Gentle Yoga after miscarriage

hello and welcome to this yoga class for miscarriage so this particular class is a part of a three part series that I've created if you want more information for it I'll link it below but I really wanted to start sharing some of these practices because I know for me how much yoga and meditation and mindfulness helped me after each of my three losses and I just really want to be able to share those with you and hopefully help you to just feel a little bit a little bit more hopeful in your heart and to let go of some of that pain that I know that you're holding there so hopefully you find this class helpful and if you were struggling with anything after this class I just want to debrief and reach out please leave me a comment below reach out by email I'm always happy to hear from you our first class I've themed around stillness so I know for me after each of my losses my first natural instinct was kind of to run away from the pain I either wanted to sleep and not be present and awake to it or I wanted to seek distraction either by being really busy or watching hours of Netflix and I just couldn't find stillness I just felt like I was like this caged animal pacing and just trying to escape my own body in my own life because the pain of it was so raw and so intense so if you are feeling that if you can't find anything that will give you some relief I hope for this class gives you a little bit of that today so sitting in stillness can be excruciatingly painful I'm not going to lie to you because it makes you face those feelings that maybe you've been running from and whether you lost a baby recently or it's been a while if you haven't sat in that stillness and haven't allowed yourself to feel it it can be really raw and painful so we need to start today's class by giving yourself permission to feel whatever comes up and of course if you feel like you need support after this class please reach out to someone to me to a counselor to a friend and really lean on those around you if you feel that you need to today's class is going to be slow it's going to be that Yin we're going to hold poses for a longer amount of time please be aware of the fact though that your body is still postpartum so you still have those pregnancy hormones possibly in your body and it's allowing your body to release and relax a little bit more so please don't move into anything that feels too strenuous or stressful to hold ease up on any stretches maybe come to about 50% of what you would normally practice I'm going to be nice and gentle today we're going to allow us off some space and some stillness just to allow emotions to move through the body as they need to and of course if you are still bleeding or if you're still feeling a little bit sore and uncomfortable make yourself as comfortable as you can throughout this practice you have my permission to move you don't need to do exactly as I'm doing just do the best that you can if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below so let's get into today's class so we're going to start today's class just in an easy seat so sit in any way that is comfortable for your hips if you need to sit up on a cushion or a rolled up blanket please do so this way you know draw the shoulder blades back and down almost feel like you're squeezing the shoulder blades behind you so you can open the chest and the heart up a little it's not breathing through the nodes if you're happy to close the eyes you're welcome to do so if not just keep them open staring at a single point of focus in front of you and to start with I just want us to really ground in and bring awareness to the body so notice where your body sits in the room that you're currently in so perhaps first noticing where your body connects with the floor beneath you the sit bones the fleshy parts at the bottom and the thighs notice where the legs touch and then notice where you see it in relation to the rest of the room so perhaps taking an awareness from the right hip bone all the way over to the right side of the room so see if you can visualize an imaginary line from the hip bone to the wall we're just starting to really ground our selves in space and time sometimes after a loss we can feel like I've been floating and I really want us to bring ourselves back to the body and then see if you can imagine a line from the left hip bone all the way over to the left side of the room like you have these two beautiful beams of light shooting out of each hip bone and then from the crown of the head I want you to imagine a line all the way up to the ceiling feeling like you're lifted and supported by these lines in space and time in this room I feel the length in your spine as you lift it up from the crown of the head towards the ceiling see if you can deepen your breathing a little more lengthening out that exhale one more here and then I want us to find a diamond shape with the legs so like our butterfly but a little bit wider this gives us a little bit more space through the hips it's not quite as intense through the inner groin I need to find some length through the spine so again feel like that heart is opening forward and then as you exhale just really gently forward folding I'd like you to bring the arms just rest them on the inside of those carbs if this is too much you can just stay upright a little more with the hands resting on