21 Replies to “George Carlin – Abortion”

  1. George Carlin was a POS predator, horrible father and a junkie. But hey he loves killing babies and that's my agenda so he's A okay in my Leftist book. Scumbags the lot of you guys!

  2. Wonder why republicans are anti-women in the name of pro-life. George was right then and is still valid today. RIP, George.

  3. Really weird how people are praising this like it's some sort of definitive refutation of the abortion argument and the Alabama situation. Funny as it is, Carlin doesn't address the modern scenario in which people are given the opportunity to abort a fetus well before its first heartbeat, yet insist on the right to kill it well after it's developed.

    So for all you pro-choicers lurking in the comments, agreeing with eachother, I suggest you find something a bit stronger than a stand-up bit full of blanket statements and humorous exaggerations.

  4. Technically the chicken analogy doesn't work because chickens are fucking assholes who will cannibalize other chickens lol

  5. Omg, someone just sent me this after having a disagreement with someone on abortions..This is funny, 😂🤣😂, but sad, hahahaha.

  6. Don't usually like men airing their opinions on abortion but this is brilliant he's spot on!!🇬🇧☔️🤗

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