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  1. bottom line, if you actually want to reduce the amount of abortion his America, we can do that by instituting universal healthcare. the #1 reason women get abortions is because they cannot afford to provide the healthcare the child will need. And conservatives only answer is to send them back to the coat hanger

  2. the worst of it is when someone disagrees with you, says your lying or whatever and you provide information and they come back with nothing but bullshit. I have little to not patience for that shit.

  3. what gets me is that the majority of the anti-abortion crowd also wants the government to butt out of their lives, but they're OK with the government controlling someone else's body. My opinion is that unless you're willing to take the child and raise it yourself, then you need to shut the fuck up about it, it's not your business and you have no say in it. And unless you want the government knee deep into your business then don't ask the government to crawl up someone else's twat

  4. Hey Billy, everytime I speak my mind on YOU TUBE, I get blasted by others who want to fight. So, I keep quiet

  5. Hey all you folk who are ragging on me for believing that State's Rights triumph over the Feds. Please read the 9th and 10th amendments of the Bill of Rights. Abortion is not mentioned in any aspect of our Constitution. Civil rights are. You can not compare the two issues. Abortion is a personal choice for people to make on their own. The Feds are not allowed, by our Constitution, to dictate personal choice. Civil rights regard how we treat each other. Personal choice is just that: personal. The Feds are prohibited from dictating what a state may do or not do. Read the Constitution; it's the Supreme Law of the Land. The Judicial Branch is one of 3 branches. Just as the Legislature can not tell the Judicial or Executive what to do, the Judicial can not tell the other branches what to do. It's called "Checks and Balances". We are a Union of States, not a Federal Dictatorship. Good God, I wish Civics was still taught in schools. All of you sheep who want to bow down disgust me. Learn some history. And now let the attacks against me begin. Pretty sure none of you will start a discussion, but am damn sure I will be called names.

  6. The fact that dead people have more rights than living pregnant people in this country is fucking absurd. I have to consent to donate my organs or blood. It's illegal to use someone else's body without their consent, even if they're dead. Yet pregnant people are told that they must allow the use of their body without their consent.

    If pro-life people actually considered embryos and fetuses "people", then they should also agree that those "people" have no right to use someone's body just like any other person. As much as it might hurt some people to hear, a fetus functions similarly to a parasite, in that it's survival is dependent upon a host. We cannot give dead people more rights to their bodies than to pregnant people, and we cannot give fetuses more rights than that of a living child or any of the rest of the living population.

    People say "it's not your body" well if the fetus is a separate being with a separate body, it should have no right to utilize another person's body for sustenance and survival.

    Regardless of how you feel about the sacredness of life or whatever, people need to acknowledge the deep flaws in the pro-life argument when it comes to treating the unborn better than the born.

  7. If it's her body, she's a mutant. 20 fingers, 20 toes, 4 legs, 4 arms, 2 heads, 2 hearts, 2 brains, double all other vital organs and 2 different strains of DNA. In my opinion, when this is true, it's no longer her body. It is a unique human life with the same inalienable rights as you and I. Just my opinion brother.

  8. I agree 100% with your view. As a man, who the hell am I to tell a woman what to do with their body? I'd rather it be legal and a woman can have the procedure performed in a sterile, regulated environment rather than in a back alley somewhere.

  9. A few things about Carlin that seem prescient for this clip. In the last decade or so of his life, one of his mottos was "fuck hope". It wasn't despair, he wasn't whining saying the world's such a terrible place that there's just no hope. It was more that he decided that rather than try to change the system and make things "better", he'd just sit back and enjoy the show. That's why most of his material towards the end was simply observations of how things are (and framing them in ways that people hadn't considered before) rather than saying how things should be. One of his most memorable quotes is this: "When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get a front row seat." So in a way "fuck hope" is a jolting way to say "don't worry about trying to change the world, just sit back and enjoy the show"

  10. One last thing (maybe) on this: when I was a teenager and just starting to really become socially aware, I thought of myself as "pro-life", but eventually I realized that my sentiment was more that I wish abortions wouldn't happen. You can wish that all you want. Wish that nobody ever got raped, wish that condoms never broke, wish that birth control pills were 100% effective, wish all you want that the only people to get pregnant are those who want to get pregnant and are fully prepared to take care of a child… but we live in the real world, where abortions WILL happen, and making the procedure illegal doesn't make abortions not happen, it just makes abortions dangerous for people who aren't rich.

