17 Replies to “Gestational Diabetes // My Favorite Snacks”

  1. OH, I envy you. I cannot eat anything you mentioned, cause my numbers got sky-high! Especially with apple sauce!

  2. well I'm gestational diabetes. I know morning my fasting was. 55, breakfast is good but. lunch is 68 low I check every two hours for glucose. I don't understand why that is, I eat the right amount. dinner numbers is great but lunch and fastning is bad

  3. I was diagnosed a few days ago. Thanks for the video! My numbers aren't really bad…I was on the cusp, so all the foods you and everyone in the comments suggest are great!

  4. Thank u so much for making this video!!
    My Dr s nurse called a couple days ago and said I failed my 2 hrs glucose test so I m gonna be taking a class on healthy eating, make changes on my diet and check my blood sugar levels often..
    I m on day 3 of cutting sugar and I m already feeling it…lol
    I need to get myself some of these snacks, hopefully they will keep me full longer.
    My pregnancy was going great til now, I gotta think it s temporary ( I am 27 weeks along) and it s for my baby and I!

  5. staying away from sugar sucks but i can deal but i feel like im starving witch makes me worried about how my baby is doing .

  6. thank you for this video! i was diagnosed with GD today and im trying to figure out how im going to survive the next 2.5 months as a carboholic lol

  7. I am not sure how bananas effect your numbers but you can freeze bananas ( out of peelings ) and then throw them in the blender with a splash of almond milk or your choice and bam Ice cream 🙂 I add fruit to it somethings my kids are a big fan and so am I in the fact that it's fruit 😂

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