1. The first thing that the Doctors and nurses told me is to get away from seafood! Only small fish but not to eat the large ones also shrimps are not good when u are pregnant any other kind of seafood is BAD. Make sure you get the right information.

  2. Thank you. I just found out today that I have gestational diabetes and your advice and kind words at the end made me feel like it will be okay.

  3. I loved that i found this video!its super encouraging! This is my 3rd baby 2nd time having gestational but the last time it was more closer to the end like only a month left of my pregnancy and it was easier but this time was at 27 weeks so i still have time to go but i might have to watch this on n off to keep myself going lol

  4. I have gestational diabetes. I am 31 weeks now. I am fond of rice. What kind of rice I can have in my meal. Please suggest me

  5. I'm so scared I'm going to have it , where you eating unhealthy during your pregnancy & that's how you got diagnosed or ???

  6. I'm 28 weeks, will be 29 weeks tomrw so I'm nervous for the test but I try to eat healthy it's just these past few days I had a brownie, juice, candy, ik it's bad but I only have it once in a while. Although I've been eating fruit none stop and veggies with every meal, smoothies and meat so I should be good right?

  7. Omg you made me feel better i get super scared when my numbers spike up i feel like I can’t eat anything thank you❤️

  8. Thank you! You made me feel like I can get through it and you helped me not feel so depress about my gestational diabetes. Thank you again for sharing! ☺

  9. I’m waiting for my results I had to go back for three hours but I’m already preparing cus I just have a feeling I have it 😩

  10. M soo happy to see ur video
    I was diagnosed day before yest m still struggling with numbers
    But u motivated me
    Love u soo much and make more videos on recipes

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