  11. Too many people forget that the abortion issue is two entirely different questions. One question is how you personally feel about abortion, and that's completely up to you. The second question is whether people who are uncomfortable with abortion have a right to tell others what to do with their bodies, and obviously they don't have that right. If you think otherwise, you view a woman as an incubator rather than a person; I have no time for that nonsense, and that nonsense should not be guiding legislation.

  12. My thoughts on abortion are that I don't have a uterus so my thoughts are largely irrelevant. Old white men who have probably paid for several abortions have no business telling a 12-year-old incestuous rape victim that she must carry the child to term. THAT is what the "pro-life" movement stands for and they need to get the f–k out of the way.

  13. Thing is, it’s not her body. Her body doesn’t have two hearts, twenty toes, twenty fingers, two blood types, etc. Abortion ends another human’s life.

  14. The part right before this one where he talks about pro-life. It's just as awesome as this piece.

  15. I believe its none of my business what another human being does, says, and/or thinks. As long it doesn't infringe on my freedom as a sovereign being.

  16. Carlin is funny AF but this is the other side of the fun 😉

  17. I don't see why there isn't a little box on tax forms to permit monies to abortions that are governmentally funded. Other than that, it's not business except for financially; being forced to contribute by those who are opposed, in my opinion, for something that is often times a result of irresponsible behavior, would be offensive. I'd personally never have one but know plenty who have and I feel no different about them. But you said it, basically —– too many limit themselves to their own opinion and are closed off to anything else.

  18. I'm not an anti-abortion extremist, but I think the woman needs to make up her mind within the first trimester, and I do consider third trimester abortions to be an execution, that's just the way I feel, and don't even get me started on this crap that a fetus or baby is part of the woman's body, it's a totally separate being with its own genetic codes.

  19. I just listen to scientists and doctors instead of preachers and the common public. Of those groups, I'm pretty satisfied with my choice of who to listen to.

  20. George is right and it is nobody's business what I do with my body. And none of mine what other people do.

  21. I don't even care about my own life much less a fetus. every abortion is one less fat lady walking around walmart getting in my way

  22. Mr Carlin would say the same thing as he did 30 years ago in regards to today . Its a big circle.

  23. A human life In the process of forming into a child that is not compromised by the intervention of abortion is still that. A human life. If you deliberately compromise the formation of a human life through abortion then you are in fact (not opinion) ending a human life. whether or not you want to decide if that’s wrong is up to you. but to me it is wrong to end an innocent life at any point after conception unless there is a substantially good reason such as the life of the mother being in danger.

  24. Carlin was raised a catholic .He doesn't believe the idea of religion but many of the the jokes he has the morals he learned at that time.

  25. I like dark humor so, the 8 people who hit the thumbs down on this video should have been aborted. Somebody had to say it.

  26. Roe V Wade should be overturned. That, to me means, get the Feds out of it. It should be up to each State to decide for themselves. Roe V Wade forces every State to bow down to the Feds. The Federal Government should never force every State to comply with its edicts. States rights over ride Federal dictates.

  27. You would make a great president Billy but you are way to smart and level headed! LOL, love your channel man!

  28. I respect a woman’s right to choose. If a woman can’t get an abortion, then these deadbeat parents who create kids and walk away need to be held accountable. A woman knows what she can be responsible for…. However, as someone who really wanted to be a mom, and struggled with infertility and miscarriage, I could never have one (an abortion) myself. (I have been blessed with a beautiful little man.)

    I do believe that there should also be a limit to when….

  29. I understand it's comedy, but that's not what a period does. It breaks down an egg that is not fertilized so it won't rot in the woman. A fertilized egg will attach to the uterine wall.
    Also it's not her body, but let's not get into that.

  30. I just saw my subscription feed for this channel and you're watching George Carlin,Bill Burr, Eddie Murphy, AND Gabriel Iglesias, you're spoiling us,keep up the great work 👍

  31. During a woman's pregnancy, in the first part of that pregnancy the woman's right have priority and an abortion is appropriate. At some point in that pregnancy the rights of that child to life and to live take precedence over that woman's right. I am not sure when that point is reached but when it does the child's right have priority.

  32. The youtube comments thing? Yeah, that's just youtube comments. They're generally either awesome, or cancer, and rarely anything in between.

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