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  1. Gestational Diabetes – Risks for Moms during Pregnancy

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  2. I shared “Gαjοjο Fivu” to Type 2 diabetes sufferers. The person has been able to heal his diabetes as well as attained a 5.9 HA1c. The condition of the other individual has drastically improved. His fasting blood glucose was decrease to 110mg/dL and he`s no longer at risk of heart trauma, losing his arms and legs, and also eye impairment and neuropathy..

  3. Iam planning for IVF my eggs are picked up now taking metformin and mustard insulin 10 units twice a day my fasting is 103 and pp is 230 Is vildagliptin safe in pregnancy

  4. Very helpful..Im 22 wk pregnant and has type 1 diabetes. Got thru with morning sickness.now, im struggling with strict diet as im hungry aftr a light meal. Im worried as I have yet to visit my ob.again and scheduling an ultrasound. Very fearful too since I also had a miscarriage 4 yrs ago due to diabetic complications, but i want to be optimistic for the sake of my baby

  5. I had 4 cubes of beef meat n one small tomato for dinner. Took 2 metformin n had 7u insulin injected into my belly. Woke up on the fasting test for 12 hrs n it was 6.9 which is fukin high needs to be 5.5 or under. I’m so mad I don’t eat much I’m 31 wks preg n on a 600k diet. No sugar, sweetener, carbs, wholemeal whole grain, no starchy carbs, no milk, no junk, no beans.

    I’m on the protein diet with low carbs for example tomato, spinach or broccoli.

    I don’t know what more I can do. I have spd so I can’t exercise much. 5-10min max per day my pelvic bones n spine kills I have back problem.

    I can’t study much as I feel tired, exhausted n dizzy n sick.

    I take 4 metformin per day with 7u injection before bed. I have a review this Thursday before they decide if I need another injection in the morning. I will increase my night dose to 9u tonight. It’s the dating one that’s throwing me off throughout the day is fine all in green zone.

    My baby’s already 4.5lb I don’t want 9lb baby. I got a scan today I hope his 4.3lb today I’ve worked so hard last 2 weeks.

    Don’t know what happened to my body I wasn’t healthy to begin with I was 92kg then got preg 96kg now I’m 94. I’m losing weight. I’m also in ketosis so my body fat is burning to supply me with energy.

  6. This “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it) can assist you get a more healthy life-style and become free from diabetic issues as well. The manual have taught me about how cells aren`t able to feed on glucose due to fat. With “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Search Google), I had been able to avoid the destructive effects of diabetes to my body system, and ultimately, demise…

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