Gestational Surrogacy: Costs, Process, Legal Issues, IVF

surrogates are women who carry the pregnancy for someone else in choosing surrogates is important to make sure they are healthy women typically under the age of 38 that they've had complications free pregnancies easy pregnancies that they're medically healthy and non obese that they haven't had a bunch of miscarriages for example and also make sure their living environment and support network is strong because they're gonna be carrying a pregnancy and they need to have the support in the event that they have to attend to their own children and get through the nine months of carrying the pregnancy for the other couple in our program we have someone actually go visit the home of the surrogate and see how the children are being kept and how the living environment is all those things matter in maintaining compliance and good medical care we also supplement our our surrogates with fresh fruits or other nutritional additives that an intended parent may desire the way surrogacy works is twofold one is we have to create embryos from the egg and sperm provider and then prepare the surrogate using hormones so that we can transfer an embryo to her years thereafter she is seen by her obstetrician who cares for her until the time of delivery service are typically found through a surrogacy agency and they provide the surrogates and and help coordinate all the steps involved in service ii from embryo transfer to obstetric care to delivery they help also coordinate the insurance and the legal aspects as well we also work very closely with an in-house surrogacy that we developed where all the circuits are screened by myself and other professionals such as high-risk obstetricians and psychologists so that our surrogates are ready to go and can be used right away for couples who are seeking servicing pregnancy California is one of the most progressive and best places for surrogates that's why people from all over the world come to California to use surrogates our laws are very proactive and protective of both the intended parents and the surrogate in fact a legal agreement is entered into before the embryo transfer and then when the surrogate is pregnant early in the pregnancy court papers are filed identifying the intended parents as the true parents so the the legal framework is really well established in California and really does protect the intended parents one of the downsides of surrogacy is the cost it's very expensive for domestic surrogacy it's not unusual for a final cost of 75 to 100 thousand dollars surrogates are compensated for carrying the baby about thirty thousand dollars their health insurance is covered if they don't have health insurance it can be as much as twenty five thousand dollars for health insurance there's legal fees and then of course agency fees so altogether it really does add up for domestic surrogacy because of the high domestic cost of American surrogacy other countries have begun surrogacy programs in fact India and Thailand are among most popular destinations for international surrogacy I've had some experience with patients who have gone to those countries and unfortunately have not seen very good results there's questions about the quality in the standard of care about how the surrogates are treated how they're treated during this surrogacy what nutrition to get what care they're provided and more recently there's been changes in the laws of those countries that preclude foreigners from utilizing surrogates and that those laws can change quickly so for couples contemplating international surrogates they really have to do their research and be sure that it's a safe place to have a baby and that the rules and conditions of surrogacy are stable one of the most important things with international patients is really a culturally sensitive language focused communication with international clients because this is their baby developing in the womb of another woman in another country so seeking the right medical doctor the right team unified team for communication and providing a seamless process through in vitro fertilization all the way to surrogacy is critical for success for international patients

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  1. Surrogate motherhood is great. It’s like a flotation ring for thousands infertile couples. Of course this procedure must be regulated appropriately. It’s rather important thing to protect rights of surrogate mother and intended parents. Every side of this program must be sure everything will be ok. There are many sad stories can be seen in the internet. It’s like when surrogate mother refuses to give child for example. I even don’t know what people do in such situations. It is fearful situation when you cannot take your own baby home. So, first of all, it must be strong and right law towards surrogacy use. Thus everyone will be able to protect own rights. I know in Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine surrogate motherhood is legal. Also in some American states surrogacy is also regulated by the state law. Infertile from all over the world go to these countries in order to use surrogacy program legally.

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  4. Good to watch your video. Infertility is a very worst experience. Many women are suffering from infertility. Your video is very motivational and informative. Its help us that how to cope with infertility. You explain about cost and fertility treatment as very well. Keep sharing these type of video with us.

  5. Good to see this video.You are doing great work.Thanks for sharing this video so the people know about the IVF and surrogacy.Thanks for telling us about the legal way of surrogacy.Tell us about the real cost of surrogacy.Thanks for sharing this information with us.
    Stay happy and healthy.

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  14. wow, what a wonderful property you enlisted for a surrogate. In return, the clinic offer them payment or not? Once I saw a clinic who was choosing surrogates through a complete test. What about her eye color, genes matching etc. you can say that everything should be similar to intended mother? I was surprised to see that. Such an innocent creature. Always treat them well.

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    Dr. John Jain! you are doing a great job dear. in this modern era, infertility is the issue of almost every lady. so, I am so happy for you that you are creating awareness in guys. I also think that surrogacy is the best process to remove infertility from couples. that’s great. I am also very impressed with a surrogate mother who gave happiness to others.

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  18. Hey! Love to watch this informative video. Surrogacy is a blessing indeed. I am an infertile lady. I am also a mother because of a blessing of surrogacy. Surrogacy completes many families wish of being a parent. It bit costly but really a great blessing. Thanks for sharing this video.

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  20. What an informational video. I think surrogacy is such an amazing option. It is an ideal option for many. Specifically, if you do not want to adopt and have your own baby. I cannot imagine how life for infertile couples would be without it. It is helping so many. Surrogates and these doctors are wonderful people.

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  23. Thanks for explaining it very firmly! People still need to get awareness about it. So, yeah! I'm also opted fror the process myself at a center in EU. So, yeah! Can relate things already. It really works that way. Still, thanks for sharing it. But, I guess centers in the States are very very expensive.

  24. Amazing approach! Well, I live in the States and I think that here in the U.S the centers are really expensive. So, yeah! Secondly, some states don't have flexible laws too. Now, this month we are going abroad to Kiev for our process of surrogacy. So, yeah! Things are differ all the way! Anyway!

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  27. Wow what an amazing video. I chose my surrogate through the same process. She is healthy beautiful woman. I was infertile and couldn't conceive. It is really important to choose your surrogate wisely. I have heard that it is illegal in many countries. It makes me so sad. Surrogacy should be available and legal in every country.

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  30. Surrogacy is the great invention of medical science. But it is illegal in many countries of the world. However, It is legal in Europe. Majority of the couple move to Europe for surrogacy. Because surrogacy has prohibited in their country. Anyways. Good to watch this video. Keep sharing this type of information with us.

  31. Surrogacy is really a great treatment. It has removed the problem of many infertile couples. Its the last hope for those who love to have kids. But it's true that some people can't afford this procedure. Govt. should cover at least 50% of infertility treatment. There are many countries who covers 50% of the infertility process. Thanks for sharing this video.

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