GESTATION IN BUSINESS | 52 Seconds of Strategies for CEO's | Just Dano

hey CEOs it's just Dan oh and this is 52 second strategies for you CEOs look one of the things that I think is obvious but sometimes less obvious to the demanding needs of a CEO and then Enterprise in a business small business is gestation you know every plan to everything in nature grows at a different temperature at a different pace and I think we forget that one of the elements really the anatomy of being b2b is relational selling look I've tried you can't just walk up to people and say hi will you marry me there's a certain gestation period that it takes to train a sales professional as well as get their relationships to mature to produce really good fruit called high-level prospects called sales called closing deals I just want to I just want to bring to mind gestation and when you compare the nature to the human beings that that we operate with and that we manage I think you'll find something special it's 52 seconds of strategies for your CEOs

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