the knees so remember it'll work to about 50% because we're gonna stay here for a little while so as we start to relax and soften in you might find it gets a little bit more intense if it becomes too intense please feel free to ease back if it feels good to do so you could round the head in and just really soften into this position we need to breathe deeply into the belly area noticing that the belly expands on the inhale and softens greatly on the exhale the mind wants to go into story about the belly or the womb space see if you can just bring it back to the breath so trying not to get into any negative thoughts or emotions or feelings about the belly just staying with the breath for now the next inhale start to slowly bring the chest back up I'm going to bring both legs together now they're really just coming back to that realignment we did a fair bit of hip opening so it's going like bringing it back in just sit tall lifting the crown of the head up maybe imagining that line lifting you up my once more and all the toes back towards the face feel the thighs engaged and just gently press them down into the floor just resting here for five full deep breaths and on your next inhale like you to draw one leg in and just bring the foot into the inside of the thigh as you inhale you know really slowly reach the hands up towards the sky when the exhale really gently leaning forward we're not here for too long just three breaths inhaling into the belly and exhaling allowing yourself to soften slowly sing your way up right we're just gonna take a really easy twist so if you need to allow the pelvis to twist as much as it needs anchor the hand into the outside of the thigh just looking over the back shoulder remembering if any emotions come up at any stage throughout this practice see if you can just allow yourself to feel them try not to give in to that temptation to turn this off and do something else and run away just see if you can sit with them allow your body to express itself however it needs and gently returned the gaze returned the upper body back to the front we're gonna change the legs so bring the other leg in swapping over and again we're gonna find some length through that spine inhaling and slowly taking the arms up and then exhaling gently folding forward so you might not come very far forwards at all you know for me when I was grieving it was like my body created all this extra tension it also had a long period of time in one of my pregnancies where I had literally done no movement for weeks because of a threatening miscarriage and I just felt so stiff and sore my body like foreign in my body I didn't really know it anymore I didn't trust it anymore so we're just really gently easing ourselves back into the body in this class acknowledging where we're at how we're feeling not pushing anything just moving really gently it's not to slowly come up we find that twist in the opposite way so reach the hand around anchor into the thigh see if you can press the sit bones down lift a little taller through the crown of the head I'm slowly coming back to Center finding a comfortable position with the legs once more so don't worry too much about what they're doing take one hand down and inhale the aisle up and over I'm just gonna stay and settle here for a few breaths so if it's comfortable you could come down to the floor I'll just stay with the hand and get in we need to breathe length from this hip bone all the way up to the fingertips see if you can soften a little through the face there are any emotions that feel overwhelming see if you can breathe into them on the exhale releasing the tension a little more slowly coming back up right taking the other hand up and over inhaling in the other hand up and over and then inhaling coming back to Center what you do interlace the hands behind the back and then just draw the hands down towards the tailbone see if you can squeeze those shoulder blades together once more opening through the heart if it's okay for the body you can lift the eyes towards the ceiling just stay here for a few breaths it's gonna feel quite confronting after a loss we tend to end up in this position so this might be a lot just be nice and gentle with your body feel free to move if it's becoming too much and slowly release the chin back to chest release the hands just down to the knees and just round through that back so bringing the chin all the way in I think the pelvis roll back and then as you inhale we lift up and open through the chest do a few more of these at the breath so it's almost like a seated cat cow you know to open just feel the pelvis gently Rocking yeah accents of clothes ain't out to open Excel to class inhale and exhale the spine to find its length once more we're gonna come up and over into our Child's Pose so bring those hands underneath the shoulders we need to take the knees nice and wide sit back towards the heels and I want you to really feel like you're pressing into the hands to sit and anchor those hips back and then start to reach the fingertips forwards and really working on that length between the fingertips that reach forward and the hips that anchor back if it's okay for your head you can rest the head down step to slowly walk the hands all the way back up bring the knees in towards each other you see you inhale come up into a high kneel reach the arms to the sky and as you