Gestational Diabetes: What Happens if You Fail the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

maybe it's flavored orange but it's really just flavored gross gestational diabetes test if you do have it like don't feel like you're alone opposite of delicious hey mama's thanks for tuning in yet again today I wanted to talk about gestational diabetes because it's something that I had last time I was pregnant basically what it means is that there's your body is unable to kind of regulate your blood sugar because at 26 weeks is when your body starts releasing enough of this hormone that potentially blocks insulin at least that's what my doctor told me so that's why I'm taking the test exactly at 26 weeks I'm like right at that stage right now where I'm about to go get my blood glucose test I will post a video about how that goes but I have not gone yet I did however receive the delicious drink if you've drank this before you know that this is not delicious not good does not taste good it's like super sweet it's the oral glucose tolerance beverage it says orange on here but it's not wearing maybe its flavored orange it has 5 grams of glucose perfil ounce 50 grams of glucose in here that is a lot the way the test goes is you drink this and then you wait an hour and then they check your blood sugar and if your blood sugar is too high then you have to do this whole other test where you drink three of these because you're sitting there for three hours and they keep checking do you drink three of these no I think you just drink one but you have to sit there for three hours it's kind of a brutal day I failed both the first time gestational diabetes it's pretty common there's about 200,000 cases per year if you do have it like don't feel like you're alone the doctor did tell me that because I had it the first time I'm way more likely to have it this time and if you do have gestational diabetes you're more likely to get type 2 diabetes so you have to watch your diet as I'm getting ready to go do this test I figured I would tell you guys about what it's like to have gestational diabetes sleep been through it once and it was pretty scary the first time around in the beginning I had to be pricking my finger to check my blood sugar and it's it's just like the typical gauge that that diabetics use and it's like a little itty bitty needle and it's her finger and then you squeeze the blood out and you put it in this monitor which I have somewhere so I could actually show it to you guys you put the blood in the monitor and then you check and make sure that your blood sugar isn't going over a certain number it's different person-to-person for me I think it was like 140 I was checking like right after I finished eating an hour after I finished eating two hours after I finished eating all the time and if you're over a certain number then you just have eventually they either have to medicate you or you have to take insulin shots I went on metformin the first time which kept my blood sugar down low enough that I was okay we didn't actually check whether or not I had gestational diabetes until pretty late the first time I already had been giving huge blood sugar spikes to my daughter and when she was inside my belly so this time we're checking very early once I found out I had it the first thing we did was I went to go meet with a nutritionist and the nutritionist gave me this a really strict diet that had no carbs it was like some multi grains like one serving which is you know tiny no sugar and basically just fruits and vegetables when you are pregnant this is not an easy diet to follow because for me what I want to eat is kind of everything but I really want to eat bagels and I want pancakes and I want stuff like that and so I've been really careful this pregnancy I've been trying not to eat too much of that now not even it doesn't actually affect anything but in my head somehow it's like at least I'm training myself to not suddenly stop eating everything I like the exercise piece was a little bit harder for me because I was just so exhausted during my first pregnancy and I can already tell that it's gonna be hard for me this time around if I have gestational diabetes the biggest concern with having gestational diabetes well I mean it in rare cases it can lead to a miscarriage but really the biggest thing is macrosomia is what they call it and it's just like a really big baby and I really didn't want to have a c-section and so I was really careful while I was a gestational diabetic it can cause a lot of complications during your birth so you do want to keep an eye on it and you don't want to ignore it because I had gestational diabetes they were very concerned about the size of my daughter you know ultrasounds don't really tell you how big the baby is like they think they can guess it but it there's a huge range of just of accuracy so they thought she was going to be 10 pounds she came out at 8 pounds but she was induced because they were nervous about it because I had gestational diabetes the good news is that it went away like pretty much the minute she was out so she was born they would prick her foot to check her blood sugar and then they would prick me and I was fine and she was fine and it was like the rest is history a lot of people wonder when is the diabetes gonna go away because after you have a baby you probably just want to eat whatever you want and what happened with me was after they checked the blood sugar at the hospital I still had to go back and see an endocrinologist 6 weeks after and 12 weeks after and then after the 12-week screening they said come back in a year and then you should just come back like every 1 to 3 years which is a large gap but I kept my blood sugar monitor so I check it from time to time because why not and I try to avoid sugar which I think it's a good thing in life what did I eat while I had gestational diabetes so because there are so many things that you can't eat you're looking for things that are low on the glycemic index and you'll get very familiar with it if you do get diagnosed with gestational diabetes but basically it's just like a super healthy diet I eat a lot of lean meats like fish ate a lot of fish right a lot of fruits and vegetables a lot of eggs when I really needed some carbs I would eat either like wasa crackers or oatmeal or something like that that's kind of good for you that's a really complex carb anyway if you have any questions if you've been through gestational diabetes feel free to leave me a comment or ask me any questions I will be posting a video of me going to drink this thing and getting my glucose test like fingers crossed that this time I don't have it but I also have PCOS which I will talk about in a different video but that makes you way more likely to have gestational diabetes so I am NOT I'm not getting my hopes up thanks for watching and happy pregnancy to those of you who are pregnant

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  1. Been there done that. I would encourage you to not be like me. In other words, continue to eat as if you have diabetes as much as you can so that you can possibly delay or even prevent true diabetes entering your life. It didn’t happen until I was 56 but I feel certain I could have delayed it much longer if I had wised up. This is a great topic you are focusing on. All the best.

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