1. Thank you for this my husband and I are starting ivf and we said no to PGS testing I never had a baby this is very stressful. We are trying to decide know but I think the answer still no. We looked at the cost for it $1,000 more for PGS then without. It’s very very hard to decided. I agree with you about gender selection I didn’t know you could gender select until I watch your video. I learned a lot from your video thank you.

  2. In Canada, gender selection is illegal.
    Thanks for the information video, I’m doing my egg retrieval in a couple of days and they need a decision to PGS test or not.
    it’s an extra $5k for 4 embryos at my clinic in Toronto, Ontario.

  3. we have not decided if we are doing it yet in Australia. My husband is for it im not so sure. we are in our first cycle. they recommended it because i am 38 with unexplained infertility. good information which is exactly what we have been told.

  4. Our clinic requires PGS testing and does not do fresh cycles. All costs are included in the IVF package which was just under 15k. We were so torn on whether or not to do genetic testing, so it was a little bit of a relief when the decision was out of our hands. I also want to mention that PGS testing has changed a lot even in the past year (I think our doctor said the testing sites went from 90 to 3 million) and is much more accurate than it used to be, so it's important that every couple talks to their doctor before deciding 🙂 He or she will have the most current research and internet message boards can sometimes have old information.

  5. Hi there, thanks so much for this video and totally agree with you. My husband and I are going to start IVF soon and this was one thing that we were debating to do. I think is just more money for something that we don't need. I'm so happy so find people like you on YouTube. Thanks and good luck with everything. 🙂

  6. Great video! You don't need to give a disclaimer on every statement. We get this is your opinion. If someone doesn't get that they are dummies. Again, great vid. Thanks for the info!

  7. you've done your research and make a lot of great points! I agree with you about the pgs testing as well as the gender selection. That is why I choose not to do it as well. Thanks!

  8. We did PGS. PGS does not guarantee implementation it's kind of like….well shows you your hand your were dealt. The dr get the egg, fertilize it…pgs shows you what was made 🤷🏾‍♀️ I agree its very personal

  9. Thanks for sharing!! Having a similar situation (male factor) and going through IVF for this first time, we were struggling to decide whether to move forward with the test. Great to hear another’s opinion! Many blessings to you and yours💕

  10. people need to keep in mind that this test is really just about odds of success. Some embryos that show issues are actually fine and the problem is only in that one specific cell that was tested. The embryo can self-correct and be fine upon implantation. This is an extremely personal decision and every couple will be different or have different situations. I’m glad everything is going well for you guys.

  11. I hope this gives you a little hope and peace of mind.. I recently went through my first retrieval and had 41 eggs retrieved, 26 mature, 19 fertilized and only FOUR made it to day 5/6 blast. I was devastated and our grades weren’t very good.. We have one 4AB, one 6cc, one 6cb, and one 4bc. We did the genetic testing and got our results back today and ALL FOUR came back normal. It just goes to show that just because you ended up with a lower number that made it to blast, you still might have three perfectly healthy embryos

  12. I feel like a lot of the confusion with PGS comes from the misconception of what information it provides. As you said, a lot of focus gets put on gender selection which is really not the point of PGS. While some may use it for that, the purpose is to get an assessment of which embryos have a higher chance of miscarriage. It looks at the outer cells of the embryo to see which have chromosomal problems (i.e. TOO MANY of a specific chromosome or other abnormalities). This allows the lab to choose which embryos have a better chance of success since ones with chromosomal issues will more likely fail and miscarry.

    But people need to keep in mind that this test is really just about odds of success. Some embryos that show issues are actually fine and the problem is only in that one specific cell that was tested. The embryo can self-correct and be fine upon implantation. For example, while we're still in our journey because we are also having to do PGD due to Fragile X premutation, we have also done PGS on our embryos so far and our 1 girl embryo has some chromosomal issues. However, the issue she has is very rare which means there is a chance this is only an issue with the one cell and she may be self-correcting. So if we don't get any more girls, we may try to implant her. On the other hand, there is also a boy embryo that has a common chromosomal disorder which means there is a higher chance that the entire embryo is defective and won't lead to a successful pregnancy.

    This isn't a full-proof test that definitely excludes certain embryos. It's just giving you more information about which potentially have issues so that you can choose the one that will give you the best chance of success.

  13. Hi there!!
    Me and my husband are currently going through Ivf after losing our first daughter. Your channel gives me hope and we have so many questions regarding this and this decision is a tricky one to make and I feel the same way as You! And thank you for this video! All the best and look forward to your next video!!

  14. I made this decision twice actually. My first IVF cycle in 2015 I decided not to do PGS. Like you, I was low risk, it was extra money, I knew it was an imperfect science, and I just wasn't comfortable with the idea. Then a year later I had an utter disaster of a pregnancy that propelled me into a world of awareness about fetal abnormalities. It was an incredibly traumatizing experience. PGS definitely cannot prevent all bad outcomes, but it became worth it to me after that to do everything possible not to end up in a similar situation again. With my second IVF retrieval last year, we did the testing. I asked not to be told the genders because I was still uncomfortable with that part, but I believe I made the right choice both times. Like you said, it's individual and all in where you are in your journey.

  15. Wow we have a lot in common! I am 24 and my husband just turned 35. Our doctor also did not recommend PCG testing due to me being young, healthy, and our main issue being male factor. I also did not like the idea of "abnormal" embryos being discarded that could possibly correct themselves. Our RE said self correction is actually pretty common! But then again if I suffered recurrent miscarriage or was 35+ years old I would definitely do PGS testing. It certainly is a very personal choice and it's awesome that it is available for people who need it. I share your opinion on gender selection as well. It wouldn't be my personal choice but I'm not going to go and protest those who do it! I have seen some of your posts on the IVF Support Group on facebook. I love your channel!! We just did a fresh transfer Sunday!

  16. Gender selection is not allowed in Australia unless it needs to be for a sex related issue, I did PGS due to repeat IVF failures, I still lost 5 pgs tested transfers, we had implantation failure, and bad sperm dna fragmentation, we did 10 egg collections and 17 transfers, 10 BFN transfers ans 6 loses and one baby boy on our last transfer. He rocks. Best of luck. xx

  17. PGD is for testing for things like CF or other issues known to the family, they offer PGS as well to families that need PGD

  18. I did not test mine either. I'm 28 so I figured I have a better chance of one of them implanting. I just wanted to give all of my embryos a fighting chance. I also did a lot of research and saw the same research you did. It was what ultimately led me down the same path as you. Best of luck with your frozen transfer ❤

  19. thanks for sharing! you explained everything so respectfully. the way it works though is that they tell you the gender and the grade. so for example my friend wanted a girl but they told her there was one very good quality male embryo and one not very good quality girl embryo. she decided to put them both in. she had a boy and she of course was thrilled. but you are given all that information at the same time so it isn't exaclty like you said, often there is a slight difference in grade.

  20. Hey girl, I've been following you for awhile, but not from the beginning. Do you have a video where you discuss your Initial Consult with the fertility clinic? If not, could you discuss it?
    I have my initial consult next month so trying to get all the info possible.

  21. Thanks for sharing lovely 💕 I agree with everything you said in this video. I live in Australia & our RE said they do interfere with the embryo when they are being tested & there is no guarantee afterwards but ofcourse it is required in some cases. He believes in embryoscope & how the cells divide as opposed to genetic testing. Anyway in Australia isn’t legal here tell us gender! We start our first IVF round next month. I’m scared but excited at the same time xo

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