exhale open to the left in their hands all the way back down to the body gently touch the thigh and how to open and as we exhale we're gonna bring the hands through hot-ass in to take a seat as you inhale rise them up and as you exhale open them to the right bring the fingertips down and keep the thigh you know it's an open excel too hot take a seat in how to rise eggs ought to open kiss the thigh inhale and exhale through hot take a seat last one and out to rise egg that's the open inhale exhale take a seat this time just widen the feet a little so that you can sit between the feet if this isn't comfortable for the thighs come up onto a cushion or some blocks or books or things bring their hands behind you so you might need to nestle the hips in between the feet a little more just really gently pressing into those hands so fingertips pointing towards the toes you can either keep that chin tucked into the chest or if it feels ok releasing it behind you but remember be gentle on your body allow yourself to feel any emotions even any physical sensations that you might be currently feeling without judgement just being present in the body and then slowly coming all the way up then it come all the way down onto the back so again remembering that you are postpartum being really gentle in the body rather than expecting the belly to do any sort of contractions still using the arms coming down to the side just as you probably did when you were pregnant rolling onto the back I'm just gonna work at bringing a little bit of mobility into the spine and a little bit of stretch and through this movement gently flushing out anything might be holding still or stagnant in this space so when you use the arms as well so the hands beside the hips bring the feet in you probably touch the heels with the fingertips as you inhale we lift the hips one vertebrae at a time the hands also rise take a full breath in to take the arms over the head as you exhale slowly lower them back down and again inhale and exhale and practice three more of these leave the hands by the side I just take some pelvic tilts so pressing that low back into the floor and then letting the hips rock forward again it's a really gentle movement through the pelvis rocking back and forward just bringing an awareness to this area which often after a loss we don't even want to think about we completely detach from we need to take some circles now so press the right hip down and then take it across the back so we're just rocking the pelvis to the left the left buttock the right buttock and then press into that right side of the low back the left side of the lower back the left buttock the right buttock and then reverse up the opposite direction so the right buttock the left left side of the low back or hip right hip all right but it's taking some circles here just a little bit of gentle awareness keep moving with the breath and then gently draw those knees in towards the chest you can either bring them together or apart whatever feels more comfortable for you really gentle rock from side to side and then if it feels ok for your hips to do so we're going to cross the left leg over the right reach towards the feet and just gently pull them in maybe taking a little rock from side to side if that feels good keep breathing deeply in and out through the nose let me gently release in the right leg over the left reaching the feet gently hugging them in breathing deep here obstinately release the feet down I want you to breech the body out long stretch the feet out it's up to you whether you find the traditional shavasana so letting the palms face upward let the Torah's roll out whether you bring their hands to the belly either way I want you to breathe deeply into that belly filling it up and slowly exhaling out all of the air let your body sink into its position on the floor notice the parts of your body that connect with the floor or the mat beneath you not your entire body start to feel heavy where it rests lay yourself to let go of any need or feel that you need to grip the body in any way no need to hold any part of you tight for protection any longer in this space you are completely safe to let go as we rest here and breathe allow yourself to feel any sensations in the body whether they be physical mental emotional even spiritual see if you can rest with them breathe with them and just observe them as if you were an outsider watching on when you're ready to rolling to one side it's taking your time to slowly weight the body back up and when you're ready coming all the way up to have a seat I'm gonna bring our hands too hot at the end of our practice and bow the head down and we do this as a way to honor each other but also to honor ourselves you have just practiced this entire class with me I know that you have been to hell and back in the last few weeks and months I want you to just honor the strength in you that part of you that despite not knowing how has got you through and has got you here and the part of you that will remain strong as you continue healing as you continue living and you continue loving from the bottom of my heart to yours I'm gonna honor you and that strength you know what I'll let you know it gets better and I want to let you know that you already have everything you need inside of you to go through this namaste you

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