One….Two……Three! a cute little boy… Oh my god I have a penis inside of me right now growing. I knew it! I knew it, I had his little energy Tess what am I gonna do with a boy?! I don’t know how to do this! Don’t hug me! Don’t you hug me! I’m wearing white. I did not I don’t know why That’s crazy, that’s crazy. I’m so excited. This is like gonna be such an adventure That boys gonna get a lot of like cuddle, he better be like a cuddly boy Joey you’re like the cutest cuddliest boy, of course. Okay, I’m making it a rule. It’s all in what you nurture Yeah, yeah. Oh my god. It’s like gonna be like world expanding for me Like it’s just I think it’s like what the universe decides. I’m very excited You are gonna be such a good mom I don’t know you guys I might suck You have been so amazing You work so hard You’re the most loving person in the world like the boys gonna have he’s gonna have the nicest family over Yeah, and the happiest family ever. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t have any boy names picked out Winston! Winston the 2nd! Named after our cat Oh my gosh a boy, oh boy Joey obviously you’re a It’s so crazy I have so many thoughts to process and like I’m so excited I mean it’s gonna be a little boy but like I plan on I think I’m gonna get some glitter boots for him. Like I plan on not being Gender specific stereotype, you know like I don’t know how we’re gonna do the nursery yet, like decorating wise But I don’t want to do like trucks everywhere. I can’t wait till he’s old enough to help us on projects Oh my gosh we should get him a little toolbelts With little plastic tools And make him think that he’s helping us I am so excited. I could not be more excited I literally like So it’s such a shock you guys like I have so much Daydreaming now to do like now that I know what sex it is like I can like start picturing his identity a little bit more even though obviously gender does not define your identity, but I don’t know. It’s just like a cool. It’s so exciting Yeah, we would’ve been fine with either. But I’m so excited. I hope he’s as sweet as you are He’ll be sweeter than me. You’re sweet, Joey is really sweet Well, maybe maybe he doesn’t always come across as sweet, but he’s actually way sweeter than me When the cameras turn off we switch places I’m so excited. We’re having a little boy Guys We’re gonna take you on our journey, so hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already Come on the journey Mr. Baby’s baking in the oven and yeah, we just love you guys so much, leave us a kind comment. We love you Love you. Love you. Keep those positive vibes coming. We cannot get enough of your positive vibes we appreciate you so much and yeah, follow us on social media cuz obviously I’m insta-storying a lot about this process, too So if you want to know more behind the scenes and see like bump updates and all that stuff But also interior design stuff too don’t worry It’s not all baby stuff, follow us on social media. And yeah, we love you so much. Stay creative. Stay weird Stay you because why not? We love you. Bye!

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